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Mattress In A Box NZ – you’ve got quite a few options, and the list is constantly expanding! I’m a Kiwi, and run this mattress website out of my house in Christchurch. So this article is just for you: my fellow New Zealanders who are looking for mattress in a box options here in NZ. With prices at a fraction of the stores, long in-home sleep trials and free delivery, it’s no surprise to see the online mattress trend taking off here.

Looking at your options can feel a bit overwhelming: how can you tell one from another? Will  you like a mattress you can’t try before you buy?

Spoiler alert: my two favourites are:

  1. Peacelily for an extremely good value latex mattress (this means it’s all natural and sustainable materials, and it has the added bonus of having a firm and medium side. It’s the only flippable, dual firmness mattress in NZ)
  2. Winkl for an extremely comfortable memory foam mattress (I actually sleep on a Winkl Lux myself, which was a big call after trying most of the NZ brands. It’s truly, amazingly, comfortable).

There are other options though, and I think each of the mattresses in our market are quite different to each other. In this article, I’ll give you a brief overview of each to give you an idea of what they’re like. You’ll also find links to a more detailed review of every mattress and links to the company websites if you want to learn more from them. However, each of the mattresses here in NZ are quite different to each other, and I can help you find the one that will be the best fit for your needs. Also, you’ll get at least 100 days to try one at home should you decide to go ahead with a purchase, which is hugely reassuring for you.

Here’s an overview of the Winkl Lux, the mattress I use myself:

Winkl Lux Mattress

I find the Winkl Lux is the perfect blend of support and comfort. It’s a tiny bit squishy but not overly so, and you can really feel the zoned support in the base. I’ve tried lots of mattresses and this is the one I’ve chosen.

Product Details


Memory Foam

Trial Period:

120 Nights




Medium, Slightly On The Softer Side


15 Years


From $1200

Here’s exactly what’s in this article:

  • Your Mattress In A Box NZ Options:
    • Latex (1 mattress)
    • All Foam (4 mattress brands, including the mattress I sleep on every night: the Winkl Lux)
    • Coils And Foam (1 brand)
  • Why Buy A Mattress Online Instead Of A Traditional Mattress From A Shop?
  • Mattress Brand Comparisons

Your Options (Latex, Foam, Hybrid) Explained

Latex Mattress

Natural latex has got to be one of the best materials you could have inside your mattress. It’s:

  • Naturally breathable and temperature regulating
  • Resilient and durable (you can expect a good quality latex mattress to last 20+ years
  • Supportive and comfortable
  • Sustainably sourced and paired with other natural materials (if you buy the right mattress)

All these qualities usually push these mattresses into the $3000+ price range. Luckily there’s one very high quality latex mattress in a box option that you can try for about half that:

Peacelily Mattress

Mattress In A Box NZ - Peacelily

Peacelily is an Australian brand, and are the only company offering you an all-latex mattress in a box here in New Zealand. They use sustainably sourced latex from Sri Lanka, where they manufacture their mattresses at their own facility.

The Peacelily mattress features a generous 20cm of natural latex and is flippable: one side is a gentle medium feel and the other is firm. You’re basically getting two mattresses in one, which takes a lot of the worry out of whether the mattress you’re choosing is going to be the right feel for you.

What’s the standout feature of the mattress? Definitely the quality of the materials for the price, along with the two sided design.

Best For: People looking for a mattress made from all natural materials that will last for many years to come

Price range: $1099 – $2049

Sleep trial: 100 nights

Warranty: 25 years

Read My Full Peacelily Review Here

Memory Foam Mattress

There are currently 4 memory foam mattress in a box brands here in NZ, making it the largest category.  These are mattresses with memory foam or “comfort foams” in their top layers, designed to cradle your pressure points and support your spine. They have a base of high density foam designed for durability and minimal partner disturbance compared to coils.

In a one sentence summary of each:

  • Emma is a German brand, new to NZ: their mattress is one of the firmest available, but still has some contour and more bounce than the others.
  • Napp is NZ owned and made (the only NZ made one, actually): it’s got just the right amount of contouring and support and it’s got to be one of my favourites. I actually have this as my own mattress (bought myself).
  • Winkl is NZ owned, and make two mattresses. Their Winkl Lux mattress has more features than any others and is a ridiculously comfy marshmallowy cloud to lie on. The only reason this is not my mattress is that my husband thought it was a bit too soft for his liking.
  • Ecosa is Australian owned, and arguably the most well known brand on this list. It’s a firm mattress, no matter which way you arrange the interchangeable layers.

