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Ecosa Mattress Too Firm? Three Things You Can Do About It

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If you’re an Ecosa owner like me, you might be struggling with finding your Ecosa mattress too firm. I’ve been sleeping on my Ecosa for almost 2 years now, and i still find it quite firm. Luckily it feels like it’s made of high quality foams that are going to last a long time, but I’ve definitely needed to soften it. Here’s what I’ve done, and I’ll share some other tips that you can try.

1. Have You Changed The Foam Layers Around Inside?

Ecosa Mattress Foams

Ecosa is a three layer mattress, each a different firmness. The top two layers are more typical “comfort” layers made of responsive foams, while the third layer is a very firm polyfoam (this is designed to be the base of the mattress, but if you’re set on having a super firm mattress you can put it at the top…. if you’re here because your Ecosa mattress is too firm I’m betting this isn’t you though).

The two comfort layers each have a different feel. The blue foam is softer than the white foam. I recommend you unzip your Ecosa cover and have a look at how you have your mattress set up. If you have the white foam at the very top, switching the foam around so blue is at the top will soften the mattress.

I should say, though, that “soften” is a relative term. I have the blue layer at the top of my mattress and it’s still pretty firm. It’s uncomfortably firm with the white layer on the top for me, but blue is manageable.

2. Still Too Firm? Add One Of These:

If you’ve got your Ecosa in its softest configuration and it’s still too firm, you’ve got two options:

1. Mattress Pad

Mattress pads are great for adding a touch of softness through the top of a mattress without any dramatic changes to the feel of it. You’ll know that the foams inside Ecosa are quite responsive and don’t offer much contouring or “hug” like a traditional memory foam does. If you like this and want to keep that feel with just a touch of added softness, a mattress pad is the way to go.

At the moment we have a wool mattress pad on top of ours, and it has softened it up just enough to take the firmness edge off. The mattress still feels the same underneath, but it’s softer to lie on.

2. Mattress Topper

Ecosa Mattress Too Firm - Try Ecosa Topper

If you’re looking to change the feel of your Ecosa more than that, a topper is the way to go. Toppers are usually made from foams, so they will offer extra support and contouring (which a mattress pad can’t).

So if you feel disappointed that you don’t get much squishy contouring hug from your Ecosa, adding a topper can dramatically change the feel of the mattress. Ecosa actually make a topper, which is 5 cm of plush gel foam. I’m seriously considering buying one to get that contouring effect. I sleep a fair bit on my side and I’d like more pressure relief for my shoulder.

Feeling confused about the difference between a mattress pad and mattress topper? This article will clear everything right up.

3. The Last Resort: Get A Different Mattress

Here are some other mattress options at similar price points. These mattresses have a medium feel so they offer a better balance of comfort along with the support you want (in my personal opinion).

New Zealand: Napp and Winkl are your two other mattress in a box options. I’ve tried out the Winkl Lux and Napp. Both feel like absolute plush heaven to lie on. Napp would be my first choice because it’s made in New Zealand and has a perfect medium feel. The Winkl Lux is slightly plusher again and has more features. It also feels like lying on a fluffy (but supportive) cloud.

Australia: If you’re looking for Australian made, Hugo is a really nice all foam mattress you could try.

United States: The Puffy Royal is an amazing plush mattress. It’s packed full of features and has a luxurious feel. It sounds very similar to the Winkl Lux I mentioned in the New Zealand section, which I have tried, so I really expect Puffy Royal to be extremely comfortable.

You also have some flippable options available to you in the US, so you can get a mattress that has a firm side and  a soft side if you’re unsure exactly what you want. Layla is one of my favorite options for this.


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