Emma Bed Bundles – Here’s What The Complete Emma Sleep Experience Is Like

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Emma bed bundles – Emma offers some really amazing deals if you buy their products in bundles (hello free pillows and bigger discounts)! I own every Emma product I think, from putting together the bed frame to testing the pillow, so this article is all about what it’s like to sleep on a bed that is ENTIRELY Emma.

I’ve written individual reviews of every item I’m about to mention, and in a massive spoiler alert, I’m gonna say right now that I’m happy having all of them in my house. Yes there are some drawbacks to a couple of items (the mattress topper is not my top pick for hot sleepers and the mattress may be too firm if you REALLY like a soft mattress) but overall you’re going to struggle to get better deals on a more comfortable bed set up.

I’m more than happy to give you my honest opinion that these are great beds and I think you’ll love them too. I’m not a particularly hot sleeper and I like a mattress that’s about medium (I’m a side and back sleeper).

Emma Bed Bundle Items

Emma Bed Bundles - Topper, Protector, Mattress

Here’s exactly what I’m talking about when I talk about sleeping on a bed that’s 100% Emma:

  • Emma Bed Frame: this is a beautiful grey upholstered bed frame with sturdy slats. Yes it’s a flat pack that’s a bit frustrating to put together (what flat pack isn’t?!), but it’s a good looking frame that feels strong.
  • Emma Diamond Mattress: this is the premium mattress of the two Emma offer (the Emma Comfort mattress is also nice, it’s a bit firmer and all foam instead of spring based). It’s got the most responsive memory foam I’ve seen in any mattress in a box, a pocket spring base for good support and breathability, and a removable cover with handles.
  • Emma Mattress Protector: this is a protector with deep pockets (I’ve tested it on a 30cm height mattress, which is 5cm higher than normal and it was fine) and a very reliable waterproof layer. You’ll feel very confident keeping your mattress pristine with this protector on it!
  • Emma Mattress Topper: This topper is unique in that it has a firm side and a soft side that feel genuinely different to each other. It’s like two in one! To be honest I don’t really need this as I find the mattress comfortable enough as it is, but I know some people find that the mattress is awesome but it’s a touch firm, so the topper will be handy if this is you.
  • Emma Pillow: One of the best memory foam pillows you can buy. It’s got 3 internal layers, each with a different feel, so you can totally customise the pillow to your exact preference by either moving them around to change the feel or removing them to change the height. It’s the only pillow like it that I’ve seen so far and it’s a total game changer. LOVE the pillow and it’s one of my favourite items Emma offers.

I use sheets from Groundd (they’re a beautiful silky feeling bamboo) and a feather duvet I got from I don’t remember, years ago.

Sleeping On An All Emma Bed

Sleeping on the Emma Bed

The first thing is that because all this stuff is designed to be used together, it just looks good together. Yes all the bed/mattress/topper/protector measurements are standard and will fit exactly on any other standard size bed you want to use them with, but they just look super slick when you walk into the room and take in the bed.

The next thing to take note of is the great pairing of the bed frame and the mattress. The memory foam in the mattress is quite dense (that’s what gives it the beautiful squishy conforming support), so the combination of the springs in the mattress and slats in the base means lots of air flow and less heat trapping.

The mattress itself has a removable and washable cover, but having the super durable topper over it gives an extra layer of reassurance (I have small children who like to make a mess everywhere).

Lying on the bed with the pillow feels like pretty much the perfect set up. I love the feel of the mattress, having the fabric headboard behind me makes it easy to sit up in bed, and the pillow is so adjustable no one could ever complain about it. I prefer to use the pillow with all three layers, softest side up.

I slept really well on this bed, and when our inlaws came to stay we put them on it too for an outside opinion and they loved it too (even the father in law with the niggly back)

So I guess it’s no surprise that while each of the Emma items is great on their own, they add up to one awesomely comfy bed when you use them together.


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