Winkl Vs Ecosa – I’ve Slept On Both, I’ll Help You Decide

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You need a new mattress, and these online brands keep showing up in your research. You’re wondering how you’re supposed to choose when you can’t see them in a store, and they’re pushing you with online deals.

I’m here to tell you that you can relax. Both are good quality mattress brands, and there is ALWAYS a deal. Take your time going through this article and learn from my experiences of at least a year sleeping on each of these mattresses. You’ll have a clear answer by the end.

Introducing The Brands: Ecosa And Winkl

Before I take you through the details of each mattress I think it’s important to understand who you’re buying from. After all, this is an online purchase and you want to make sure the company is trustworthy and going to help you should a problem arise.

Ecosa: The Evolution Of Comfort

Winkl Vs Ecosa - Ecosa Collage

Ecosa was founded in Australia and has quickly grown into one of the most successful online mattress brands in Australia, New Zealand; and increasingly in other countries.

They have a reputation for firm mattresses, speedy delivery, and good customer service. Here’s what I think of those:

  • Yes, their Original mattress is firm no matter how you configure it. It’s great quality though.
  • Yes, delivery is speedy. I do live in a city though (Christchurch) so if you’ve got any insights into what delivery is like to rural areas please let me know.
  • Yes, customer service is good. I mentioned we had an Ecosa mattress for a year before we sold it. The zip on the cover failed after 9 months, and they sent out a new cover the very next day. I’ve also used the chat feature on their website a few times to talk about various things and the replies have always been helpful and accurate.

Winkl: From Origin To Excellence

Winkl Vs Ecosa - Winkl Collage

Winkl is a New Zealand mattress brand that hit the market in 2019. Winkl is solely sold in New Zealand (so far) and they’ve got somewhat of a cult following with their super comfortable range of mattresses and bedding.

Winkl have a reputation as good guys: their customer service is awesome and the brand supports the National Kiwi Hatchery Aotearoa (yes, your mattress purchase helps look after kiwis).

  • Winkl is actually the mattress I sleep on myself, and have done for 2+ years. So I can definitely vouch for it being comfortable. No matter what other mattresses I test, I have yet to find one that I’d swap my Winkl Lux out for.
  • I’ve had readers email me to describe their excellent customer service experiences with Winkl. You know it’s good when people go out of their way to let you know.

Winkl Vs Ecosa: A Quick Comparison Overview

What Do They Make?3 Mattresses
Range Of Bedding
Two Mattresses: Winkl And Lux
Memory Foam Pillow
ConstructionEcosa Original =
3 Foam Layers, Top Two Are Interchangeable
3 Foam Layers, Lux Model Has 5cm More Comfort Foams
Firmness7 - 8 Out Of 10, Firmest In The NZ MarketAround 6.5 Out Of 10, Medium Feel
Sleep Trial100 Nights120 Nights (Longest In NZ)
Warranty15 Years10 Years For Winkl
15 Years For Lux
New Zealand Owned?No - AustralianYes
Made In New Zealand?No - ChinaNo - China

Diving Deep: Mattress Construction And Design

I’ll take you through the mattresses, layer by layer, with an explanation and opinion of what’s inside.

I’ve kept things simple by showing you the Ecosa Original rather than all three, as it’s their best seller. I’ll take you through both the Winkl and the Winkl Lux mattresses.

Ecosa’s Blueprint

Wink Vs Ecosa - Ecosa Cross Section

Ecosa is a 25 cm high mattress with 3 internal layers. This is pretty much standard across many mattresses in boxes, both here and internationally. The outstanding feature of this mattress is the ability to change the firmness switching the layers inside the mattress. However, even with the softer layer at the top it’s still pretty firm.


The cover of the Ecosa mattress actually has two layers:

  1. The removable, breathable outer which is machine washable
  2. The waterproof and dust mite repelling inner cover (also removable so you can switch the mattress layers around as desired)

Foam layers:

The first two layers are your comfort foams. The third layer is the support core layer, but if you want to sleep on a really firm feeling mattress you can move this layer to the top (you’ll read why you shouldn’t just flip it over in the foam description).

