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Is Emma Or Koala Better? I’ll Guide You To Your Best Choice

Is Emma or Koala better? In this head-to-head comparison, I’ll take you through two of the biggest names in Australian mattresses so you can make the best choice for your needs. I’ve been reviewing and testing beds for 5 years now and have slept on several Emma mattresses myself so

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Emma Bed Bundles – Here’s What The Complete Emma Sleep Experience Is Like

Emma bed bundles – Emma offers some really amazing deals if you buy their products in bundles (hello free pillows and bigger discounts)! I own every Emma product I think, from putting together the bed frame to testing the pillow, so this article is all about what it’s like to

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Emma Diamond Mattress Review – I Own It

Emma Diamond Mattress Review – I have this mattress in my house so I’m well placed to show you how I unbox it, give you a close up look at the mattress itself, and describe how it feels after sleeping on it (and having my inlaws test it out when

Emma Bed Frame NZ – I Put One Together And Slept On It

Emma Bed Frame NZ – this is an important read, because unlike mattresses in boxes, bed frames in boxes aren’t necessarily that much cheaper or better than your shop options, so I want to take you through whether this bed frame is worth your money. The BIG advantage though, is

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Emma Pillow NZ – Highly Adjustable, Super Comfortable Memory Foam Pillow

Emma Pillow NZ – With three foam layers inside and a sturdy cover, this has got to be the most easily customisable pillow I’ve ever come across. The Emma pillow is made for you to play around with the internal foams so you can change the firmness, and you can

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Emma Mattress Topper NZ – Dual Firmness, Good Value

Emma Mattress Topper NZ – straight up, it’s not my favourite topper in NZ, but you’ll pay hundreds more for that one. Instead, the Emma topper gives you a great blend of affordable price, two firmness options, and a lovely cover. Overall, it’s a good deal and a good topper,

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Best Mattress Protector NZ – I Choose The Emma Protector

Best Mattress Protector NZ – a mattress protector is vital because any damage to your mattress can void its warranty. Mattress protectors range from $20 options from places like Kmart, through to options that cost hundreds of dollars. I’ve tried a range of them and am here to tell you

Emma Mattress Coupon NZ

Emma Mattress Discount Code NZ – Get Biggest Discounts From Me

Emma Mattress Discount Code NZ – any link you click from this article will take you straight to the freshest, best, Emma discounts. Emma run regular deep discounts on their mattresses and even better bargains can be had if you shop their bundles (mattress + topper + pillow): The cool

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Emma Mattress USA: Awesome Budget Option

Emma Is An All Foam Mattress With More Features Than You’d Usually Expect At This Price Range. It’s A Relative New-Comer To The US Market, After Finding Massive Success And Awards In Other Countries (Including New Zealand, Where I Own One)

Winkl Vs Emma - Mattress In A Box NZ Comparisons

Winkl Vs Emma – Which Of These Popular Brands Is Best For You?

Winkl Vs Emma – here we have two very different mattresses. One is firm and bouncy, the other is soft like a marshmallow. One is NZ owned, one is brand new to the NZ market from Germany. In this Winkl Vs Emma comparison, I’ll take you through the differences of each, their construction, and help you decide which one would be best for you. 

Ecosa Vs Emma - NZ Mattress In A Box Comparisons

Ecosa Vs Emma: I’ve Tried Them, I Can Help You Choose

Ecosa Vs Emma – NZ Mattress in a box comparisons. In this Ecosa Vs Emma showdown, I compare the biggest international brand in our New Zealand market (Ecosa) with the newest mattress in a box to hit our shores (Emma – a hugely popular brand in the UK and Australia). Both are mattresses in a box with a firm feel, but that’s about where the similarities end: these mattresses are quite different to each other, and they feel very different to lie on. If you’re looking for a firm mattress in a box, you’ll want to read this comparison to make the right choice for your needs.

Emma Mattress Review NZ – Based On Real Experience

If you’ve been researching mattresses online, you’ve probably been blasted with Emma ads. They have some good deals, but you’re feeling skeptical about whether it’s worth your money and if the mattress is actually going to feel comfortable. I’ve got my 5-year-old sleeping on the Emma Original mattress, a friend

Emma Mattress Unboxing And First Impressions - Feature Image

Emma Mattress Unboxing And First Impressions

The Emma mattress is one of the best loved mattress in a box brands around the world. This German mattress brand has won numerous accolades and thousands of happy customers overseas, and have now launched in New Zealand. Emma very kindly gifted me a mattress to help my readers get to know it. This article is all about unboxing it (video further down the article) and my very first impressions of it.

