plushbeds latex mattress

PlushBeds Latex Mattress Review – Detailed Analysis and Expert Opinion

Have you been searching for a new mattress that’s going to last a really long time AND is organic? If the answer is yes, you’ve probably been looking at latex mattresses for their durability and natural fibers. But PlushBeds just might be the only company out there that can offer you an organic mattress.

Helix Dawn Review

Helix Dawn Review: In-Depth Analysis of Comfort and Durability

So, you’re a back or stomach sleeper looking for the perfect mattress!  You may have found that many mattresses do not offer much support. If this is you, you’ll be interested in this Helix Dawn review!  We’ll delve into this best-selling mattress and discuss the pros and cons as well

purple mattress

Does Purple Mattress Have Fiberglass? An In-Depth Analysis

Mattress materials, especially if it’s fiberglass, have been under the spotlight lately. Everyone is talking about health or contamination problems associated with them and you are naturally feeling concerned about choosing a mattress that poses a health risk. You’ve been looking at Purple mattresses and you want to feel reassured

helix mattress

Do Helix Mattresses Have Fiberglass? An In-Depth Material Analysis

Mattress materials, especially if it’s fiberglass, have been under the spotlight lately. Everyone is talking about health problems associated with them and you are naturally feeling concerned about choosing a mattress that poses a health risk. After all, you’re looking at a new mattress to improve your sleep and health.

Helix Kids Mattress Review

Helix Kids Mattress Review 2024: Choosing the Best?

Children need a lot from their mattress. They are growing, their brains are developing, and good sleep is crucial. Having a good mattress to support your child’s sleep is going to feel like a good investment in your child. Surely then, a mattress that’s been designed in consultation with paediatric

Dreamcloud vs Dreamcloud Premier

DreamCloud vs DreamCloud Premier: Which is Best?

Let me be straight with you. I don’t like this brand and I wouldn’t buy from them. But if you’ve got your heart set on Dreamcloud, I’m here to explain the differences between their two mattress options.

Leesa Fiberglass

Leesa Fiberglass: What It Means For Your Mattress

Let’s get straight to the reason you’re here: do Leesa mattresses have fiberglass? Yes, they do. Leesa are transparent about this, unlike some other brands, so kudos to them for that. You’re left wondering though: is Leesa fiberglass a problem? Is the Leesa mattress toxic? What else should you consider?

Novilla Mattress Review

Novilla Mattress Review 2023: Diving Deep into Comfort

When it comes to mattress shopping, we all generally want the same thing: A firm, soft, comfortable, convenient, and affordable mattress that’s going to give us our best sleep every single night. Unfortunately, this isn’t always an easy thing to find – especially since the options out there are endless!

DreamCloud Mattress Fiberglass

Does DreamCloud Mattress Have Fiberglass? Unveiling Truth

Do DreamCloud mattresses have fiberglass?  You may be wondering what materials make up your DreamCloud mattress. With the way the company skirts around the question (see below), you’d think there’s something nefarious that they’re hiding. I’m here to tell you that DreamCloud mattresses do have fiberglass.  How do I know?

Does Nap Queen Use Fiberglass

Does Nap Queen Use Fiberglass?

Everyone wants a good night’s sleep, and our mattresses have a lot of influence on getting that much-needed rest. The presence of fiberglass and its effects have long caused a stir in this regard! The materials used in mattresses vary, and they play a big part in durability and comfort

Cheap King Size Mattresses - Feature Image

The 5 Best Cheap King Size Mattresses (Under $1000)

Best cheap king size mattresses – looking for the right mattress can be a daunting task. When you’re on a budget, it feels even more challenging, as you strive to maximize bang for your buck. I KNOW that there are some great mattresses out there for unbelievable prices, so I

Best Tempurpedic Mattress For Side Sleepers - Feature Image

Which Tempurpedic Mattress Is Best For Side Sleepers?

Which Tempurpedic mattress is best for side sleepers? After thoroughly reviewing the range and thinking about what I like from a mattress as a side sleeper myself, I think the Tempur ProAdapt is the best. IT’s got the right balance of firmness options, cooling if you need it, and value

Sleep Number c2 Review - Feature Image

Sleep Number c2 Review – Proactive Support On The Go

Sleep Number c2 Review – As far as airbeds go, the Sleep Number c2 seems to cover all the basics. The first smart bed to come out of the Sleep Number factories, it’s also the one that personifies the brand’s mission more faithfully. That mission has to do with providing

Sleepovation Pillow Review - Feature Image

Sleepovation Pillow Review

Sleepovation Pillow Review – Have you ever tried a hybrid pillow? That’s a pillow that has both foam and coils to make them springy and contour to your face perfectly. If this is the first time you hear about the hybrid pillow concept, you must be shaking your head and

Purple Mattress Vs Sleep Number - Feature Image

Purple Mattress Vs Sleep Number – They’re Totally Different Beds

Purple Mattress Vs Sleep Number – this is an interesting one because we’re comparing a mattress (Purple) with a smart bed (Sleep Number).  A comparison of this type would not be in favor of the Purple Mattress which, despite all of its quality, is just a mattress. If that’s all

Purple Mattress Vs Nectar - Feature Image

Purple Mattress Vs Nectar: Why I Pick Purple

Purple Mattress Vs Nectar – both are well-known brands in the American market, and it can be tricky to know how they’re different or which is better. Today I’m going to put both brands in a head-to-head comparison and see which one deserves your money. In this Purple mattress vs

Lucid Mattress Fiberglass - Feature Image

Lucid Mattress Fiberglass – We Have To Assume It Has It

Lucid Mattress Fiberglass: you’re here to find out whether this mattress has fiberglass. I messaged them directly, asking them specifically and clearly if there is fiberglass in the fire sock or fire barrier of their mattress, and they couldn’t give a straight answer. Here’s exactly what they said (this is