  1. The blue layer is named “G-7”, and is a gel memory foam. Gel memory foam is known for its cooling properties. This layer is 3cm thick. Keep this layer on the top of the mattress for the “softest” feel this mattress can give you (remember, it’s not soft! It’s still very firm to me!). This is how we have our own Ecosa mattress configured.
  2. The white layer is a memory foam that Ecosa has designed themselves. Called Eco-Tex, this foam is designed to mimic the feel of latex (which is known for its cooling, durability, and bounce). This layer is 4cm thick, which means the two comfort layers combined make up 7cm of the 25cm total. Put the white layer on the top of your mattress to give it an even firmer feel!
  3. The largest section of the mattress is the high-density support foam, made from plant-based polyurethane. It makes up about 7 inches of the mattress height. This layer is what you would put at the top of the mattress if you wanted it to feel like a rock. Ecosa is actually the first company I’ve seen suggesting you sleep directly on this polyfoam layer, but the airflow convolutions make it feasible.  The convolutions will also allow further contouring support. (The convolutions are the reason you shouldn’t just flip your Ecosa if you decide to try out sleeping directly on this layer, you need them at the top for airflow.)

Winkl’s Design Philosophy

Winkl Vs Ecosa - Winkl Mattress Cross Section

Winkl aggregated data from hundreds of mattresses to come up with a mattress they belive to be the most comfortable on the market.

The standard Winkl mattress 25cm high, the same as Ecosa. You can’t change your foam layers around inside Winkl, but with its softer feel without compromising on support, it’s designed for a wide range of people to sleep comfortably on.


Removable and breathable.


As with Ecosa, Winkl contains three internal foam layers that are a total of 25cm high. The two comfort foam layers at the top make up a total of 10cm, so you’re getting more comfort foam in your Winkl.

  1. The light purple layer is a foam exclusive to Winkl. It’s been designed to have a bit of bounce like latex foam. This helps you to feel supported on the mattress without feeling like you’re sinking into it or getting stuck in it.
  2. The dark purple layer is a high-density gel foam. I really like this layer because I see so many overseas companies using a lower density (read: lower durability) foam for this layer which leads to sagging. The fact that it’s high density means the inclusion of the gel infusion is important to help keep you cool (gel beads draw heat out of the foam) because high-density foams are not as good at letting air flow through them as their lower density, open cell counterparts.
  3. High-density support foam. Pretty standard, there’s not much more to say here.

Winkl Lux: Elevating Sleep Experience

Winkl Vs Ecosa - Winkl Lux Mattress Cross Section

This is my mattress. I LOVE it. I’ve recommended it to several family and friends, and they all love it too.

The Winkl Lux is also a 3-layer foam construction, but it’s 30cm high. The two foam comfort layers make up 13cm of the total mattress height (this is nearly double the amount of comfort foam found in Ecosa).

It features quite a few luxury upgrades over the Winkl, as the name suggests. For your extra $ you get a thicker mattress that has more foam in the comfort layers, charcoal infused into the memory foam and zoning in the support foam.

Basically, the Lux lives up to its name: it’s a high-performing mattress with lots of great features and technology whereas the standard Winkl is a decent mattress with less bling.


This is one of the upgrades over the standard Winkl mattress. It is a more luxurious knit. It’s softer and more durable.


  1. The top layer is the same proprietary Winkl-flex foam you find in the standard model, but there’s more of it in the Lux.
  2. The transition layer has been infused with charcoal instead of gel. This is a less common feature, but a really good one because not only will it help with temperature regulation, it’s also antimicrobial.
  3. The base foam in the Winkl Lux has been divided into zones for targeted support. This is a really nice luxury touch, and something I see overseas brands charge a fortune for. The zones are designed to be more forgiving for your shoulders and hips and firmer through the centre to help support your spine.

Ecosa And Winkl: Shared Features And Distinct Qualities


The obvious similarities are that they are both memory foam mattresses made in China that have a 3 layer construction. They have similar price points and warranties. Both use good cooling technologies, which are absolutely essential to prevent an all-foam mattress trapping heat through the night.

Both regularly have discounts on their products. In fact, you can pretty much ignore RRP for mattresses in boxes, you’ll never pay it.

There’s a lot more to it than that though. That’s about where the similarities end, as these mattresses are actually quite different to each other.


