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Emma Diamond Mattress

Emma Diamond Mattress

  • Breathable Removable Cover With Handles
  • Contouring Memory Foam
  • Coil Base
  • Medium Firm Feel
  • 120 Night Sleep Trial And 10 Year Warranty
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Emma Diamond Mattress Review – I have this mattress in my house so I’m well placed to show you how I unbox it, give you a close up look at the mattress itself, and describe how it feels after sleeping on it (and having my inlaws test it out when they came to stay, too).

Spoiler alert: I think the Emma Diamond mattress is a uniquely awesome mattress with its pocket spring core and beautifully thick memory foam comfort layer. To me, it feels like the foam Tempur uses, without the thousands higher price point! It’s amazing Emma can offer the Diamond Hybrid at the price it does, because a mattress of this calibre would certainly set you back thousands in a shop.

In my Emma Diamond Mattress Review I’ll take you through:

  • Emma Diamond Mattress Unboxing (Video)
  • My Opinion On How The Mattress Feels (And Who I Think It’s Suitable For)
  • Mattress Construction And Features
  • How It Differs From The Emma Comfort Mattress
  • Opinions From Customers Who Have Bought This Mattress
  • Questions People Ask About Emma Mattresses
  • Review Summary

Emma Diamond Mattress Unboxing

As you can see, it takes less than 5 minutes to get the mattress set up. It’s so easy!

I’m setting the diamond mattress up on the Emma Bed Frame, and they complement each other perfectly. Factor in the free delivery you get when you buy online and you couldn’t really ask for a smoother buying and set-up process.

How The Emma Diamond Mattress Feels

When I first unboxed the mattress, the memory foam layer felt quite squishy, and I thought this would be a softer mattress. Emma say on their website that the Diamond mattress is a medium firm, and slightly softer than the Emma comfort mattress (read on for a comparison with that mattress).

I 100% agree with this. It is indeed a medium firm mattress. After a week or so, the squishy memory foam actually firmed up a bit, but maintains its contouring supportiveness. You can see from the short video below how the foam performs when you press on it.

It’s much less bouncy than the Emma Comfort, or other brands like Winkl, it offers deep, slow responding conforming like Tempur. This tends to be something people either love or hate, and it’s definitely the only mattress in a box option I’ve seen with this type of memory foam in the top. If you like this feel, this is going to be the best bed for you, and save you thousands on Tempur.

My inlaws slept on this mattress when they visited over the weekend, and they agree that it feels like a supportive medium-firm mattress. They arrived straight off a plane from Australia at 1am and crashed on it immediately, reporting they slept well the next day. My father in law, who is usually a 6am riser at the LATEST regardless of when he went to bed (his back really bothers him), even slept in! So the Emma Diamond mattress worked well for them, too.

Who I Think The Emma Diamond Mattress Is Best Suited To:

  • Combo sleepers: you should find this one comfortable in ANY position
  • Back sleepers: this one is going to be perfect for you.
  • Stomach sleepers: despite the potential for the dense memory foam layer to trap heat, you’ll love this mattress because the firmess is excellent for you, the diamond cover and the coil support will allow heat regulation.
  • Side sleepers: you’ll like this one as long as you generally prefer a firmer mattress. The foam offers deep contouring for that all-important shoulder area

Buy Something Else If:

  • You really just prefer a softer mattress. I recommend you check out the Winkl Lux (in NZ) or a Dusk & Dawn mattress (in Australia) instead.
  • Side sleepers with a very light body weight: while I think this mattress is going to work well for most, if you are very petite you may find the foam does not offer enough “give” for your shoulder. Again, Winkl Lux or Dusk & Dawn would be my recommendation for you.

Emma Diamond Mattress Construction And Features

Emma Diamond Mattress Construction

Here’s what makes up the Emma Diamond mattress, along with my opinion of the materials:

  • Cover: breathable, removable, has handles! I think the cover feels thick, beautiful quality, with a good quality zip and those handles are great (hardly any other brands give you handles)
  • Comfort foam layers: you get two:
    • Diamond foam (named for its graphite infused cooling tech)
    • Adaptive comfort foam. I think these 2 layers combined give a very generous, thick feeling comfort layer with lots of contouring support
  • Support core: pocket springs. This is great because pocket springs allow air to flow through the mattress and offer more targeted support and breathability than an all-foam base. The pocket springs are individually wrapped so I promise they won’t squeak!
  • HRX foam: this is a high density foam you’ll find supporting the pocket springs both underneath and around the sides. This is actually a really nice touch from Emma – this layer adds a lot of durability and support to the springs, but you’d be surprised how many spring based mattresses in the shops lack this great feature.

