Peace Lily Mattress Review: Hands Down The Best Value All Natural Mattress In Australia & NZ

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Looking for a natural latex mattress with a 25 year warranty? Want to choose a mattress made from natural materials with no nasties? Keep reading: Peace Lily could be exactly the mattress you’re looking for. With it’s dual firmness options, price transparency and high quality materials, it’s no surprise Peace Lily has fast become a popular latex mattress choice for those in the know. In this Peace Lily Mattress Review, I’ll take you through all the need-to-know details and offer my analysis of how it stacks up against your other options.

Peace Lily Mattress

My favourite latex mattress in Australia and New Zealand. The two firmness options, great price, and cooling natural materials make it a total winner.

Product Details


Natural Latex, Organic Cotton

Trial Period:

100 Nights




Medium Firm One Side, Firm On The Flip Side


25 Years


From $999 (AU) And From $1099 (NZ

Singapore readers: read about how Peace Lily compares to mattresses in your local market here.

  • Peace Lily Overview
  • Peace Lily Mattress Features
  • What Does A Peace Lily Mattress Mattress Feel Like To Lie On? 
  • Why Should I Choose Peace Lily Over Another Brand?
  • Peace Lily Mattress Prices
  • What Customers Are Saying About Peace Lily
  • Final Opinion

Peace Lily Overview

Peace Lily is a family owned and managed Australian brand. Peace Lily HQ is in Melbourne, there’s also a showroom.

The founder of Peace Lily is a nice guy called Migs: Migs grew up in Perth and has Sri Lankan heritage (where the best natural latex in the word comes from).  You’ll see him in the promotional images on the website. Peace Lily uses sustainably sourced Sri Lankan latex inside their mattress, and even own their own manufacturing plant in Sri Lanka so they have full control of the production process. 

Peace Lily are a friendly team to chat to and are fast at responding to emails. You’ll get great customer service from these guys (I think this is the #1 thing when you’re running an online business and they seem to have it sorted).

Peace Lily Mattress Features

all latex mattresses

Your Peace Lily mattress is 22cm tall and contains 20cm of latex. This is pretty generous for the price: from what I’ve seen of full latex mattresses in stores, you can expect to pay at least $500 more for 2.5-5cm less latex. 

Peace Lily is a flippable mattress with a different feel on each side, effectively giving you two mattresses in one. The softer side is a gentle medium, the other is firm.  This is excellent news for people who aren’t sure what firmness they need in a mattress, or those who like the idea of changing things up every now and then. 

Here’s what you’ll find in a PeacelLily mattress:

  • 100% natural latex core (sustainably sourced from Sri Lanka, a world leader in producing the best quality latex). The latex Peace Lily uses is made using the Dunlop process, which is in my opinion the best way to make latex for mattresses. 
  • The latex is arranged in three layers: 5cm of gentle medium on one side, 10cm of core support latex, then 5cm of firm latex on the other side. These layers are held together with a certified natural latex glue.
  • 100% organic cotton batting and cover: The cotton wadding provides quilting in the cover, and is there as a little touch of softness. The total depth of cotton on the mattress is 2cm, and has quality touches such as hand-stitched edging and super strong handles (this is important: latex mattresses are heavy to move).
    • The cotton Peace Lily uses comes from China. Most of the cotton that is commercially available comes from either India or China: in their quality testing, Peace Lily found that the cotton they could get from China was of higher quality to meet their high standards.

Durability guarantee: Peace Lily mattresses have a coveted LGA certification. Peace Lily has been durability tested by putting 150kg of weight through the mattress 60,000 times to simulate regular use. Peace Lily passed the test with flying colours. You won’t find many brands making claims like this.

What Does A Peace Lily Mattress Mattress Feel Like To Lie On?

peace lily mattress review - staged mattress

Have you ever tried a latex mattress? If you haven’t, it’s a bit of a different feel to a traditional spring mattress and is also different to memory foam.  Latex is quite a heavy material that can appear to be floppy, so if you’ve not seen it before be prepared for this when you unbox it. Don’t worry, it’s extremely strong and comfortable!

Latex is a naturally resilient and bouncy material, so you won’t get the contouring you’d expect from memory foam, but you do get excellent pressure relief and support with a bit of bounce.  I personally love the feel of latex mattresses, they are very comfortable to lie on. 