Nectar Mattress Fiberglass - Feature Image

Does Nectar Mattress Have Fiberglass? What You Need to Know

Nectar claim to make the comfiest mattress you can buy and you’re thinking of trying it out. There’s one thing stopping you from hitting that “buy” button though: you’re worried this mattress has fiberglass in it. Unfortunately, despite my very direct questioning, Nectar would not tell me if their mattress

Linenspa Mattress Fiberglass - Feature Image

Do Linenspa Mattresses Have Fiberglass? Uncovering the Facts

Linenspa Mattress Fiberglass: you’re here to find out whether this mattress has fiberglass. I messaged them directly, and they couldn’t give a straight answer. Here’s exactly what they said: “Thank you for reaching out to us. All of our mattresses have been tested and do meet or exceed the federal, state,

Sleep Innovations Fiberglass - Feature Image

Sleep Innovations Fiberglass: Here’s What The Company Said

Sleep Innovations Fiberglass: you’re here to find out whether this mattress has fiberglass, and I’m here to tell you that it does. How do I know? I’ve spoken with Sleep Innovations directly and asked them (see proof below). To their credit, they replied straight away, and informed me that yes,

Does Casper Mattress Have Fiberglass - Feature Image

Does Casper Mattress Have Fiberglass? Yes. Here’s What To Do.

Does Casper Mattress Have Fiberglass? You’re here to find out whether this mattress has fiberglass, and I’m here to tell you that it does. How do I know? I’ve spoken with Casper Sleep directly and asked them. They confirmed it in a chat with their customer service. To their credit,

Olee Mattress Fiberglass - Feature Image

Olee Mattress Fiberglass: Yes It Has It. Here’s What To Do.

Olee Mattress Fiberglass: you’re here to find out whether this mattress has fiberglass, and I’m here to tell you that it does. How do I know? I’ve spoken with Olee Sleep directly and asked them (see proof below). To their credit, they replied straight away, and informed me that yes,

Allswell Mattress Fiberglass - Feature Image

Allswell Mattress Fiberglass: Does It Have It Or Not?

Allswell Mattress Fiberglass: you’re here to find out whether this mattress has fiberglass, and I’m here to tell you that it does. How do I know? I’ve spoken with Allswell directly and asked them (see proof below). They were promt to reply to my query, and very transparent and detailed

Puffy Vs Puffy Lux - Feature Image

Puffy Vs Puffy Lux – Should You Upgrade?

Puffy Vs Puffy Lux – Puffy is a famous mattress and bedding brand proudly made in the USA. It makes three types of mattresses, Puffy, Puffy Lux, and Puffy Royal. I already covered Puffy Royal in a review you can read here. But what about Puffy and Puffy Lux? In

Puffy Adjustable Base Review - Feature Image

Puffy Adjustable Base Review – All The Features You Need (And More)

Puffy Adjustable Base Review – if you want a base with all the features we now expect from an adjustable base and more, this could be the one for you. Not only does the Puffy Adjustable Base have many settings for zero gravity, anti-snoring, sitting position, one button flat, under-bed

Nectar Vs Casper Vs Purple - Feature Image

Nectar Vs Casper Vs Purple – I’ll Tell You Which One I’d Buy

Nectar Vs Casper Vs Purple – When searching for the right mattress for you, you might need a frame of reference to put the shortlisted mattress into perspective. That way, you know what the standard is and how your mattress fares against it. And what better way to get a

Best Mattress Topper For Back Pain - Feature Image

Best Mattress Topper For Back Pain

Best Mattress Topper For Back Pain – when you don’t want to change out your entire mattress, a mattress topper can give you relief and make sleep more comfortable again. For the best pain relief, Chiropractors recommend you choose a mattress topper either made of natural latex or memory foam.

Best Extra Firm Mattress Topper - Feature Image

The Best Extra Firm Latex Mattress Topper Is PlushBeds

Best Extra Firm Latex Mattress Topper – these are harder to find than you might think, because most toppers are designed to soften a bed. Mattress toppers to make a bed feel firm are a rare thing, and to find the firmest of the firm is even harder. I’ve been

Best Tempurpedic Mattress For Back Pain Is The TempurPedic Adapt

Best TempurPedic Mattress For Back Pain – TempurPedic is a well-established brand in the market with good user satisfaction. The company has developed its own proprietary technology that gives the mattresses more contouring qualities while adapting to every point of contact in the body. It’s no wonder then that the

Helix Bed Frame - Feature Image

Helix Bed Frame – Best Value Frame With A Sleep Trial You Can Buy

Helix Bed Frame – When it comes to wood bed frames, the first two words you want are durability and support. In that respect, the Helix Natural Wood Bed Frame fits the bill and checks all the boxes. It’s sturdy, eco-friendly, chic, and blends in any setting and design in

Blissful Nights E4 Review –

Blissful Nights E4 review – I own and sleep on an adjustable bed myself and I LOVE it, so I’m always on the lookout for affordable adjustable bed options to share with my readers. I’m pretty happy to have come across the Blissful Nights brand, with their range of affordable

Best Split California King Adjustable Bed - Feature Image

I Found The Best Split California King Adjustable Bed On The Market

BEST SPLIT CALIFORNIA KING ADJUSTABLE BED: I actually own an adjustable base myself and I love it. From my own experiences, I understand how important things like quality sturdy build, quiet motors, ease of assembly, and good presets are for you to get the most from your base. Sure, there

Problems With Split King Adjustable Beds - Feature Image

Top 3 Problems With Split King Adjustable Beds To Consider Before You Buy

Problems With Split King Adjustable Beds: yes, a split king adjustable bed can be an awesome purchase for health or lifestyle benefits. They’re massively popular right now for got reason. However, before you jump in and buy one, there are three issues you need to be aware of (and comfortable

Purple Ascent Adjustable Base Review - Feature Image

Purple Ascent Adjustable Base Review – Get The Perfect Position Every Night

Purple Ascent Adjustable Base Review – People looking for the best sleeping experience usually focus on the mattress. How cooling and comfortable it is and whether it offers good support. BUT: this neglects another vital thing for a good night’s sleep: the base. Without a good base, even the most

