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When I researched weighted blankets in my search for one for myself, I decided Groundd was the best one on our market. I reached out to them to say so, and they very kindly gifted me a blanket so I could share my experiences with you.

So, in this Groundd weighted blanket review, I’ll not only give you all the details of the blanket, you’ll also get my personal experiences of using it (I use it daily now, I have to make sure I grab it before my husband does because he loves it too). 

Here’s what I’ll cover in this Groundd review:

  • How I Decided Groundd Was The Best Weighted Blanket In NZ
  • Materials
  • Weights And Sizes Available
  • What Groundd Are Like As A Brand
  • Prices
  • What The Blanket Is Like To Use
  • Video Of The Blanket Itself (close-up on the materials and feel)
  • Weighted Blanket FAQ
  • Summary

How I Decided Groundd Is The Best In NZ

I researched in exactly the same way you are right now, as you read this article. I Googled weighted blankets in NZ, and examined each of the options. The criteria I was judging the blankets on were:

  • Materials used – is the cover nice? Will the beads stay evenly distributed inside?
  • Price – is it affordable, is it value for money?
  • Variety of sizes – are different weights available to suit a range of people?
  • NZ owned or not – preferably yes 
  • Removable cover included – preferably yes (for ease of washing)
  • Sleep trial included – preferably yes

Basically, Groundd ticked all the boxes, and answered “yes” to all my questions. They offer the best quality blanket for the best value price. If you want to read more, I’ve done a market summary of your NZ options.


OEKO-TEX Certified Eco Silk Cover:

This is made from bamboo lyocell. What does that mean? It’s bamboo that has been turned into fabric using the lyocell process. Without getting all technical about it, the lyocell process is efficient and minimises waste and chemical use compared to other processes like viscose. It’s an eco-conscious way to make fabric.

Not only is bamboo lyocell better for the planet, it’s a lovely silky soft feeling fabric that looks nice and washes well. 

The cover has a zip that runs along the entire side of the blanket and has fasteners attached to the inside for you to securely attach the blanket.

Inner Blanket:

Made from 100% cotton, the inner blanket is also OEKO-TEX certified.

It has strong loops sewn into it so you can securely attach the blanket to the cover.

The blanket features strong quilted stitching throughout, so you can feel sure the weighted beads are going to stay evenly distributed, exactly as they should.


The blanket is filled with tiny glass beads. These are what gives the blanket its weight. These beads are like tiny round pellets. They’re sewn in really securely so you don’t need to worry about them escaping!

Groundd use glass beads that have been coated with a microfibre layer so they don’t stick to each other. So not only are the beads nicely contained within their quilted pockets, they stay pretty evenly distributed within those pockets. 

Weights And Sizes Available

Here’s a reference picture from Groundd to show you what their sizes look like on a Queen bed (they’re designed for individual use – you want to feel it all around you):

Groundd weighted blanket sizes

Groundd have 3 weights available:

  1. 3 .2 kg, 91×122 cm. This is best suited to children.
  2. 7kg, 142 x 200 cm. This is the size I own.
  3. 9 kg, also 142x200cm

What Groundd Are Like As A Brand

Groundd is a husband and wife team: Morgan and Ellie. They’re based in Auckland, and are really nice people. 

You can read more about their story on their website, but basically, they started Groundd after years of poor sleep and frustration at not being able to improve it with any of the tools they tried…until a weighted blanket helped. They then went on to design their own, and Groundd was born. 

Groundd are a nice brand to buy from. Not only are they nice people who are based right here in NZ, the experience of buying from them is great. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Fast shipping (mine was 2 days from Auckland to Christchurch – during the Christmas rush!)
  2. 14 Night sleep trial
  3. Great packaging (it was surprisingly nice to come home to a box that actually says HELLO on it): your blanket comes in a really sturdy tote bag and the cover also has its own separate bag, which I wasn’t expecting

Watch me unbox the blanket here.


  • $200 For Small
  • $280 For 7 kg
  • $320 For 9kg

This is the best value of the NZ options. Sure, you can get an Ecosa blanket on discount for about $40 cheaper if you catch them on the right sale, but it will ship from Australia and it doesn’t have a cover. 

$280 may seem expensive, but when you think about how much a decent duvet and cover can cost, plus the invaluable and unmeasurable value the improved sleep can have for your life, it’s actually pretty reasonable.

My husband and I currently take turns with our Groundd blanket, but we’re going to have to buy another soon to avoid fights!

What The Blanket Actually Feels Like To Use

Me using the Groundd blanket

These are my experiences of using a Groundd weighted blanket. 

The cover feels smooth and silky, as expected from bamboo lyocell. I waited to write this review until I’d washed it several times and I’m happy to report it’s looking as good as new. 

The blanket is easy to use: follow the simple instructions to attach the blanket to the cover, and you’re set. Don’t do what I first did and just put the blanket in without attaching it, you’ll end up spending lots of time trying to line it all back up (which isn’t easy when it’s heavy!).

This may sound kind of silly since it’s a weighted blanket, but every time I pick it up I’m surprised by how heavy it feels. 

I’ve been testing over the summer, and funnily enough it’s not hot. This is thanks to the bamboo and cotton Groundd use. (I’d avoid a blanket with a minky feel polyester cover if you’re wanting year-round use from it). If you grew up with scratchy, heavy, blankets, it probably sounds a bit strange that a heavy blanket is not hot, but it’s really not! It just feels nice. 

When you lie down with the blanket, the weight makes the blanket pool closely around your body, so it feels really close to you. It really does feel a bit like a hug. When it first arrived, I unboxed it and went straight to the couch to test it out. I had to get up straight away because I could feel myself relaxing instantly and I didn’t have time for a nap that day!

I’ve been using the blanket at night, and it did take a couple of nights to get used to it, because it was harder to move around and I found myself waking up. But after that, I’ve been sleeping amazingly with it. No more waking. 

As for my husband, whenever he manages to wangle a turn: he’s a big tosser and turner and I really notice he moves less when he uses the blanket. This fact alone is enough to make me want to buy him his own!


A quick look at the main features, and how the blanket drapes across you when you lie down.

Weighted Blanket FAQ

Is It Ok To Use A Weighted Blanket Every Night?

Yes, you can use your weighted blanket in place of your regular duvet or blanket setup. Consult your doctor if you have diabetes or any respiratory conditions before you use a weighted blanket. 

What Are The Benefits Of A Weighted Blanket?

I’m not a therapist who can discuss the uses of weighted blankets for conditions like sensory disorders (this is who weighted blankets were originally made for), but some of the lifestyle benefits include:

  • Reduced stress
  • More restful sleep
  • Gives a sense of calm and wellbeing

Do Weighted Blankets Really Work?

Yes. There are numerous studies that show weighted blankets do what they say. Here’s a link to some weighted blanket articles from the world’s biggest medical journal database to back it up. 

My personal experience of using one has been positive, and you’ll find thousands of other people benefitting from them too, if you read reviews on company websites.

How Heavy Should A Weighted Blanket Be?

About 10 – 15% of your body weight.  This is a rough guideline. I weigh in the 60kg range, my husband is 80 kg and the 7 kg blanket is great for both of us. I’m considering buying him a 9 kg blanket for our second one. 

Can A Weighted Blanket Be Too Heavy?

Yep. Try to stick with 10 – 15% of your bodyweight to get the most from your weighted blanket. Never use one with infants.


So it’s pretty clear that I’m enjoying using a weighted blanket and I think you could, too. I recommend you buy from Groundd because they’re a lovely kiwi company whose blankets are made with care and you’ll feel looked after by them from the moment you see the box waiting on your doorstep. 


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