Your Emma mattress also has a 120 night sleep trial, a 10 year warranty and free shipping.

Emma Diamond Hybrid - Feature Collage
The mattress colour matches perfectly with the Emma bed frame, a peak inside the washable, removable cover

How It Differs To The Emma Comfort Mattress:

The Emma Comfort mattress is the other mattress Emma currently sells in New Zealand. I also have that mattress, and here’s how they’re similar or different:

  • Both have a lovely cover that is removable for washing. The Diamond cover feels more premium.
  • Both have foam comfort layers, but only the Diamond has the graphite infusion. The Diamond has more of a contouring feel, the Comfort has a bouncier feel.
  • The Diamond has a pocket coil core, the Comfort has an all foam core.
  • The Diamond is slightly softer than the Comfort in my opinion.
  • The Diamond costs more than the Comfort, but still a lot less than a comparable mattress in the shops!
  • Both have the same 120 night sleep trial and 10 year warranty.

Emma Diamond Mattress Reviews From Customers

While it’s great for you to take my word for it on the Emma Diamond mattress, I want you to get a sense of what other people think of it, too. I’ve gone through the Emma diamond mattress reviews on the Emma website to bring you these insights:

  • It’s a genuinely well liked mattress, with an incredibly high average rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 from hundreds of reviewers
  • People agree that it’s cushioning and cooling
  • People agree with the medium-firm rating and find it is supportive but comfortable

Great supportive mattress”

“I was sceptical about trying a mattress in a box as I’ve slept on a normal spring mattress my whole life, but Emma is great”

“This mattress really hugs your body and has improved my back and neck pain”

Of course it also pays to look at the negative comments to see if there’s any problems people have uncovered that you need to know about:

  • There are three 2 star reviews for the Diamond mattress, and pretty much as I expected, they are because people found it too hard. Like I’ve said above, this is NOT going to be the mattress for everyone, and if you’re looking for a soft mattress this is NOT the one for you.
  • There were no one star reviews! Awesome!

Questions People Ask About Emma Mattresses

What Is The Emma Diamond Mattress?

It’s the premium mattress from mattress in a box brand, Emma. It’s got a graphite infused comfort layer which is why it’s named diamond, and has a pocket spring support core for cooling and support.
It’s a feature packed, medium firm mattress that will feel comfortable for most people.

Is Emma Mattress Worth The Hype?

There may seem to be hype around Emma mattresses because I think they’re better at promoting themselves than some other mattress in a box brands, especially in NZ.
This does not detract at all from the quality of their products, I’ve had Emma products in my home since 2019 and they’re going strong.

Is Emma Mattress A Good One?

Yep! I think so! Especially the Diamond Hybrid, with its thick memory foam, pocket coil core, and foam edging. It’s a beautiful quality mattress for the price. I own one so I’m giving my first-hand opinion here.

Are You Meant To Flip Emma Mattress?

No. Emma mattresses are designed to be used one way only – they are built with a softer comfort layer at the top and a firm support core at the bottom.
However, you may like to ROTATE your Emma mattress every 3-6 months to ensure it wears evenly.

Emma Diamond Mattress Review Summary

If you’ve got this far you’ll know I think this is an excellent mattress. It represents amazing value for money especially if you buy a bundle, will suit a wide range of people, and is well made. With the 120 night in home sleep trial to test it out in your own home, you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose in trying out this mattress.

Emma Diamond Mattress


Quality Of Construction




Value For Money



  • Medium-Firm Suits Most People
  • Generous Thick Memory Foam
  • Foam Protection Of Pocket Coil Base


  • Some People Won't Like The Contouring And Will Want A Bouncier Foam Mattress
  • May Be Too Firm For Some People


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