Saatva Adjustable Bed Review - Feature Image

Saatva Adjustable Bed Review – Best In The US. Here’s Why:

Saatva Adjustable Bed Review – For the price of a regular queen-size mattress, you can revolutionize your sleep experience with an adjustable bed, and Saatva offer what I think is the best adjustable base in the market. Best of all, you can pair it with the Saatva 11.5-inch mattress to

OkiOki Mattress Review - Feature Image

OkiOki Mattress Review – Easy Slumber With OkiEasy

OkiOki Mattress Review – With so many mattresses vying for our money, each brand goes out of its way to either target certain niche markets or introduce new features to make their mattress stand out. OkiOki as a brand is no different, so since you’re here reading about OkiOki let’s

Nectar Adjustable Base Review - Feature Image

Nectar Adjustable Base Review – Excellent Budget Choice For Savvy Shoppers

Nectar Adjustable Base Review – this is a base with solid manufacturing, a reasonable sleep trial, and a budget friendly price. Sound good? It is missing a few features that explain why it’s cheaper than some of its competitors, so I suggest you read on to find out whether this

Purple Mattress Foundation - Feature Image

Purple Mattress Foundation -Comparison And Review

Purple Mattress Foundation – Some companies are innovators while others copy. Purple, as a company, belongs to the first category. Not just in their award-winning mattresses, but also in their foundations. bed frames. For a mattress to give you the right firmness, back support, and luxurious comfort you desire, you

Sleep Number Bed - Feature Image

Sleep Number Beds Explained In 4 Simple Steps

Sleep Number Bed – Sleep Number is undoubtedly the market leader when it comes to smart beds. Powered by proprietary Responsive Air and SleepIQ technologies, they’re the best for a reason. However, there’s quite a bit to the Sleep Number range, and it’s daunting to look at their website and

Sleep Number P5 Review - Feature Image

Sleep Number P5 Review – Layered Comfort And Deep Pressure Relief

Sleep Number P5 Review – With every gadget, appliance, and piece of equipment getting smart these days, it was only a matter of time before we started to have smart beds. You can think of a smart bed as this highly customizable bed that tracks your sleeping patterns and adjusts

SleepOvation Mattress Review - Feature Image

SleepOvation Mattress Review – What’s With The “700 Tiny Mattresses Claim?”

SleepOvation Mattress Review – The SleepOvation Mattress is more than just a mattress that gives you comfort and keeps you cool at night. Applying the “tiny mattress” technology, it is literally hundreds of individual mattresses put together inside the same cover to isolate motion, adapt to the pressure points in

Best Bed Cooling System - Feature Image

Best Bed Cooling System

Best Bed Cooling System – When regular beds and mattresses don’t seem to work for you and neither the aircon nor the fan can keep you cool at night, then a bed cooling system is right for you. But which one? And should you go for an air cooling system,


CBD Infused Pillow: All Your Questions Answered, Best Pillow Revealed

If you’ve landed here looking for info on CBD infused pillows, you’re already ahead of most and are looking for products beyond edibles that can help you sleep. In this CBD infused pillow explainer, I’m going to: Answer all your CBD Infused Pillow FAQs (How do they work? Does it

Best Six Inch Mattress - Feature Image

Best Six Inch Mattress – Top 3 For 2022

Best six inch mattress – these thinner mattresses are great choices for kids, spare rooms, or your RV. Yes, they’re thinner than a standard mattress so they don’t have as much support, so you want to make sure you pick the best available to maximize your comfort. I’ve been reviewing

Best Hybrid Mattress Amazon 2022 – Top Ten

I’ve Done The Research And Sorted Through The Thousands Of Mattress Options. These Are The Best Budget Hybid Mattresses Amazon Has To Offer In 2021.

Top 3 Best Latex Mattress Toppers - Feature Image

Top 3 Best Latex Mattress Toppers For 2022

Looking for a new mattress topper? If you are looking for a really luxurious, environmentally friendly, hand crafted topper with options to purchase in plush or firm, I’ve got exactly what you need in this post. I’ve scoured the internet to save you hours of research, and am happy to bring you three absolute best latex mattress toppers for 2020.
All are high quality, and each has a point of difference to the others. I have only selected toppers that come from companies that care about the planet, use natural latex, and have great customer service. One will be the right match for you, and I’ll reveal my personal favorite at the end of the article.
I’ve also got a handy guide just below that helps you understand if you actually need a mattress topper, and what you can can expect from a latex mattress topper.

dream cloud mattress review

Dream Cloud Mattress Review 2022: What’s Everyone Raving About?

DreamCloud is an exciting new mattress to enter the booming online mattress market. A luxe feel hybrid mattress (it has an unprecedented eight layers of support and comfort materials) that is massively growing in popularity, DreamCloud describe their mattress as “truly sleeping on a cloud”. It is the talk of the mattress world, with consumers on various forums and mattress reviewers alike all raving about this mattress. How could I possibly ignore it and not do my own research to bring you my own Dream Cloud Mattress Review?

Adjustable Bed With Latex Mattress – 3 Epic Options For 2022

Adjustable Bed With Latex Mattress – Okay, I’m pretty excited to share this article with you because this is my all-time favorite bed combo. What could be better than an adjustable base that you can have in any position you want, with a natural, durable, breathable comfortable latex mattress on

Brooklyn Chill Mattress Review - Feature Image

Brooklyn Chill Mattress Review – Top Budget Mattress In The USA

Brooklyn Chill Mattress Review – Comfort before support? Why not both (and make it super easy on the wallet while you’re at it). That’s the philosophy that guided the folks at Brooklyn Bedding when they designed the Brooklyn Chill mattress. With prices coming in at under $600 for a 12

Brooklyn Bedding Bloom Mattress Review - Feature Image

Brooklyn Bedding Bloom Mattress Review – Perfect For Hot Sleepers

Brooklyn Bedding Bloom Mattress Review – When you’re looking for a bed-in-a-box that provides natural comfort and each layer of the mattress is thoughtfully engineered for rejuvenating sleep every night, the Brooklyn Bedding Bloom Hybrid mattress is most likely the answer. I think it’s one of the best options out

