Brooklyn Bedding Latex Pillow Review: The Good And Bad

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brooklyn bedding latex pillow review

I sleep on a latex pillow myself, and it has been an absolute game changer for a more comfortable sleep.  It’s a million times more comfortable than my old polyester filled pillow, but it’s only available in New Zealand. In this Brooklyn Bedding Latex Pillow Review I’ll go through everything you need to know about this popular latex pillow which is available for US and Canadian customers, and help you decide whether it is the right choice for your needs.

Brooklyn Bedding make a great range of really fantastic mattresses, so let’s find out how their pillow stacks up. This is a detailed and thorough review that has everything you could possibly need to know about this pillow.

  • Is Latex A Good Pillow Material?
  • About Brooklyn Bedding
  • Components Of The Brooklyn Bedding Latex Pillow
  • Can You Explain Which Loft Height I Should Buy – 4 or 6 Inch?
  • FAQ
  • Any Problems With This Pillow?
  • What Are Some Alternatives?
  • Comments From Customers Who Love Their Brooklyn Bedding Latex Pillow
  • My Final Opinion

Is Latex A Good Pillow Material?

The short answer is: yes! Here are the top three reasons why:

  1. Latex is a great choice for people with allergies, because it is naturally dust mite and mold resistant. From an allergy perspective latex is right up there as the best material choice for a pillow or a mattress.
  2. Latex feels really nice to rest your head on. If you’ve never tried it before, it’s a wonderful mixture of being firm yet soft, and bouncy. I find it feels really supportive and comfortable.
  3. Latex is highly durable and retains its shape well over time.

One more reason: latex is naturally great at dissipating body heat. I know a lot of people who like to sleep on a cooler feeling pillow and are forever turning their pillow over to get that feel. With latex, the surface won’t necessarily feel “cool”, but due to the heat dissipating properties you shouldn’t feel so warm that you’re wanting to turn the pillow over all the time.

About Brooklyn Bedding

Brooklyn Bedding is a family owned company that manufactures their products in the USA. Their headquarters are in Phoenix, Arizona. They have been in business for 9 years, making them more well established than many of the other mattress in a box companies that have popped up with the explosion in popularity of these products. They have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

You can learn more about the Brooklyn Bedding story via this video from their founders:

The latex pillow I’m reviewing here for you is one of a range of four pillows Brooklyn Bedding make. They have built themselves up as a manufacturer not just of good quality mattresses, but accessories too. I chatted with their customer service to get more information about the pillow and found them to be very warm, responsive and friendly. It was a nice customer service experience.

Click here if you want to see the full range of four pillows.

Components Of The Brooklyn Bedding Latex Pillow

Sizes available: Queen or King. You can also choose which loft height you would like: high or low. I have more information on which loft height you should choose further on in this review. The high loft pillow is 6 inches high and the lower loft pillow is 4 inches high.

The cover: made of organic cotton, it is designed to be moisture wicking and breathable. This cover is removable for machine washing.

The inner: natural talalay latex, which is a latex with plenty of ventilation (there are two types of natural latex, talalay and dunlop, get the details of the differences between the two here). Talalay latex tends to be more airy and less dense than dunlop latex, so talalay is a great pillow material while in my opinion dunlop is good for mattresses. Note that this is a pillow made from one piece of latex, it is not a whole lot of little shredded pieces.

Country of manufacture: USA

Shipping: free within contiguous USA (ships to Alaska, Hawaii and Canada for a fee)

Sleep trial: no sleep trial as such, but you may return it for a refund within 30 days if you don’t like it.

Warranty: 3 years

Many customers commented that they felt this pillow was made of high quality materials and put together well.

Can You Explain Which Loft Height I Should Buy?

Brooklyn Bedding have a great graphic which demonstrates which pillow height generally works well for whom:

brooklyn bedding latex pillow loft explanation

For a personal point of reference, I’ll tell you a little more about my own latex pillow. I am a side and back sleeper, and my pillow is around 4 inches high. I generally go to sleep on my side (and find myself tucking the pillow over a little to create more height) and wake up on my back (the pillow feels absolutely perfect as it is). So I agree 100% with the recommendations Brooklyn Bedding have made here.

If you are usually a side sleeper, the 6 inch loft may work best for you. If you’re a combination sleeper I’d recommend the 4 inch loft as I personally find this the most comfortable height when I’m lying on my back (that’s just me though, we are all different). I don’t generally sleep on my stomach but the positioning of your neck when stomach sleeping means the 4 inch height would work best for you if you’re a stomach sleeper.

Remember, if your pillow arrives and you’re not happy with the height you have chosen, you have 30 days to return it for a full refund.