Mattress In A Box

The Best Mattress in a Box Options in NZ for 2023

You’ve been meaning to buy a new mattress for ages (who’s reading this with a mattress they’ve had for 10+ years?!). You’ve heard that buying online could be a great idea… you see the names Ecosa, Emma, Winkl (and others) popping up all over your internet. They look cheap, they

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Is Ecosa Or Koala Better? Here’s Why I Prefer Ecosa

Is Ecosa or Koala better? In this head-to-head comparison, I’ll take you through two of the biggest names in Australian mattresses so you can make the best choice for your needs. I’ve been reviewing and testing beds for 5 years and have slept on the Ecosa original mattress for a

Best Beds Australia – I Make Buying A Bed Online Easy For You

Want the most comfortable sleep of your life without splashing tons of cash? The best beds in Australia aren’t found in stores, they’re found online. How do I know? I’ve tested some of them. I sleep on one. You can try for yourself, risk free, for at least 100 nights

Buying A Bed In NZ – Your Ultimate Guide

Does it look like that guy is doing a good job testing out that mattress? Wouldn’t it be better to try it in your very own home? You can literally “sleep on it” when you buy a mattress online, and you’ve got 100 days (or more with some brands) to

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Koala Mattress Too Firm – How To Fix It

Koala mattress too firm? Don’t despair, I’ve got some fixes for you. I know the pain of owing a mattress that’s too firm myself, so I know these tips will really help you out. The first two are free and will apply to you if you own one of the

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Best Pocket Spring Mattress Australia – Recommendation Based On Personal Experience

Best Pocket Spring Mattress Australia – pocket spring mattresses are perfect for Australians. As well as offering great support (and springs that don’t squeak) they’re perfect for the hot climate because air can circulate through the springs to keep you cool and your mattress healthy. Mattresses are big business these

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Finding the Best Memory Foam Pillow in NZ: A 2023 Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the right pillow is a big deal. A bad pillow can really ruin your sleep, even if you’re on the best mattress ever made. You’re looking at getting a new memory foam pillow after hearing or experiencing how comfortable they are. New Zealand now has a huge range of

Blissful Nights E4 Review –

Blissful Nights E4 review – I own and sleep on an adjustable bed myself and I LOVE it, so I’m always on the lookout for affordable adjustable bed options to share with my readers. I’m pretty happy to have come across the Blissful Nights brand, with their range of affordable

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Koala Mattress Topper – They Don’t Make One So Buy This Instead

Koala mattress topper: I see so many of you searching for this query I just HAD to write this article to help you out. Koala don’t make mattress toppers unfortunately, so I’ll share a great alternative with you instead. If you’re looking for a Koala mattress topper, that tells me

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The ONE Best Firm Mattress Topper In Australia Is Peacelily

Firm mattress topper Australia – firm mattress toppers are harder to find than soft ones, so I’m stoked to be able to share this awesome firm topper from Peacelily with you. The Peacelily mattress topper made from latex which is no surprise, as this is a highly resilient and durable

Best Mattress Topper NZ - Feature Image

Best Mattress Topper NZ: Top 3 Buying Options

Best mattress topper NZ – this was a tough one because there are a lot of options out there, including some extremely cheap toppers and some that cost almost the price of just replacing your mattress. Yes, it’s true that the three best toppers are more expensive, but they’re also

Best Mattress In A Box Singapore - Feature Image

Best Mattress In A Box Singapore: Top 3 (And The Rest)

Mattress In A Box Singapore: competition is HOT, and I’m here to help you make a great buying decision. It’s no surprise with 100 night sleep trials and the ease of getting a boxed mattress into your apartment that mattresses in boxes are the bed of choice in Singapore, that’s

Simba Mattress Review UK – I Think It’s Good For The Money

Simba Mattress Product Details Simba Mattress Review UK – with prices from £649 and more than half a million mattresses sold at the time of writing, there’s no doubt that the Simba Hybrid mattress is a popular choice for Britons. But is it a good choice? I’ve been reviewing mattresses

Best Bed Deals NZ – Current List

I’ll keep this page up to date with the Best Bed Deals In NZ so you can shop our top online brands at the deepest discounts. Here you’ll find mattress deals, blanket and sheet deals, and possibly even bed base deals!