Sleep Innovations Marley Mattress Review - Feature Image

Sleep Innovations Marley Mattress Review For 2022

This Sleep Innovations Marley mattress review is an in-depth study of this massively popular all-foam mattress designed for comfort and cooling at a value price. It’s the top seller of the Sleep Innovations mattress range so it’s a great introduction to this budget brand. The Sleep Innovations Marley  mattress is

Helix Plus Mattress Review - Feature Image

Helix Plus Mattress Review – Made For Plus Size Sleepers

Helix Plus Mattress Review – If you’re big and tall, it’s not always easy to find the right mattress for you. I’m talking about a mattress that provides firm support while staying comfortable and not forcing your body into unusual sleeping positions. Such a mattress should provide the right amount

Dreamcloud Premier Rest Mattress Review - Feature Image

Dreamcloud Premier Rest Mattress Review – It’s Not My Favorite…

DreamCloud Premier Rest Mattress Review – let me take you through all the details of the newest (and most luxurious) mattress from popular brand Dreamcloud. This is the third mattress DreamCloud have added to their store. You can check out the other DreamCloud mattresses you can do that HERE. With its

BedJet 3 Review - Feature Image

BedJet 3 Review: The Right Device for Comfortable Sleep

BedJet 3 review: the spoiler alert is right there in the title: I like this product. The BedJet 3 Climate Comfort Sleep System is designed to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It’s an excellent investment for those who have trouble sleeping due to hot

Avocado City Bed Frame Review - Feature Image

Avocado City Bed Frame Review: Buy Or Bust?

Avocado City Bed Frame: Quick Look Product Details Avocado City Bed Frame Review – this is the cheapest of the Avocado bed frame range but you still get everything you expect from Avocado Green: hand crafted finishes, non-toxic materials throughout, and a stylish look to suit any bedroom. With prices


Electric Adjustable Bed Prices USA

Electric adjustable bed prices USA – yes an adjustable bed is an investment, but you just be surprised at the deals you can get, and the quality of adjustable beds out there for the price. The adjustable bed market in America is extremely competitive and you’ve got a ton of

What's The Best Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress - Feature Image

What’s The Best Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress?

Best Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress – Top 5 Best Of The Best What’s The Best Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress? I have an opinion about the one, but we’re all different! You might be looking for the hybrid memory foam mattress that’s best at cooling, or the one that’s the best budget pick.

whats the best firm mattress

What’s The Best Firm Mattress? Top Choice + 3 Alternatives To Have You Sleeping Comfortably

Looking for the best firm mattress but feeling overwhelmed by all the options available? Feeling unsure about what it even means to call a mattress “firm?”. Firm mattresses are favored for promoting good sleep in many countries around the world, and a firm mattress could be just what you need. What’s the best firm mattress, and what are the answers to all those other burning questions?

I’ve spent countless hours reviewing online mattresses, and have a good idea of what different people will need for a mattress that is firm for them. I’m also very confident in the five mattresses I’ve chosen to recommend to you here, so save yourself hours of research and vexation and find your best firm mattress here.

DreamCloud Vs Saatva

DreamCloud Vs Saatva – I Like One Better, Will You Agree? DreamCloud Vs Saatva: in this head-to-head comparison post we’ll analyze two of the most loved luxury hybrid mattresses on the market today. Are they similar? Are they different? Which one is better? As we go through the details, one will

Box Spring Replacement When To Do It, What To Replace With - Feature Image

Box Spring Replacement: When To Do It, What To Replace With

Box Spring Replacement: having a solid support is so important for your sleep. If you’ve got an old, tired box spring, it could be interfering with your slumber, no matter what mattress you are using. Saggy box spring = saggy mattress. 

You’ve got lots of box spring replacement options, I’ll take you through all of them along with some recommendations that are popular with my readers. 

GhostBed Luxe Mattress Review - Staged Showing Layers

GhostBed Luxe Review -Can It Live Up To “Coolest Mattress” Claim?

GhostBed Luxe Review: The GhostBed Luxe is the best selling mattress in the GhostBed range. Featuring advanced cooling technology and generous layers of comfort foams, I can see why it’s a popular choice for people. Find out in this detailed review everything you need to know about GhostBed (including whether it lives up to the claim of being “the coolest bed in the world”) and if it’s the best mattress for you. 

Best Mattresses For Heavy People - Feature Image

Best Mattresses For Heavy People

So you’re on the look out for a new mattress. As a bigger person, not just any old mattress in a box is going to give you the support you need to get the rest you deserve. I’m glad you’ve found this post. First, I’ll guide you through what you need to look for when choosing your mattress. Second, I’ll give you a thorough breakdown of what I consider to be the absolute best mattresses for heavy people available in 2019.

Extra Firm Mattress Topper - Feature Image

Extra Firm Mattress Toppers: Top 3 To Firm Your Bed Up Straight Away

Looking for extra firm mattress toppers to transform your current mattress? I’ve got three of the absolute best options on the market to share with you. SPOILER ALERT: all are made from natural (or organic) latex, because I think it’s the most resilient and durable material you can put on your bed. I’ve got an ultra luxe option, a mid way option, and a budget option so there’s an extra firm mattress topper here to suit anyone. 

Best Cooling Mattress Topper - Feature Image

Best Cooling Mattress Topper

Best Cooling Mattress Topper: I was going to write this post as a top 10 for you. But I decided I’ve had enough! Those posts give you great options, but how do you choose the very best of the best? There is one mattress topper that I truly feel is the best cooling mattress topper. So I’ve decided to just tell you straight out. It’s not just the materials that make this the best cooling topper, read on to find out more. 

Best Mattresses For 2020

Best Mattresses For 2020: Top 3 Brands Guaranteed To Get You Sleeping Comfy

2019 was a massive year in the online mattress market. There are more options than ever, making it more and more difficult to choose a great mattress. I spent countless hours analyzing and reviewing as many as I possibly could, and am pumped to bring you my top three best mattresses for 2020.

