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Emma Mattress Review NZ

Emma mattress review NZ – this is a brand new mattress in a box brand to New Zealand. It’s got some features that make it different to the other mattress in a box brands we have, and I think it’s going to do well here. In my opinion Emma is a firm mattress, so if you’re interested in that, read on: Emma could be exactly what you’re looking for. Emma gifted me a mattress to test so in this review I’m able to give you real advice of what it feels like and some real footage of the mattress.

These are the topics we’re going to cover in this Emma mattress NZ review:

  • Emma Company Overview
  • Emma Mattress Features
  • What Does The Emma Mattress Feel Like To Lie On?
  • Is Emma The Right Mattress For You?
  • What Are People Saying Who Love Theirs? (Reviews From Real People)
  • How Does Emma Compare To Other Mattress In A Box Brands?
  • Summary

Emma Company Overview

Emma is a mattress in a box brand founded in Germany. The mattresses they’re selling here in New Zealand are also made in Germany.

Emma has enjoyed huge success in countries like the UK and Australia, where they have a massive base of happy customers and have won awards from consumer advocacy groups such as Choice in Australia.

Emma has brought their popular mattress to New Zealand fresh in September 2020 to take their place in our growing mattress in a box market. Emma sells a range of products in other countries, but for now they are focusing on just their flagship all foam mattress for New Zealand customers.

The Emma customer service team is online based, and works out of Australia.

Emma Mattress Features

The Emma mattress is 25cm high mattress with 3 foam layers, which are OEKO-TEX certified. Emma is about the same height as other popular brands in New Zealand like Ecosa, Winkl, and Napp. Here’s what the inside of the Emma mattress looks like compared to the marketing image.

Emma Mattress NZ Cross Section

Now lets’ take a detailed look at each layer of the mattress:

  • Cover: this is a pretty standard stretch knit with a softer top and grippy material on the bottom to help it stay fixed to your base. The cool feature of the cover is that the zip enables you to unzip the top part of the cover right off. This is extremely handy for cleaning! You don’t have to remove the whole cover. I’ve only seen this on Tempur mattresses here in NZ. The other standout feature of the cover is that it has handles. They feel a bit flimsy, but Emma is the only mattress in a box brand that has them in NZ.
  • Foam Layer 1: 3cm of breathable eco friendly foam. This is the softer, memory foam layer of Emma. How’s it breathable? It’s an open cell foam for better air flow. How’s it eco friendly? Memory foams are typically made using fossil fuels. Lately there’s been a move towards using plant based oils instead: Emma uses castor oil to partially replace the fossil fuels in this layer of the mattress.
  • Foam Layer 2: 15cm pressure relieving 7 zone support foam. This foam is a high resilience polyfoam. You can see from the image that it has zones built into it: these have been carefully placed to help support your shoulders, spine, and legs. This foam layer feels extremely durable and has little “give”.
  • Foam Layer 3: 7cm of supportive point elastic foam. This is a high density polyfoam layer. It’s there to provide a solid base that allows the zoned foam and the memory foam above to do their work of giving you the right support. Basically, the top two layers support you, and in turn this bottom layer supports the upper foams!

What features set Emma apart from our other brands?

  • It’s the bounciest
  • It has the highest proportion of polyfoam, which gives it a firm feel
  • It has the easiest care cover

If you want to watch a video of this mattress being unboxed and read the details of my first impressions of it, click here.

What Does The Emma Mattress Feel Like To Lie On?

I’ve tried Ecosa, the Winkl Lux, and Napp. Emma feels quite different to all of them. Here’s how:

  • It feels like the same firmness as Ecosa (in my opinion), but because it has that layer of conforming foam at the top it has a bit more conforming than Ecosa. See my pictures of the 8kg kettlebell resting on each to get an idea for yourself.
Emma Mattress Review NZ - Kettlebell Sinkage
  • It’s the bounciest all foam mattress I’ve tried. Usually an all foam mattress feels pretty “dead” for want of a better word in terms of bounce, they don’t move much at all. Because Emma has so much high resilience foam inside it feels quite bouncy in comparison. This is good news for people wanting to try out an all foam mattress that are used to the bouncy feeling of springs. It will still do a good job of motion isolation like all foam mattresses tend to.
  • Because of the zoning in the middle foam layer, I didn’t get a numb shoulder when I lay on my side. Emma is a firm mattress, so I was concerned about this when I lay on it but I needn’t have worried.
  • As I said above, you get a small amount of contouring from the top foam layer as shown in the picture above, but the middle high resiliency layer is the layer you can feel the most, and is the main reason for the firm feel.

I slept well on the Emma mattress while I was trying it out. It’s a bit firmer than I would choose for myself, but if you’re of a higher body weight or a stomach sleeper, this mattress is going to be an excellent fit for you.

Is Emma The Right Mattress For You?

Remember, your Emma mattress will come with a 100 night sleep trial so don’t be afraid to give it a try if you like the sound of it!

Yes if you:

  • Want a very firm mattress
  • Sleep mainly on your stomach: the firmness of Emma will mean your hips and spine will be well supported. In fact, I think Emma is the best mattress in a box choice we have in NZ for stomach sleepers.
  • Want a touch of memory foam feel without a big feeling of sinking.
  • Like the idea of a bouncier foam mattress.
  • Want a foam mattress with strong edges.
  • Like a mattress with a easy zip cover.

No if you:

  • Want the contouring, hugging feel that deep memory foam layers provide .
  • Are a lighter person (I believe Emma will be too firm for you, in my opinion it’s great for average weight and above).
  • Want a medium or soft feel mattress (you’ll do better with Napp for medium and Winkl for luxury soft)

What Are People Saying Who Love Theirs? Reviews From Real People

Since Emma is brand new to New Zealand there aren’t many people here who have tried it yet. I’ve looked across the ditch to our Aussie neighbours. In general, they think Emma feels medium to firm, is good value for money, does not sag, and does not retain heat (important in their climate!). Here’s a selection of comments from people who have been enjoying Emma in Australia:

“I saw a lot of reviews saying Emma was one of the firmest mattresses in a box. I like a firm mattress so I decided to give it a go. I like the feel of it, and it’s very supportive. I also like that I can easily remove the cover and wash it.”

“This mattress is quite firm, but it doesn’t sag and you can’t feel the person moving next to you”.

“I’m using this mattress on my adjustable bed and it’s very comfortable.”

“The Emma mattress is a firm mattress and I find it comfortable to sleep on. The delivery was quick and easy and it was easy to set up.”

How Does Emma Compare To The Other Mattress In A Box Brands?

Click here for my Ecosa Vs Emma comparison.

Click here for my Napp Vs Emma comparison.

Click here for my Winkl Vs Emma comparison.

Emma Mattress

From $880

Overall Rating


Value For Money


Customer Service



  • Easy Care Cover
  • Bouncy And Resilient Foams
  • Zoned Centre Layer


  • May Be Too Firm For Some
  • Handles Are Flimsy
  • Not Made In NZ