Buying A Bed In NZ – Your Ultimate Guide

Buying A Bed In NZ - Cover Image

Does it look like that guy is doing a good job testing out that mattress? Wouldn’t it be better to try it in your very own home? You can literally “sleep on it” when you buy a mattress online, and you’ve got 100 days (or more with some brands) to decide if you want to keep it.

I live in Christchurch and I’ve tried most of our online mattress brands. And I research beds for a living! This page is your ultimate guide to buying a bed in NZ. You’ll find all the reviews and info you need right here.

Mattress reviews, mattress comparisons, mattress unboxings, and bedding reviews: I’ve done all the research for you.

New Zealand Mattress Reviews

I sleep on a Winkl mattress. My parents sleep on Napp. My children sleep on Emma and Peace Lily. If they’re good enough for me and my family, I’m sure you’ll be happy with them too. If you’re unsure where to start email me and I’ll help you choose.

New Zealand Mattress Comparisons

Want to see how these brands compare with each other? Find out in these detailed comparison posts that take you through all the pros and cons.

New Zealand Mattress Unboxings

Mattresses in boxes come shipped to you in a box that looks impossibly small. It’s really fun to take them out of their boxes and watch them woosh up to full size before your eyes! The good news is they’re pretty much ready to sleep on straight away.

Bed Frames & Accessories

If you’re considering buying an adjustable bed frame, a mattress topper, or something else bed related I’ve got those covered too! Just like the mattresses, I’ve personally tested a lot of them myself.