Naturally there are going to be some questions about choosing a new pillow online, it can feel like a bit of a risk. I went through the hundreds of questions and reviews of this pillow to bring you the answers to everything you need to know:

  • Should I use a pillow case? Yes. No matter what pillow you end up buying, I would recommend you use a pillow case on top of your pillow.
  • Is it washable? You can remove the outer cover and machine wash it, but the latex inner is spot clean only. If you washed the latex inner you would risk ripping it.
  • Does it have a sleep trial like the mattresses? Brooklyn Bedding will allow you to return your pillow for a refund within 30 days if you’re not happy with it, but it does not come with the 120 night trial you’d get with one of their mattresses.
  • Does it come in a box? Yes, your pillow will come compressed in a box. It might look a little bit flat when you first open it up, but it will loft up pretty quickly.
  • Will it smell like rubber when I open it? Yes, you might find the pillow has a slight rubbery smell (because natural latex is made from the sap of the rubber tree) when you first open it. This smell should clear up pretty quickly, but if you’re sensitive to odors you should open the pillow in a ventilated area to allow the smell to dissipate. Any new pillow or mattress will have some “new” smell, rest assured any odors from your Brooklyn Bedding Latex Pillow are not toxic.
  • Does it sleep hot?
    No. Latex is naturally breathable and the cotton cover is too.
  • Is it eco friendly? Yes. This pillow is made from sustainably sourced natural latex and has an organic cotton cover.

Any Problems With This Pillow?

Reading through the reviews of people who did not like their Brooklyn Bedding Latex Pillow, I could not find anything that suggested any problems inherent to the pillow itself.

There were people who found the pillow to firm or too soft, which I would expect from any bedding product as everyone has a different view on what is comfortable and what firm and soft means to them. The people who DID find the pillow comfortable far outweighed those that did not so I think it works well for most people. Remember, you have 30 days to decide.

Some people struggled with the height of the pillow they had chosen. One drawback of this being a solid piece of foam rather than a shredded foam is that you cannot customize the height by adding or removing stuffing.

What Are Some Alternatives?

Snuggle Pedic Memory Foam Pillow

If you would rather have a pillow made of shredded foam so you can customize the height of it, then the Snuggle Pedic memory foam pillow (pictured) is top of the list. This is another American made pillow, and the company provides all customizations free of charge. They’ll even make you your own foam blend. If this sounds like something you’d like, read my full review of their pillow here.

If you’re looking for another latex pillow option, PlushBeds have two great alternatives for you. They have a shredded latex pillow made of Dunlop latex, and a solid talalay latex pillow similar to the Brooklyn Bedding pillow. The difference with a PlushBeds pillow is that their latex is not only natural, it is also organic. So if you’re looking for an organic latex OR shredded latex, then you should take a look at their pillows here.

Then of course, there are the other Brooklyn Bedding pillows which I linked to earlier. They are all made from memory foam with a variety of different enhancements. Here’s a brief introduction to the other three Brooklyn Bedding Pillows:

  1. Luxury Cooling Pillow: made from open cell memory foam infused with copper.
  2. Ventilated Memory Foam Pillow: made from pin core memory foam.
  3. Premium Shredded Foam Pillow: made from shredded cooling gel infused memory foam. Note: this pillow is also available in “standard” size, where all other Brooklyn Bedding pillows have the option of Queen or King only.

Comments From Customers Who Love Their Brooklyn Bedding Latex Pillow

Here is a selection of comments from the hundreds and hundreds of positive reviews happy customers have written about this pillow.

“The most comfortable pillow I’ve slept on. It’s soft but supportive.”

“Never loses its shape.”

“I found the high loft wasn’t all that high, but it doesn’t matter because it has stopped my neck pain”.

“It took several weeks for me to fully get used to it, now I wouldn’t be without it. I’m a side/back sleeper.”

“Great, resilient support for my arthritic neck.”

“I don’t wake up as much in the night now I’m using this pillow”

My Final Opinion

So, do I think the Brooklyn Bedding Latex Pillow is worth your hard earned dollars?

YES, I really do! I honestly think latex is an amazing pillow material, as you can tell by my owning a latex pillow myself. From the hours of research I put into this review of the Brooklyn Bedding Latex Pillow I found it hard to fault. I believe it is a good quality pillow that will last a long time and provide more comfortable sleep for a wide range of people.

The three year warranty is great, and the 30 day returns take the risk element out of your online purchase (some other companies won’t let you return a pillow at all). You’ve got nothing to lose, go for it!

Brooklyn Bedding Latex Pillow

$89 - $99

Overall Rating


Value For Money


Customer Service



  • Durable and breathable materials
  • Great warranty and returns policy
  • Represents good value for money


  • Limited sizing options
  • Inner is not machine washable
  • Can't customize the loft height


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