1. Emma Comfort Mattress: Medium Firm Feel With Bounce And Zoning

Emma Comfort Mattress Cross

Emma is a hugely popular international brand, with thousands of happy customers in countries like the UK and Australia (in fact, it won a Choice award last year for Australia’s best mattress in a box – Choice is a consumer advocacy group). Emma is a German company and their mattresses are also made in Germany. They also make toppers, protectors, and pillows.

Emma makes just the one mattress, with two internal foam layers and a cover you can easily unzip just the top for easy washing. They’ve given me one to try out for you guys: it has a really nice medium firm feel (Emma updated their mattress recently after complaints their previous mattress was too firm, I can happily confirm this one has more of a universally comfortable feel) and is also the bounciest of all the foam mattresses on our market. The foams feel incredibly resilient and I think it’s going to be a mattress that lasts a long time.

What’s the standout feature of the mattress? Definitely the bounciness. All foam mattresses usually have pretty much zero bounce. This is great for minimizing motion transfer, but when you’re used to a bed with springs it can take a bit of getting used to. Emma doesn’t compromise on motion isolation but feels really springy. Also the cover. The fact that you can just zip off the top part really appeals to me for easy washing.

Best For: People looking for a medium firm, resilient mattress with a bit of bounce

Price range: Emma ALWAYS run big sales, I’m talking 40-50% off or awesome value bundle deals. I highly recommend you check out the current deal following my link below, as they change regularly and are some of the best value in NZ.

Sleep trial: 100 nights

Warranty: 10 years

Read about my first impressions of the Emma mattress and watch me unbox it here.

Read my full Emma mattress review here. 

2. Napp (the only one made in New Zealand)

Napp Mattress Unboxing

Napp is another kiwi family business that has been operating since long before online mattresses were a thing. A really nice thing about this company is that they like to give back to the community. For every 15 mattresses sold, they donate one brand new mattress to Habitat for Humanity.

Like Emma, Napp just make the one mattress, which is an all foam mattress (memory foam and poly foam). Napp make their mattresses right here in New Zealand using foams from Australia.

What’s the standout feature of the mattress? Napp is the only company in the New Zealand market that actually makes their mattress right here in New Zealand. The fact that they are able to do that is a huge win in my opinion. If I had my time again and was looking to purchase a mattress, the ethos and values of Napp would make them a strong choice.

Best For: People looking for a mattress with a true medium feel, some contouring hug but plenty of support

Price range: $800 – $1550

Sleep trial: 100 nights

Warranty: 10 years

Read My Full Napp Review Here

3. Winkl: Can’t Argue With Their Claim To Making NZ’s Most Comfortable Mattress

Winkl mattress overview

Winkl is a relative new-comer to the NZ market, launching in 2019. This kiwi company has taken the online mattress market by storm, with a huge brand awareness and their mattresses often selling out faster than they can keep in stock (get in quick!).

Winkl make two foam mattresses, the Winkl and the Lux. Both are foam mattresses made in China. The Lux is substantially more expensive than the Winkl: for your extra money you get a thicker mattress that has more foam in the comfort layers, charcoal infused into the memory foam and zoning in the support foam. Basically, the Lux lives up to its name: it’s a high performing mattress with lots of great features and technology whereas the standard Winkl is a decent mattress with less bling.

Two cool things about Winkl:

  1. You can go and try their mattresses in Citta design stores. This is great news if you’re feeling nervous about buying an online mattress. Christchurch people: the store is on Carlton corner and there is a Winkl Lux in store.
  2. Winkl have partnered with the National Kiwi Hatchery, and a portion of your sale goes towards protecting kiwi chicks. Pretty cool.

What’s the standout feature of the mattress? The charcoal infusion in the lux is a neat innovation, it’s there to provide heat transfer and also has antimicrobial properties. The zoning in the support layer of the Lux is something I haven’t really seen before at this price point, usually you could expect to pay a lot more for this feature.