Latex works really well for people looking for a mattress that they can lie “on” instead of “in” because the latex naturally holds you up instead of contouring like a memory foam. It’s also a great choice for people who are concerned about getting hot while they sleep. Latex is famed for being naturally breathable and heat dissipating. 

The gentle medium side of the Peace Lily mattress will work best for:

  • Side sleepers (you need some softness to give good pressure relief through your shoulder)
  • Back sleepers (you’ll probably be fine on either side)
  • Couples who can’t agree on a firmness level (medium is the best compromise)
  • Anyone who just wants a great medium feel mattress

The firm side of the Peace Lily mattress will work best for:

  • Stomach sleepers (you need firmness to support your hips correctly)
  • Heavier people
  • Anyone who just likes a firmer mattress

You can also add the Peace Lily latex mattress topper to your mattress to give it a slightly more plush feel.

Why Should I Choose Peace Lily Over Another Brand?

I’ve probably covered most of these points already, but let me spell them out again:

  • Peace Lily is great value for money: you’re getting more cm of latex than you’ll find elsewhere, and you’re paying less while you’re at it!
  • Peace Lily offers a 100 night sleep trial and 25 year warranty. Sure, 100 night sleep trials are pretty common in the online mattress world, but that’s a pretty unbeatable warranty. 
  • Peace Lily only contains latex and cotton. It’s not a mattress with one layer of latex on top of memory foams or coils, its full latex. This means it’s all natural, and extremely durable.
  • Peace Lily uses sustainably sourced latex and certified organic cotton. 
  • Peace Lily is double sided: you can try out medium and firm in the one mattress, and choose which works best for you.
  • Peace Lily has very strong handles in the cover: this may seem minor, but all-latex mattresses are heavy and can be difficult to maneuver. Strong handles are a must here, and they also show you the commitment Peace Lily has made to quality finishes.
  • Peace Lily is completely transparent with their pricing: they even have an image showing you exactly where your money is going, which is something I’ve not seen from any other mattress in a box brand. 
  • Peace Lily have an amazing range of accessories to complement your mattress, like the best mattress topper you can buy, and great quality natural pillows.

Peace Lily Mattress Prices

Peace Lily believes in what they call honest pricing. You’ll see what I mean in the image below (using NZD): they are happy to be 100% transparent with their customers about what their costs are and what their profit is in relation to that.

Peace Lily mattresses are priced from $999 in Australia and $1099 in New Zealand: the best value you can find in the entire market.

Peace Lily Mattress Review: Real Customer Opinions

You can head to  to get a good gauge of what customers think of Peace Lily. At the time of writing, Peace Lily has an impressive 4.4 out of 5 stars with comments such as: 

“This mattress is excellent value for money and almost seems too perfect”.

“I like the high quality materials and the fact they are natural.”

“The mattress is very comfortable and we are both sleeping better.”

“This mattress is extremely comfortable, stylish, simple, and effective.”

“I’ve had this mattress 10 months now and it’s as good as the day I recieved it”.

I carefully read the negative comments too, but didn’t find anything in them that should worry you:

  • One person was concerned about chemicals being used in the manufacturing process and that the mattress is not actually natural. You can rest assured that Peace Lily is indeed natural latex. The process of converting rubber sap into latex does involve chemicals, but the way Peace Lily runs their manufacturing they are able to achieve 96% latex (an extremely high number), which is then thoroughly washed before being made into your mattress.
  • Another was concerned that they could not get responsive customer care. This was in September 2019, and Peace Lily have made big improvements to their customer service as they have grown, so this will no longer be an issue. 

Final Opinion

If you’re a Kiwi or an Aussie looking for a high quality latex mattress at an absolute steal of a price, Peace Lily is the right mattress for you. They’re a nice company who believes in quality and customer service, and the mattress is great. If I were in the market for a new mattress myself, Peace Lily would be a top contender. 

Peace Lily Natural Latex Mattress

From $1099 (NZ) and $999 (AU)

Value For Money







  • Extremely Good Value For Money
  • 25 Year Warranty
  • All Natural Materials


  • Can Be Heavy To Move
  • If You Want Contouring You'll Need To Look At Memory Foam


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