Firm Mattress Topper NZ - Feature Image

Firm Mattress Topper NZ – Here’s Your Best Option

Firm mattress topper NZ – I’m glad you’ve found this article, because the search for a firm mattress topper is certainly not as easy as the search for a soft one. Many people look for mattress toppers to add a plush feel to their bed, and options abound. Firm mattress

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Best Budget Mattress Australia: Top 3 Under $1000

Best budget mattress Australia: thanks to the booming mattress in a box industry, you can now get exceptional quality mattresses delivered to your door to try at home for at least 100 nights, for less than $1000! This is pretty amazing, and means that even if your budget is the

Mattress In A Box NZ- Feature Image

Mattress In A Box NZ – 2023 Update

Mattress In A Box NZ – you’ve got quite a few options, and the list is constantly expanding! I’m a Kiwi, and run this mattress website out of my house in Christchurch. So this article is just for you: my fellow New Zealanders who are looking for mattress in a

Memory Foam Mattress NZ

Memory Foam Mattress NZ – Let’s Examine All Your Options Memory Foam Mattress NZ – there are more options out there than you probably realise. There are more out there than even I realised, with a new mattress appearing on our market just a couple of weeks ago! In this

Mattress Sale NZ - Best Online Deals

Mattress Sale NZ

Mattress Sale NZ – Get The Best Deals For Your New Bed Mattress Sale NZ – mattresses are an expensive investment, but I don’t think you should ever pay full price for one. Whether you’re shopping online for a high quality memory foam mattress in a box or whether you’re

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Bed Base NZ – My Personal Experiences With The Top 3

Best Bed Bases NZ: I’ve got you covered with a range of options that are high quality, stylish, AND have free delivery. You can see my top three above, all of which I have either seen in real life or tested (I use a Peacelily adjustable base for my own

Noa Mattress Review - Feature Image

Noa Mattress Review 2023: In-Depth Analysis and Verdict

Featuring a hand-tufted tencel cover, generous layers of memory foam and latex, all on top of a pocket coil base, it’s no wonder the Noa mattress is so popular. Get all the details and compare it to the other mattresses in the Noa range.

Best Beds NZ - Feature Image

Best Beds NZ – The Surprising Trend And The Win For Your Sleep

What if I told you some of the best beds here in NZ aren’t in stores, but are actually online? Buying a bed online may sound strange, but when you’ve got at least 100 days to actually sleep on them risk free (much better than 5 minutes in a shop) it starts to sound more interesting.

Mattress Reviews NZ - Feature Image

Mattress Reviews NZ

NZ’s mattress market is HOT, particularly online. We’ve got some great brands and I’m here to help you make the right choice.

Best Mattress In A Box NZ Feature Image

Best Mattress In A Box NZ

Best Mattress In A Box NZ: You Asked, I’ve Got The Answer Best Mattress In A Box NZ – this post is for you, readers, who have perhaps read my “mattress in a box NZ” article, or perhaps some of my comparison posts, and are still feeling a bit confused

How Can I Stop Snoring?

How Can I Stop Snoring?

How Can I Stop Snoring? This question is asked by frustrated people up and down the country. It’s estimated that about 90 million American adults snore, with 37 of them snoring regularly. That’s a lot of people in the same boat as you, looking for answers to stop their snoring to improve the sleep and health of themselves and anyone who shares a bedroom with them In this article we’ll take a look at three different ways to stop snoring, with the most important being the first one.

what to do with an old mattress

What To Do With An Old Mattress: 5 Best Solutions

Is wondering what to do with your old mattress holding you back from making your new mattress purchase? I know that the thought of having such a cumbersome item of junk was a big concern for us when we decided to upgrade our own mattress. It’s not like you can just put a mattress out with the trash, they are huge and heavy. I’ve come up with 5 great solutions for what you can do with your old mattress, including the details of what we did with our own old mattress.

helix dual mattress review

Helix Dual Mattress Review: Never Fight About Mattresses Again

Do you love to fall asleep on a soft fluffy cloud? But your partner prefers something that feels more solid underneath them? Perhaps it’s the other way around. Either way, if you’re a couple who share a bed, it can be extremely difficult to find “the one”, the mattress you are both comfortable on.Some mattresses are too soft for one of you.Some are too hard.You just can’t seem to find one that will suit you both.Someone is always uncomfortable and getting cranky about the mattress not feeling right.Who wins? Who loses?Don’t resort to separate beds yet! What if I told you there was such a thing as a mattress that was firm on one side, but soft on the other? Imagine both being able to lie on the exact right comfort level for your body. On the same mattress.