These are mattresses that I would buy for myself in a heartbeat. They are all made in the USA by great companies and are packed with awesome features.Going into 2020 these are the 3 mattresses I am most excited about.

Best Mattress To Buy Online - Feature Image

Best Mattress To Buy Online:10 Options For Different Needs

What’s the best mattress to buy online? Are you struggling to choose a great mattress, with so many options out there? Is everything mattress starting to look the same to you? Maybe you’re looking for one particular feature, like advanced cooling, and you just can’t tell which one is going to work well. I’m here to help you! While I don’t believe there is one best mattress to buy online (we are all different, so there can’t be a one size fits all) I do believe there is a best mattress for different scenarios.

Best Cooling Mattress - Feature Image

What Is The Best Cooling Mattress?

What Is The Best Cooling Mattress? The one that’s going to stop you getting hot at night, and maintain that perfect body temperature for sleeping? There is no one size fits all answer here, despite what many companies would love you to believe. I’ve tracked down four of the best cooling mattresses across different mattress types and firmness levels to offer something for everyone searching for their perfect cooling mattress. 

Best Plush Mattress - Feature Image

The Best Plush Mattress

The best plush mattress: is there just one? No! In fact, there isn’t even just one definition of what a plush mattress is. Plush is a term that can mean soft, thick fabric, or luxurious, and mattress companies use the terms to mean all those things. I’ll help you define exactly what a plush mattress is, and show you the best of the market to meet those definitions. Scroll right to the bottom to find out which is my absolute favorite. 

Best Luxury Mattress - Feature Image

The Best Luxury Mattress: Top 5 Options

The best luxury mattress: is there just one? No! You have a choice of the best foam luxury mattress, the best hybrid luxury mattress, and if you want one that is firm or soft. You can choose one that’s delivered to you in a box, or one that comes with white glove delivery. You might want latex foam, you might want memory foam! With so many options, I’m here to help. 

I’ve narrowed down the definition of a luxury mattress and share my five picks for the best. Read through them all, or skip right to the end to find the one that I think is the best luxury mattress of them all. 

Sealy Cocoon Chill Mattress - Feature Image (1)

Is The Sealy Cocoon Chill Mattress A Good Buy?

The Sealy Cocoon Chill Mattress has a beautiful and innovative cooling cover, it’s made in the USA, and you’ve got the option of all foam or hybrid construction. You get all this for a VERY budget friendly price point, but how does it compare to other “cooling” memory foam mattresses?

Classic Brands Adjustable Bed Base - Feature Image

Why Is The Classic Brands Adjustable Bed Base So Popular?

My first look at the Classic Brands Adjustable Bed Base tells me it’s a best seller because you’re getting good features for an excellent price: massage modes, adjustable legs, USB ports, and more. Let’s take a deeper look at it to determine if it’s really a good adjustable bed for

Emma Mattress USA - Feature Image

Emma Mattress USA: Awesome Budget Option

Emma Is An All Foam Mattress With More Features Than You’d Usually Expect At This Price Range. It’s A Relative New-Comer To The US Market, After Finding Massive Success And Awards In Other Countries (Including New Zealand, Where I Own One)

Sweetnight Mattress Review - Feature Image

Sweetnight Mattress Review: Extremely Popular Budget Mattress

Sweetnight Mattress Review – This Is A Budget Friendly, Flippable All Foam Mattress With Generous Layers Of Foams And 100 Night Sleep Trial.

Here’s what’s covered inside this Sweetnight mattress review:

Sweetnight Overview
Sweetnight Mattress Features
What Are People Saying Who Love Theirs? (Reviews From Real People)
Best Place To Buy

Modern Table Lamps For A Bedroom - Feature Image

Modern Table Lamps For A Bedroom

Looking For Modern Table Lamps For A Bedroom? Save Yourself From Sifting Through The Thousands Of Options And Consider One Of These.

Touch Table Lamps For A Bedroom - Feature Image

Touch Table Lamps For A Bedroom

If You Want Touch Table Lamps For A Bedroom That Can Charge Your Phone, Play Music And Give You Multiple Light Or Brightness Settings, You’ll Love These.

Best Sound Machines - Feature Image (1)

Best Sound Machines For Sleeping

The Best Sound Machines For Sleeping: Let Me Show You Which Ones I Recommend After Spending Hours Researching The Hundreds Of Options.

Best Mattress Toppers Amazon- Feature Image

Best Mattress Toppers: Amazon Top 5

There Are Hundreds Of Mattress Topper Choices On Amazon. I’ve Done All The Research To Bring You A Selection Of The Best Mattress Toppers Amazon Can Offer.

Best Latex Mattress On Amazon - Feature Image

The Best Latex Mattress on Amazon Is Pure Green

This is a mattress made from 100% natural products, by a company that really cares about its customers, staff, and the environment. They are happy to claim theirs is the best latex mattress in the world.

Vibe Mattress Review - Feature Image

Vibe Mattress Review

Vibe is extremely popular on Amazon. Find out if it’s going to be a good choice for you.


Helix Sunset Luxe Review – A Great Soft Mattress For Side Sleepers

If you’re looking for a soft mattress built from memory foam and pocket coils, pay attention: this is a mattress you need to know about. In this Helix Sunset Luxe review, I’ll take you through everything you need to know about this affordable luxury mattress from the popular brand Helix, and help you decide if this is the best mattress for you.

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid Review - Staged

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid Review

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid Review – marketed as “the original best mattress ever”, find out what makes this top selling mattress from industry experts Brooklyn Bedding so popular. Priced from an accessible $599 and made from the usual high quality we expect from Brooklyn Bedding, perhaps it’s no surprise it’s such a hit. Read on to get all the details, including who it’s great for (and who should look elsewhere).

