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Best Mattress Protector NZ – a mattress protector is vital because any damage to your mattress can void its warranty. Mattress protectors range from $20 options from places like Kmart, through to options that cost hundreds of dollars. I’ve tried a range of them and am here to tell you my favourite in New Zealand is the Emma mattress protector.

In this article I will:

  • Take you through the details of the Emma mattress protector
  • Discuss the pricing
  • Show you some other New Zealand options for mattress protectors (including my experience with a $20 ish Kmart protector)

Lets get this started by giving you a snapshot of my top choice, Emma:

Emma Mattress Protector
  • Very Waterproof
  • Strong Elastic Skirt Means No Creasing
  • Does Not Crinkle Or Rustle
  • Sturdy Fabric That Feels Rip-Proof
  • Infused With Anti Allergy Tech
  • Regularly On Sale, Get A Discount

Emma Mattress Protector Details

You can get an idea from the video of just how waterproof the Emma mattress protector is. The fabric feels quite thick and durable, and I’m 100% confident it’s going to perform for years.

Emma gifted me a mattress protector, so I can share my personal experiences of it with you. You can see a close up on the material in the image below. Note the breathable weave of the fabric. The protector also has a deep pocketed skirt (the grey bit) with very firm elastic, which holds the protector in place really nicely: no movement or annoying bunching with this one!

Some cheap mattress protectors have a crinkly, almost plastic bag feel to them. The Emma mattress protector does NOT have this issue at all, it’s smooth and quiet.

I actually use this mattress protector on a mattress that’s thicker than normal (Winkl Lux) and am happy to report that the pockets are deep enough to accommodate my taller luxury mattress. For reference, many other mattress in box mattresses are around 25cm (like the Emma Diamond, which would pair GREAT with this) while mine is 30cm tall.

Here are the specifics:

  • Dust mite and allergen protection
  • Spill proof
  • Crinkle free, no rustly plastic bag feel
  • Breathable fabric
  • Strong elastic skirt
  • Free delivery (expect yours to arrive within 3 – 10 days depending on stock levels, mine was on the quicker end of that scale)
  • 100% Polyester (needs to be to get that magic combo of waterproofing and breathability) with Purotex technology (a natural probiotic infusion in the fabric that helps fight nasties like dust mites)


The Emma mattress protector costs $168 -$261, depending on which size you choose. You should note that Emma occasionally run awesome bundle deals where you can get a protector for a massive discount when you buy an Emma mattress.

Sure, this protector price is at the higher end. I certainly wouldn’t want to pay more than that for a mattress protector. I can tell you, I’ve paid similar for a protector from a big shop that did NOT feel as strong as the Emma protector, nor was the elastic as grippy. So, I think this is the best quality waterproof protector on the market.

Mattress Protector NZ – Your Other Options


Kmart has a range of mattress protectors, including cotton padded options, water proof options, and charcoal infusions.

I had a cotton padded protector. It did the job just fine, actually. It protected the mattress. BUT: the straps instead of the skirt meant that it moved around easily. The polyester covering felt very thin and like it wouldn’t take much to rip. The cotton padding bunched when I washed it, leaving awkward little lumps all over my bed. But, it was $20-30. I can’t remember exactly, but that’s the price range for Kmart toppers.

If budget is your absolute top priority over all else, get a Kmart one. It will protect your mattress, it just may not be comfortable or durable! Get the charcoal infused one if you can, it will probably offer the best antimicrobial protection and temperature regulation.


Briscoes offer a range of mattress protectors that range up to around $200 (the most expensive is one that fully encases your mattress, that includes the bottom of it too.)

At first glance, the tencel and bamboo mattress protectors sound quite nice and like they’d be good value for money, but reading through the reviews I found reports that they were either crinkly or not as waterproof as I’d like. For the money, I’m not sure they offer the best value.

Harvey Norman

Harvey Norman carry a few good quality mattress protectors from big brand Protect A Bed. A protector from them will cost anywhere from $69 for a basic single through to $250 for a king size model with cooling features.

Reading through the reviews, the protectors seem to fit well, do the job of keeping the mattress clean and feel comfortable, but some people found the claims about the cooling protector to be overhyped (i.e. it did not cool them down as they slept).

I actually think the Protect A Bed range is pretty good, and if I were buying from a store instead of online, I’d get one of these.

Recap Of Why I Like The Emma Mattress Protector

  • It fits well and has strong elastic
  • Deep pockets help it fit on any mattress
  • Sturdy feeling fabric that is breathable and waterproof
  • Infused with anti-allergen material
  • Often on sale or available as part of a bundle deal with things like the Emma mattress/pillow/mattress topper/bed frame


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