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Bamboo Sheets NZ: I Use These Ones

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I’m glad you’re here reading about bamboo sheets, because I absolutely love mine and wouldn’t change them for anything. They feel amazing against your skin, they help you maintain a good temperature, and are made from organic materials that are kind to the planet. I think the best bamboo sheets in NZ are made by Groundd, and after experiencing the high quality of their products through their weighted blankets, I was more than happy to buy a set of their sheets.

In this bamboo sheets NZ article, I’ll take you through:

  • Features Of Groundd Sheets
  • Why I LOVE Them (My Experience)
  • Bamboo Sheet FAQ

Features Of Groundd Bamboo Sheets

  • Sizes available: Queen, King, Super King
  • What’s included: A fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillowcases
  • Materials: 100% Organic bamboo lyocell, a fabric renowned for its softness, durability, breathability, and sustainability
  • Colours: Glacier (shown in the image above), Moonlight (a beautiful dark grey), Blush (a lovely pink, shown in an image below).
  • Price: RRP is $270 for a Queen set, but Groundd often run promotions and bundle deals, so you can expect to pay less than that!
  • Shipping: Free
  • In-Home Trial: 14 Nights. I challenge you to find ANY other sheets on the market that give you the chance to try them out at home risk free
  • Bonus Feature: Your Groundd sheets come with a zip bag for tidy and easy storage in your linen cupboard.

My Experience Using Groundd Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo Sheets NZ - Using Groundd Sheets

Groundd bamboo sheets are made from the same eco silk they use in their weighted blanket covers. I’ve been using their weighted blanket for nearly a year now and washing the cover regularly, so I’m happy to vouch for the fact that these sheets do get softer with every wash, and hold up well to machine washing (I use a delicate cycle as recommended).

I have a pretty tall mattress (30cm high) and the pockets on the fitted sheet are plenty deep enough to fit well, and the sizing is accurate. They fit great.

I love the feel of these sheets, they’re just really nice against your skin. I’m not a particularly hot or cold sleeper so I feel like I can’t really speak much to their temperature regulating properties, but I know my husband finds them cooling.

One thing I hadn’t realised was just how quick bamboo sheets dry! Us Kiwis love to hang our washing outside, and these dried in about half the time of our standard cotton sheets, which is a massive bonus (especially in the South Island winter – I’m in Christchurch).

Another handy and practical feature is that they fold down small. I have to admit that our linen cupboard is a bit of a mess, and the Groundd sheets fit nicely back into their zipped up covers, providing a little spot of organisation amongst the chaos. You don’t even need to fold them carefully, they’ll still go easily into those bags.

Groundd Bamboo Sheets Fit Nicely Into Their Bags

I bought the white glacier colour sheets, to provide a nice contrast to my moonlight colour weighted blanket cover. Groundd also very kindly gifted me a set of blush sheets, to match the blush weighted blanket cover I’d also purchased (can you tell I love Groundd products, I’m always happy to buy from them). The three colours mix and match together beautifully, it doesn’t matter which combo you go for.

My personal favourite matches are the glacier sheets with my blush weighted blanket cover, or the blush sheets with my moonlight blanket cover.


What is the best bamboo fabric for sheets?

Bamboo lyocell. We’ve been through why this fabric is so great for sheets, but in case you missed it the reasons are: softer than cotton, fast drying, hypoallergenic, breathable, and sustainably manufactured.

Why choose Lyocell over cotton?

To me the most obvious answers here are the quick drying properties and the soft feel (these sheets feel soft straight out of the packet, there’s none of that stiffness you can get from new cotton sheets). Lyocell has been shown to be up to 50% more breathable than cotton, more durable, and uses less water to produce.

What’s the difference between Tencel and Lyocell?

None, actually! They’re all fibres made from wood pulps. Tencel is a brand name. Bamboo lyocell is fabric made from bamboo pulp, as the name suggests.

Are There Any Problems With Bamboo Sheets?

I can think of two small things to be aware of: first, these sheets will have a slightly shiny look when you first use them. This can make them look “cheap” to some people, but this fades with washing as they soften up. The other thing is the cost is more than cotton, but given the durability and other benefits of bamboo, I think it’s a good investment.


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