Best Memory Foam Mattress For Heavy People - Cover Image

Best Memory Foam Mattress For Heavy People

Best Memory Foam Mattress For Heavy People – is there one out there? Yes! You’ve got specific requirements to make sure you are well supported and comfortable as you sleep, so it’s important you choose a mattress that’s up to the job. I’ve found five memory foam mattresses that I think will be incredibly comfortable and supportive for you. 

I’ll show you each mattress and explain why it’s made this list, then take you through a detailed buyer’s guide at the end (this covers extra details about mattress specifics and what sort of mattress will work best for you personally). I’ll also show you my pick of the bunch at the end of the article. 

Tempur-Pedic Mattress Review - Staged Mattress

Tempur-Pedic Mattress Review

Tempur-Pedic Mattress Review – Learn everything you need to know about the original memory foam mattress. Find out what sets it apart from the others, what it feels like to lie on, whether it’s worth paying extra money for, and so much more.

Here’s exactly what I’ll cover in this Tempur-Pedic Mattress Review:

Tempur-Pedic Overview
Tempur-Pedic Mattress Features
Are Tempur And Tempur-Pedic The Same?
What Does A Tempur-Pedic Mattress Mattress Feel Like To Lie On? 
Tempur-Pedic FAQ
What Are People Saying Who Love Theirs? Customer Testimonials
Summary With Pros, Cons, and Prices

The Saatva Mattress Review - Staged Image

The Saatva Mattress Review

The Saatva Mattress Review – a detailed analysis of the mattress and whether it’s a good choice for you. The Saatva mattress is the flagship mattress of the Saatva brand, which makes other popular mattresses like Zenhaven and Loom and Leaf. Saatva constantly features in lists for “best hybrid”, “best luxury”, and various other mattress accolades. Featuring a coil on coil design, it’s different in many ways to other mattresses sold online so it’s easy to see why it gets so much attention. But is it any good, and more importantly, is it right for you?  

DreamCloud Premier Mattress

DreamCloud Premier Mattress Review

DreamCloud Premier Mattress Review: DreamCloud have got restless feet. Since they burst onto the “mattress in a box” market in 2018 with their luxury, multilayered mattress, they’ve been going up and up. However, as competition increases for your hard earned purchase, I do wonder if they’re going to crash back down one day. Why? The Premier is the third iteration of the mattress they launched with. Since starting, they’ve been changing the mattress every year, and I don’t think those changes have been for the better. Is it still a good mattress? Sure. Is it as good as it was? Find out why I don’t think so.

Helix Ultra Cool Pad - Cover Image

Helix Ultra Cool Pad

The Helix Ultra Cool Pad is a mattress pad with a difference: it actually feels cold to touch, and is embedded with a special phase change material. Helix are renowned for their products that have been carefully designed to fit exactly what people want, and I’m here to tell you if the cool pad makes the grade. In this Helix Ultra Cool Pad overview, I’ll take you through the features of this specialized mattress pad, explain exactly how the technology works, and whether I think it’s a good buy for you. 

Mattress Topper Info

Mattress Topper Info

Mattress Toppers can be a great addition to your bed. Whether you’re looking to soften your mattress, firm up your mattress, change the pressure relieving properties, or add a cooling layer; a mattress topper can do it all. There are so many different types of mattress toppers out there that it can be difficult to pin point the one that fits your needs best. In this mattress topper info explainer I answer all your mattress topper FAQs and give you my best mattress topper recommendations. 

Plank Mattress Review - Cover

Plank Mattress Review

Plank Mattress Review: This name says it all, really. This is the firmest memory foam mattress you can find. The Plank by Brooklyn Bedding is a unique mattress that’s not going to suit everyone, and is designed specifically for those seeking out or needing a very firm mattress. Plank isn’t here to sell you on a “most comfortable mattress you’ve ever tried” marketing line, it’s here with a strong mission to be the best firm mattress there is. 

So, what makes Plank so firm? What does it feel like to lie on? Who will love it and who will hate it? Find all the answers to these questions (and more) in this Plank mattress review. 

Mattress Cleaning Products

Mattress Cleaning Products

You don’t need to get a bunch of complicated stuff for your mattress cleaning products. In fact, you’ve probably got most of what you need in your house already. This is great news since keeping your mattress fresh and clean helps extend its life and makes it nicer to sleep on. 

Every night, our bodies make about half a litre of sweat and shed about a gram of skin. Even if you have the most hypoallergenic cooling mattress around, it’s still a good idea to clean it: twice a year is recommended by experts. I’ve got some great mattress cleaning products, tips,  the best vacuum for cleaning your mattress and more in this article:

Puffy Mattress Pad

Puffy Mattress Pad

The Puffy Mattress Pad is a mattress pad made from a blend of natural and man-made fibers. Designed to add a layer of cloud like softness to the top of your mattress, it’s a generous 2 inches high. Read all the details, including what real customers think and how the Puffy Mattress Pad compares to the Puffy Mattress Topper here.

Brooklyn Aurora Mattress Review - Staged

Brooklyn Aurora Mattress Review

Why should you consider the Brooklyn Aurora mattress? How’s it different to the other Brooklyn Bedding mattresses? Is it going to be the right mattress for you? In this detailed Brooklyn Aurora Mattress review, I’ll take you through all the specs and give my analysis at every step.

Titan Mattress Review - Cover Image

Titan Mattress Review

Titan Mattress Review: This is a mattress tailor-made for plus size people. If you’re looking for an affordable mattress that’s designed with you in mind, Titan is the cheapest of the bunch. But is it good quality? What does it feel like to lie on? All your questions and more will be answered as we go through the article.

Whats The Number 1 Best Firm Mattress - Cover Image

What’s The Number 1 Best Firm Mattress?

What’s The Number 1 Best Firm Mattress? It’s Idle Sleep (Here’s Why) A really firm mattress is the only thing you might want or need to help you get the best sleep. You’ve been hunting around looking for one, and sure there are some great options, but you’re getting frustrated!