There are many differences between the two mattresses, here are the key ones to note:

  • Winkl is NZ-owned, Ecosa is Australian owned
  • Winkl make two mattresses where Ecosa make three (we’re focusing on the original mattress in this comparison)
  • Winkl is rated a medium firmness, which will be universally comfortable. Ecosa is rated 7-8, and is definitely firmer. My experience of Ecosa is it’s firmer than I personally like, but it’s comfortable enough that I slept well on it anyway
  • Ecosa has interchangeable layers inside it’s mattress to adjust the firmness. Both Winkl mattresses are around the same firmness
  • Winkl customer service are a lot easier to get hold of than Ecosa (I find Ecosa quite slow to respond to queries, Winkl respond within hours, even on weekends)
  • Ecosa has two covers on their mattress: there is an internal waterproof cover
  • Winkl mattresses contain thicker layers of comfort memory foams than the Ecosa mattress
  • Ecosa has more sizes available

Size Matters: Dimensions And Variants

Ecosa Winkl
Single91 x 188 x 2592 x 188 x 25
92 x 188 x 30 (Lux)
Long Single91 x 203 x 25-
King Single107x 203 x 25107 x 203 x 25
107 x 203 x 30 (Lux)
Double137 x 188 x 25138 x 188 x 25
138 x 188 x 30 (Lux)
Queen153 x 203 x 25152 x 203 x 25
152 x 203 x 30 (Lux)
King167 x 203 x 25168 x 203 x 25
168 x 203 x 30
Super King183 x 203 x 25183 x 203 x 25
183 x 203 x 30 (Lux)
California King203 x 203 x 25-

Gauging Comfort: Feel And Firmness

As mentioned above, Winkl is a medium feel. This is softer than the Ecosa, and is more universally appealing. There are a few things to consider here though, as it’s not as simple as that so here are some scenarios where one mattress might suit you better than the other:

Buy Winkl:

  • You’re not sure what firmness you want. Winkl offers more of a middle ground with its medium feel.
  • You share a bed with someone who likes a different firmness than you. Winkl is probably going to be a better compromise.
  • You like to sleep on your side: Winkl will give you more pressure relief through your shoulder.

Buy Ecosa:

  • You want a firm mattress. In my experience (and from what others report), this mattress is firm no matter how you configure it.
  • You like to sleep on your stomach: a firmer mattress will be better for your spine because it will have more support through your hips.
  • You weigh more than 150kg: you need a firm mattress to give you adequate support. Interestingly, if you buy a softer mattress, it can end up feeling too hard because you sink through the comfort layers and feel the support core of the mattress – this isn’t what you want, you want to feel well supported.

The good news is that I think both work well for people who mainly sleep on their back, it will come down to personal firmness preference and other factors (like if you want to buy NZ owned or the sleep trial length, or warranty length). Remember, whichever one you choose, you’ve got more than 3 months to try it out at home.

Value For Money: The Price Point Discussion

The prices listed below are RRP. You should note that mattress-in-box companies always have a deal going. My links will take you to the deal, never pay full retail!

Remember: Always
Get A Deal!
Ecosa RRPWinkl RRP
Single$850Winkl $900
Lux $1200
Long Single$900-
King Single$950Winkl $100
Lux $1300
Double$1050Winkl $1100
Lux $1650
Queen$1150Winkl $1200
Lux $1950
King$1250Winkl $1300
Lux $2050
Super King $1350Winkl $1400
Lux $2150
California King$1550Lux Only, $2250

Making The Choice: Ecosa Or Winkl?

Like most things in life, there is no black-and-white answer for Winkl Vs Ecosa. It all depends on what you want from your mattress! I hope I’ve helped you understand the differences between the two and it’s easier for you to make a decision.

As I’ve mentioned, my personal preference is Winkl. We had an Ecosa mattress and sold it. The main reason for this is because it’s that bit softer, which would work well for me. I really like the features Winkl have incorporated into their Lux mattress, so I chose that model. I also like the fact they are New Zealand owned and you get fast responses from their New Zealand-based support team.

Overall, I recommend Winkl. I know more people who have enjoyed its medium feel than I know people who like the firm feel of Ecosa. Remember, no matter which one you go for, you’ve got a risk free in home sleep trial to test it out so you cannot go wrong.


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