Emma Bed Frame NZ – I Put One Together And Slept On It

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120 Night Sleep Trial
Emma Bed Frame NZ
  • Free Delivery +120 Night Sleep Trial
  • Neutral Grey Look With Quality Fabric
  • Sturdy Flex Slats To Support Any Mattress Type
  • One Thing: It Takes Longer To Set Up Than The Reported 30 Minutes
  • Save Big With Emma's Bed Bundle Deals

Emma Bed Frame NZ – this is an important read, because unlike mattresses in boxes, bed frames in boxes aren’t necessarily that much cheaper or better than your shop options, so I want to take you through whether this bed frame is worth your money. The BIG advantage though, is the free shipping and the 120 night sleep trial, which is very unusual for a bed frame. Emma gifted me one to put together and sleep on, here’s what I think of it.

Emma Bed Frame NZ Review Topics:

  • Putting The Bed Frame Together (Spoiler Alert: I Think The Instructions Are Wrong And Found A Better Way – Video)
  • The Overall Look And Feel Of The Frame
  • Need To Know Details (Construction, Prices, Pros & Cons)

Emma Bed Frame NZ – Assembling The Flatpack

Alright. We all know that flatpack comes with its frustrations, and that’s putting it mildly. Flatpack rage is a thing. I’m happy to say that for the most part, the Emma bed frame was actually pretty easy to put together, but it DID take me wayyy longer than the instructions (like a whole hour longer) and there was one part where I’d change the instructions. Read on to save yourself a ton of frustration and sore fingers.

Emma Bed Frame NZ - Unboxing

It started simply enough, with opening the two boxes and laying everything out as per the instructions. It was a bit fiddly to walk around the frame laid out like that in my smaller room, but that’s no big problem.

Everything was going smoothly until I reached the step where you must insert the slat connectors into the sides of the bedframe:

Emma Bed Frame Connector Instructions
You can see that Emma instructs you to insert these before doing anything with the slats. I don’t know if you can see how wonky my connectors are looking from the image, but I swear I spent about an hour huffing and puffing (and swearing and shouting if I’m honest, the flatpack rage really came out) trying to push the damn things in. They just would NOT pop in like the picture suggests.

Don’t panic! You can save yourself this flatpack rage and the sore fingers from trying to futilely push them in by doing this simple change instead: put the slats into the connectors FIRST. Yes, ignore the flatpack instructions and put the slats in. Once the slats are in the connector, they pop in so easily I could have cried after all the time I spent trying to get them in the way the instructions said. See a video (and hear my frustration) of exactly what I mean here.

Luckily after that it was all pretty straight forward to get the bed set up, and here’s the final bed in all its glory.

I think it looks great overall! Without a mattress on the bed, you might be thinking the headboard looks a little tall. I promise, once you add a mattress (see this article), it looks much more in proportion and the height of the headboard allows you to comfortably sit and lean on it without feeling like you’re banging your neck against an edge.

The Overall Look And Feel Of The Frame

The grey Emma has used for the upholstery is a lovely light grey that should fit in with most decor. It’s not too dark and heavy, it’s kind of light.

I like how the frame sits pretty low to the ground and that the sides are all fabric. If you’re anything like clumsy me, you’ve spent a lifetime bruising your legs on wooden bed frame corners – I’m hoping this is now a thing of the past.

The slats are quite flex and they feel strong: I think they’re going to hold up well. I also like the slats to provide some air circulation should you choose to put an all foam mattress like the Emma Comfort Mattress on top of this bed frame. I’m using the Emma Diamond on this one, which will be even better with its spring base and thick contouring memory foam comfort layer.

The Details

  • The Emma bed frame comes with a 120 night sleep trial, which is pretty awesome. It’s highly unusual for a bed frame to come with a sleep trial so your purchase is risk free.
  • Delivery is free, which is great, because bed frames are expensive to ship and other brands may sell you want looks to be a cheap frame then charge you hundreds of dollars in shipping.
  • The grey fabric Emma uses feels tough and durable, and is Oeko-Tex safety certified.
  • The feet are plastic, and are quite thick, giving you assurance they’ll hold the base up nicely. They’ve got a broad bottom so should sit nicely on any floor without damaging them.
  • The bed frame comes with a 5 year guarantee. I’d prefer to see ten years to match their mattress warranties, but this is a common warranty period for frames so there’s nothing to be concerned about there.
  • Sizes available are Single – Super King, so there’s something for everyone.
  • Prices are from around $1000 – $1500 depending on what sale Emma is running at the time. Don’t pay RRP, wait for a sale. You can save even more with their awesome bed bundle deals.
  • 120 Night Sleep Trial
  • Lovely Fabric
  • Sturdy Slats
  • Strong Frame And Feet
  • Big Savings Available During Sales And With Bundle Deals
  • It Takes Longer Than 30 Minutes To Assemble
  • One Of The Flatpack Instructions Needs To Be Changed (See Above About The Slat Connectors)

Overall, I think the Emma Bed Frame is a worthy buy. Once you get over the initial assembly, it’s a great looking bed that I expect will last much longer than the 5 year warranty. It’s a sleek bed that will work in any room, and with any mattress type. Try it out yourself, remember you can return it within 120 nights in the unlikely event you don’t love it!


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