Anti Allergy Mattress Protector - Cover Image

Anti Allergy Mattress Protector To Win The Fight Dust Mites

Anti allergy mattress protectors are an often used tool in our fight against the runny noses, itchy eyes, and other problems that dust mites and other allergens cause. But do they actually work? Which is the best anti allergy mattress protector, and is using one enough to keep the dust mites at bay? I’ve got the answers to all your burning questions, great product recommendations, and how to minimize dust mites all through your bedroom. 

Anti Allergy Mattress - Cover Image

Anti Allergy Mattress

If you suffer from allergies that affect your sleep, you are not alone. Allergies affect up to 30% of adults and 40% of children, so they’re a massive problem for many people. If you’re allergic to the allergens found in your bedroom, such as dust mites, mold or mildew, you’ll be familiar with enduring runny noses, itchy throats, and watery eyes in your quest for peaceful sleep. Anti allergy mattresses, or hypoallergenic mattresses as they are otherwise known, can form part of your defense against allergens to improve your health and your sleep. Find out more about what makes a good anti allergy mattress and what else you need to do to make your sleep space a hypoallergenic haven. 

Helix Mattress Reviews - Cover Image

Helix Mattress Reviews

Many online mattress companies offer you one mattress that they claim will suit everyone, but not Helix. Helix has a range of six different mattresses, each with a different feel. If you want to find out more about how they’re made, how to choose the right Helix model, an analysis of Helix Mattress Reviews from all over the internet and answers to common Helix Mattress questions, and if Helix is worth buying, keep reading. 

Best Mouthpiece To Prevent Snoring - Cover Image

Best Mouthpiece To Prevent Snoring

Is snoring keeping you or your partner up at night? Have you tried mouthpieces to get rid of your snoring before and they just haven’t been comfortable for you? What if there was a mouthpiece that was adjustable, customizable, and even better, was very budget friendly? If you’re looking for the best mouthpiece to prevent snoring, you’ll want to find out more about the mouthpiece I’m reviewing here. 

Table Lamps For A Bedroom - Cover Image

Table Lamps For A Bedroom

If you’re choosing table lamps for a bedroom there is more to think about than you might expect. How high should the lamp be? How big? Do you want the lamp to be just a light or do you want extra features like USB chargers? Is this for your bedroom or a kid’s room? So many questions! Don’t worry, I’ve got the answers for you, and collections of images to help you find the perfect bedroom table lamp you’ve been looking for. 

Helix Moonlight Mattress Review - Cover Image

Helix Moonlight Mattress Review – For Back Sleepers Who Want A Soft Mattress

You’re looking for a new mattress. You’ve heard that many mattresses in boxes have a “one size fits all” medium-firm feel, and that’s just not you. You want something that’s a little softer. There are a few options out there for you, two of which are made by popular mattress company Helix. In this Helix Moonlight mattress review, I’ll be taking a detailed look at the more popular of their two soft mattresses: Moonlight. 

Find out all about Helix’s reputation as a company, the construction of the mattress (and whether it’s good quality), and whether this mattress is a good match for what you’re looking for.

Brentwood Oceano Mattress - Cover Image

Brentwood Oceano Mattress

The Brentwood Oceano Mattress is the top seller of the Brentwood Home range. Why is it so popular? Is there really anything that special about it? And is it the right mattress for you? Find out everything you need to know and the unique feature that makes this mattress different from other mattresses in boxes.

Bear Hybrid Mattress Review - Cover

Bear Hybrid Mattress Review

Bear burst onto the mattress market five years ago and thanks to their innovations targeted at promoting muscle recovery while you sleep, continue to be one of the fastest growing companies in the crowded online mattress space. What makes Bear so popular? Do their mattresses really live up to their promises? In this Bear Hybrid mattress review, I’ll take an in-depth look at the only coil based mattress in the Bear range.

I’ll compare the hybrid with the other Bear mattresses, delve into the science, and analyze reviews from real users (good and bad) to help you figure out if the Bear Hybrid Mattress really is the best mattress for you.

DreamCloud Mattress Customer Reviews - Cover Image

DreamCloud Mattress Customer Reviews

Look, DreamCloud is not my favorite mattress. Nor do I think they’re that great as a brand. Why? I think their service falls a bit short and that there are better mattresses out there for your money. Get the details.

best waterproof mattress protector

Best Waterproof Mattress Protector

If you’re looking for a new mattress protector, you are probably finding it overwhelming trying to decide which has the best balance of waterproofing, breathability, and feel. There are a plethora of options for you on the market, which makes it really difficult to answer the question of which is the best waterproof mattress protector.

Fear not! I have spent hours reading reviews, good and bad, and identified what I believe to be the best waterproof mattress protector in the current market. Find out what makes it stand out below.

Tom Brady Mattress - Feature Image

Molecule: The Tom Brady Mattress

To perform at the top of his sport for such a long time, Tom Brady needs to make sure he gets the best sleep possible. That’s why he chooses to sleep on a Molecule mattress.

Best Rated Organic Latex Mattress - Cover Image

The Best Rated Organic Latex Mattress Is….Avocado Green

Latex is known as an extremely durable mattress material that many people sleep comfortably on. It’s cooling, responsive to pressure, and has a bit more bounce than other foam types. But not all latex is created equal. Organic latex is the highest grade of latex you will find in a

best latex mattress - cover image

Best Latex Mattress

So you’ve decided to buy a latex mattress. You’ve heard that latex is the most durable material and is high quality and hypoallergenic. But you’ve also heard that latex might feel different than what you’re used to, and that it costs more. So how are you to choose the best latex mattress for you?

Latex is my all time favorite mattress material, and I’ve rounded up the three latex mattresses I consider to be the best of the best. They are all high quality, suit a range of budgets, and offer generous in-home sleep trials so you can try them out risk free. Read on to find out which three latex mattresses are the pick of the bunch. I also reveal which one I would buy if I was replacing my bed (I don’t get free mattresses to review for my articles, and I would actually love to buy this mattress).

avocado alpaca topper review

Avocado Alpaca Topper Review: The Most Luxe Topper Available?