Best For: People who want a touch of luxury softness. Winkl Lux is my top pick for this feel. 

Price range:  From $900 – $2150. Winkl run various promotions on their website, often $200 off which sweetens the deal.

Sleep trial: 120 nights (currently the longest of all mattresses in NZ)

Warranty: 10 years for the Winkl, 15 years for the Lux

Read My Full Winkl Review Here

4. Ecosa

ecosa mattress details

Ecosa is Australian owned and operated, but don’t let that put you off. Ecosa has the furthest international reach of the four mattress companies I’m introducing in this review: they sell their mattress in New Zealand, Australia, America, Canada and Hong Kong.

Their mattress: Ecosa just make one mattress. It is a memory foam mattress constructed with materials sourced from Germany (90%), Japan (5%) and China (5%). Ecosa assembles their mattresses in China.

What’s the standout feature of the mattress? The mattress has two internal comfort layers that are interchangeable. Each has a slightly different feel and softness, so you can play around with how you layer them to customise the feel of the mattress to your needs. This is pretty clever because it means Ecosa only needs to make one mattress that is going to suit a wide range of people. However, I think the options you get are “firm” or “very firm”!

Ecosa is the mattress I bought in 2019 and used for nearly 2 years as my own bed (I’ve just replaced it with Napp). If you want more detailed information about it, you can read all my Ecosa articles here.

Best For: People who want a firm sleep surface that is flat (no conforming hug from the foams)

Price range: $850 – $1550 but there is always a deal going on the Ecosa website such as $200 off. If you can’t get the mattress with $200 off don’t buy it.

Sleep trial: 100 nights

Warranty: 15 years (the longest out of all available mattresses at the time of writing)

Read My Full Ecosa Review Here

Pocket Spring Mattress

At the moment there’s only one brand offering a pocket spring mattress: MyBed.

MyBed is the online identity of Furnco, a family company that has been in the New Zealand market since the 1990’s. It is a family owned and operated business.

MyBed has a range of four different mattresses, each with a pocket coil support core. MyBed uses Chinese materials in their mattresses, which are also made in China.

What’s the standout feature of their mattresses? These mattresses are the only ones in this article that aren’t purely made of memory foam and polyfoam. MyBed mattresses are pocket spring mattresses, with different materials in the comfort layer in the top. If you’re used to sleeping on a traditional spring mattress, choosing a pocket spring mattress in a box can feel a little more familiar than buying an all foam mattress.

Best For: People who like the feel of springs in their mattress and don’t want an all foam model

Price range: $599 – $1259 but again you should be able to get a deal.

Sleep trial: 100 nights

Warranty: 10 years

Why Buy A Mattress Online?

There are several advantages to buying a mattress in a box. These are:

  • You can get a really great quality mattress of equal (if not better) quality to brands sold at our big furniture stores, for about half the price, or less. When you buy a mattress in a box online, you’re cutting out all the costs associated with running a bricks and mortar store, so the cost savings translate to a cheaper mattress.
  • Mattress companies know it’s a huge risk and can feel scary to buy a mattress without having seen it or laid on it. But do you really think that a 5 minute awkward lie down on the range at your local Big Save is really giving you an accurate gauge of whether the mattress is right for you? I don’t! When you buy a mattress in a box, a 100 night sleep trial is pretty standard. That means you can test drive the mattress from the privacy of your own home for more than three months. That’s pretty epic. And it’s actually quite important because it takes around 30 days for your body to fully adjust to a new mattress. When I went around the stores the best they could offer me was 7 nights. Doesn’t compare really, does it.
  • You could get a longer warranty. I’d expect a good quality mattress to come with at least a ten year warranty, and all of the mattress in a box options here in the New Zealand market have that. I was shocked to hear that some of our more well known in-store brands only offer five year warranties.
  • A mattress in a box will have the delivery fee built into the price. You can go ahead and order the usual brands from the big furniture shops’ online stores, but you’ll probably be stung with a delivery fee, of up to $150. Ouch.

Compare The Mattresses To Find Your Best Option

Click on any of the links below for detailed comparisons and price breakdowns for the New Zealand mattresses in boxes.

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