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Best Mattress In A Box NZ: You Asked, I’ve Got The Answer

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Best Mattress In A Box NZ – this post is for you, readers, who have perhaps read my “mattress in a box NZ” article, or perhaps some of my comparison posts, and are still feeling a bit confused about which of mattress in a box brand is the best fit for you. Which one is the best natural option? Which is the best for people who are unsure about which firmness to buy? Which is the best firm option? Which is the most luxurious? Let me answer all those questions (and more) for you.

Best Durable And Natural Mattress (That Has Two Sides)

Peacelily is the mattress I want to mention first, because it has so many things going for it. Made from natural latex and organic cotton, it’s the mattress with the most natural composition of pretty much any mattress you’ll find anywhere. That’s not the only thing that makes Peacelily a frontrunner for the title of Best Mattress In NZ, here are the other reasons you need to seriously consider this mattress:

  • It’s flippable! Yep, one side is firmer than the other, essentially giving you two mattresses in one. This is excellent news if you’re feeling a bit nervous about buying online, and getting the feel of the mattress right. You can’t go wrong with Peacelily.
  • It’s durable. It’s well known that natural latex is the most durable material to use in a mattress, so it’s no surprise to see Peacelily offering an unmatched 25 year warranty on their mattresses.
  • It’s excellent value for money. There are other latex mattress brands in New Zealand, but you can expect to pay around twice the price for less latex and a shorter warranty.
Best Mattress In A Box NZ - Peacelily

Best Medium Firm Mattress In A Box:

These mattresses are great for people who:

  • Sleep mainly on their stomachs
  • Have a higher body weight
  • Are in a couple, and can’t decide between a soft mattress and a firm mattress. I think the Emma Comfort mattress is a good compromise.

Here are more details about the Emma Comfort mattress:


Emma is a great fit for you if:

  • You want a mattress in a box that has some bounce to it
  • You want a medium firm mattress that offers a little bit of contouring (the slightly firmer option, which is Ecosa, feels pretty much flat to me)
  • You want more high resiliency foams than you do memory foams (Emma has really resilient feeling foams that don’t really act like memory foams, and are more porus to allow for airfow)
  • You want a cover that’s super easy care (you can just unzip the top portion and wash it like a sheet, too easy)

Click here for more detailed information on Emma. (Emma gifted me a mattress to test, so I’ve got unboxing videos, first impressions, and detailed reviews)

Best All Round Mattress In A Box:

If you’re just not sure what feel you want from your mattress, or if you’re a couple struggling with one of you wanting a firm mattress and the other wanting a soft one, this mattress is the one that’s most likely to please you all. I can’t think of anyone, apart from very strict stomach sleepers, who won’t love this one.

The best mattress in a box that is going to suit most people is going to be:


Napp for best beds nz box

Here’s why:

  • It has a medium feel, which works well for people struggling to find a compromise between soft and firm
  • It has more contouring than the two firm mattresses. You really know you’re sleeping on memory foam with Napp, but without that big “stuck in the mud” feel you can get from mattresses like Tempur
  • It has the best quality cover, which is embedded with Outlast (a phase change material developed by NASA to keep you cool)
  • It’s the only one in NZ that’s actually made right here in NZ

Click here for more detailed information on Napp. (I’ve recently replaced my Ecosa mattress with a Napp, which we paid for ourselves. Ecosa was just that touch too firm for me personally, and I slept on it fine but wanted a better fit)

Best Luxury Mattress In A Box:

Want a mattress that’s jam packed with features and is a luxurious 5cm taller than the rest? Want to feel like you’re sleeping on a soft marshmallowy cloud? This is one of my favourite mattresses, it just feels so nice, a real treat to lie on.

Winkl Lux

Shop Winkl Lux - Best Luxury Mattress In A Box NZ

Here’s why:

  • It has a medium feel similar to Napp above, but in my opinion it’s a touch squidgier so you sink in a bit more
  • It has more comfort foams than any other mattress
  • It has zoning in the core of the mattress
  • It has a charcoal infused memory foam layer (great for cooling, has antimicrobial features, and is the only mattress in NZ to offer this)
  • It has the longest sleep trial (120 nights vs 100 for the rest) and warranty (15 years vs 10 for the rest)
  • Winkl run great discounts, like $200 off

Click here for more detailed information on Winkl. Some other cool things about Winkl are that if you live near a Citta design store, you may be able to pop in and test out before you buy because some stores actually have them on the floor. Winkl also donates a portion of their profits towards Kiwi recovery programs. What good guys!


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