Looking for a new mattress topper? If you are looking for a lighter than foam, luxurious, plush, topper made from all natural materials then this new-to-market topper from Avocado will be right up your alley. In this Avocado Alpaca Topper Review, I’ve got all the info you need to help you decide if this is the topper you’ve been waiting for to transform the comfort level of your mattress and improve your sleep.

Renowned for their use of extremely high quality materials and amazing finishing touches on their products, Avocado is a popular and well established brand in the online mattress world. They produce premium products designed to provide maximum benefits and maximum quality. The Avocado Alpaca Topper is a premium product, with a premium price tag.

Nolah Mattress Reviews

Nolah Mattress Reviews: What Are REAL People Saying?

Nolah mattresses are heavily marketed towards side sleepers. It can be hard to find a mattress that has the right balance of softness and pressure relief for side sleepers, who put a lot of pressure through their shoulders in their sleep. Has Nolah cracked the code of getting this balance right? Just how well does Nolah perform for side sleepers? Does it also work for back sleepers? Combo sleepers? Stomach sleepers?

I’ve scoured the internet to find all the Nolah Mattress reviews from customers on both the Nolah website and also independent websites to bring you the true overview of what people are really saying about Nolah.

I’ve got every detail you need to know, and the scoop on whether Nolah lives up to its marketing claims.

best mattresses for hot sleepers

Top 5 Best Mattresses For Hot Sleepers 2020

Are you sick of waking up dripping in sweat? Dread going to bed because you know you’re going to end up a hot mess? If you’re a hot sleeper who is using a mattress that can’t help keep you cool, you’ll be experiencing no end of uncomfortable nights. Luckily, mattress companies are constantly trying to outdo each other and bring out the best new technologies, many of which involve keeping mattresses cool and ventilated. I spend hours reviewing mattresses, and am confident that with these top 5 best mattresses for hot sleepers in 2020, you’ll find the mattress that will have you starting this new decade sleeping cool and comfy.

latex for less mattress

Latex For Less Mattress Review: Bargain Or Bust?

Latex For Less Mattress: Is The Saving Worth It? Latex mattresses are known to be the highest quality and most durable of all mattress types, but they can have a high price ticket. What if there was a latex mattress that cost a little less, but came with all the

Talalay Latex Pillows: Why It’s My Personal Favorite

I love a good latex pillow. My own pillow is a latex pillow and I can tell you that talalay latex pillows are just amazing. I can’t believe I slept on baggy, saggy, bunched up pillows for so long – the change in my comfort going to bed has been huge since I switched to my new latex pillow. My husband loves his too… in fact he is so enamored of it that he has labelled his so there’s no chance of me mixing them up!

Having the right pillow is critical for a good night’s sleep, yet it’s something we often overlook much to the chagrin of chiropractors everywhere. We can’t expect to get a comfortable sleep if our neck and spine are out of line because of a bad pillow, but many of us are getting this wrong and it’s costing our health.

Talalay latex pillows are a great combination of fluffy yet firm, durable yet pliable, and hypoallergenic. I’ll take you through all the “need to know” details of talalay latex pillows, and show you a video of my own pillow so you can see what one really looks and moves like when you lie on it.

brooklyn bedding latex pillow review

Brooklyn Bedding Latex Pillow Review: The Good And Bad

I sleep on a latex pillow myself, and it has been an absolute game changer for a more comfortable sleep.  It’s a million times more comfortable than my old polyester filled pillow, but it’s only available in New Zealand. In this Brooklyn Bedding Latex Pillow Review I’ll go through everything you need to know about this popular latex pillow which is available for US and Canadian customers, and help you decide whether it is the right choice for your needs.

Best Mattresses For Bad Backs: Fast Guide + 3 Top Picks

If you suffer from back pain, you don’t need me to tell you how debilitating and life changing it can be. You are not alone with your back pain, it is estimated that about 80% of adults will have to deal with it at some point in their lives; for many it is an ongoing issue.

There are lots of different causes of back pain and lots of different ways to treat bad backs. An old mattress might be part of the problem and a new mattress could be part of the solution. There is no one right mattress for everyone with back pain, but I’ll go through the three key factors of what the best mattresses for bad backs should have and share my favorite mattress choices with you.

what is the best memory foam pillow

What Is The Best Memory Foam Pillow? I’ve Got The Answer

If you’re looking for a new pillow, memory foam should be a hot contender on your list. Memory foam pillows are great for supporting your neck and should give you a comfortable night’s sleep. As long as you choose a good one….so what is the best memory foam pillow? I

puffy mattress topper

Puffy Mattress Topper Review – Reliable and Affordable

If you’re in the market for a new mattress topper, the Puffy Mattress topper seems to represent good quality for a good price. In this review I’ll examine all the details to confirm if it’s worth your money or if you should spend it somewhere else. Made of responsive memory foam, it could be a good choice if you like that contouring feel memory foam gives, or if you want to try it out without buying an whole new mattress.

U.S. Box Spring Overview: No Frills No Hype

U.S. Box Spring – A Simple Product That Does What It Says The name kind of sums itself up neatly, don’t you think? U.S. Box Spring, is, as you should expect, a company that makes box springs direct from their factory in the U.S (Phoenix, Arizona to be precise). They’ve

Avocado Bed Frame: A Reclaimed Wood Beauty

New product alert! From the company that makes one of my all time favorite hybrid mattresses, Avocado Green, comes this beautiful new bed frame. The Avocado Bed Frame, made from 100% chemical free reclaimed wood, is a sturdy and beautiful piece designed to suit any mattress. It comes with a premium price tag, so let’s see if it’s worthy of your  $$.

box spring vs platform

Box Spring Vs Platform Bed Frames: Choose Right

Box spring vs platform bed. This is a decision many people ponder over when choosing the right base for their mattress. Box springs are the traditional base we know very well and are quite used to. Platform beds go nicely with many modern mattress types. So which one is the right choice for you?
Is one better than the other?
Is one going to last longer?
There is some critical information you need to know to help you decide which mattress support system is right for you.