Your Best Latex Mattress In Singapore 2022: Peacelily

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Peacelily Latex Mattress At A Glance​
  • All natural materials: natural latex + organic cotton 
  • Flippable design: get a medium AND firm mattress in one
  • 100 Night in home sleep trial
  • Unbeatable 25 year warranty
  • Good for you, good for the planet
  • The best value and transparent pricing 

Let Me Tell You Why

Latex mattresses are perfect for Singapore: they’re naturally temperature regulating which is great for warm and humid climates and are built to last. Peacelily is by far the best latex mattress in Singapore in terms of quality and value, and it’s my top pick for mattresses in Singapore OVERALL. Not only have I got the research here to show you why, I also have a Peacelily latex mattress in my own house so I’ve experienced the quality and comfort from it first hand.

Peacelily Mattress Features

Materials:Natural Latex, Organic Cotton
Firmness:Medium On One Side, Firm On The Other
Price:S$849 – $1499
Delivery:Free, 1-3 Business Days
Sleep Trial:100 Nights
Warranty:25 Years
Showroom:16 Collyer Quay, Level 12
Income@Raffles, Singapore 049318
Where To

Your Peacelily mattress is 22cm tall and contains 20cm of latex. This is pretty generous for the price: from what I’ve seen of other all latex mattresses in stores, you can expect to pay at least $500 more for 2.5-5cm less latex (you’ll also see how much value you get with Peacelily when we compare it with other latex mattresses in Singapore further down the article)

Peacelily is a flippable mattress with a different feel on each side, effectively giving you two mattresses in one. The softer side is a gentle medium, the other is firm.  This is excellent news for people who aren’t sure what firmness they need in a mattress, or those who like the idea of changing things up every now and then. 

I’ve slept on both sides of the Peacelily mattress and both are comfortable. My personal preference as a side and back sleeper is the medium.

Here’s what you’ll find in a Peacelily mattress:

  • 100% natural latex core (sustainably sourced from Sri Lanka, a world leader in producing the best quality latex). The latex Peacelily uses is made using the Dunlop process, which is in my opinion the best way to make latex for mattresses. 
  • The latex is arranged in three layers: 5cm of gentle medium on one side, 10cm of core support latex, then 5cm of firm latex on the other side. These layers are held together with a certified natural latex glue. It’s easy to tell which side is which, as there’s “M” embroidered on the medium side and “F” embroidered on the firm side.
  • 100% organic cotton batting and cover: The cotton wadding provides quilting in the cover, and is there as a little touch of softness. The total depth of cotton on the mattress is 2cm, and has quality touches such as hand-stitched edging and super strong handles (this is important: latex mattresses are heavy to move).
    • The cotton Peacelily uses comes from China. Most of the cotton that is commercially available comes from either India or China: in their quality testing, Peacelily found that the cotton they could get from China was of higher quality to meet their high standards.

Durability guarantee: Peacelily mattresses have a coveted LGA certification. Peacelily has been durability tested by putting 150kg of weight through the mattress 60,000 times to simulate regular use. Peace Lily passed the test with flying colours. You won’t find many brands making claims like this.

How Peacelily Compares To The Competition

Let’s take a look at how Peacelily stacks up against your two other top selling latex mattress options in Singapore.

Peacelily Vs Willow

Best Latex Mattress Singapore Peacelily Vs Willow

Like Peacelily, Willow is an online mattress brand with their own website, you buy direct from them.

  • Both have free delivery, and a 100 night sleep trial
  • Peacelily offer a 25 year warranty, Willow offer 15 years
  • Both mattresses are made from natural latex with organic cotton covers
  • Peacelily is a dual firmness mattress. Willow has 3 firmness options by adjusting the way you stack the 3 internal layers. Willow also offers 7 support zones.
  • Willow prices start from $1749 for a Singapore single size (with their discount applied) so that’s double the price of Peacelily.

Willow sounds like a nice mattress. I’m sure it will be extremely comfortable and the zoning through the mattress is a nice touch. However, the price is more than DOUBLE that of Peacelily, and I just don’t think that Willow is offering you that much more for your money. Remember, Peacelily still has two firmness options in one, and the latex will naturally support all your pressure points anyway.

Peacelily Vs MyLatex

Best Latex Mattress Singapore Peacelily Vs MyLatex

The MyLatex mattress is available from Shopee Mall.

  • Both have free delivery
  • MyLatex offers a 15 day right of return (there’s no 100 night sleep trial here)
  • Peacelily offer a 25 year warranty, I coudn’t find any warranty information on the MyLatex mattress. 25 Years is industry-leading, so I highly doubt it’s that long.
  • Both mattresses are made from natural latex. The MyLatex mattress has a removable knit cover (it will be a polyester blend), while Peacelily has organic cotton.
  • Peacelily is a dual firmness mattress, the MyLatex mattress only has one firmness.
  • MyLatex mattresses start at $709 for their 5 inch single size. That’s a good deal, but you’re getting almost 3 inches less latex than you get with Peacelily (which is only $140 more for all that extra latex, dual firmness, sleep trial AND big warranty). Not only that, but if you’re looking for a Queen or King size, MyLatex costs MORE than Peacelily!

To be quite honest I don’t think this mattress is a great buy. Sure it’s made of natural latex so it’s always going to be reasonable quality, but it just doesn’t offer you anything extra for the price. Where are your firmness options? Where is the sleep trial? Where’s the natural cover? Not on MyLatex.

Best Latex Mattress Singapore: FAQ

Why Is A Latex Mattress The Best?

There are several reasons why latex mattresses are excellent, including their sustainable and natural materials, their durability, and their great comfort.
The top reason why they’re the best choice for Singapore is their temperature regulating properties. Latex naturally works to keep your body at the right temperature as you sleep, is mold resistant AND hypoallergenic. It’s the perfect mattress for a humid climate.

Is A Full Latex Mattress Good?

Absolutely. Latex is naturally supportive without that “sinking” in feeling you can get from memory foam. I’ve mentioned several times how durable it is, and it feels good to have a mattress made from sustainably sourced, toxin free materials.

How Long Will A Latex Mattress Last?

Peacelily offers a 25 year warranty with their latex mattress, and from what I’ve seen of this mattress I fully expect you to get the full 25 years from it.

Does A Latex Mattress Make You Hot?

No, in fact it will do the opposite. To get the most from your latex mattress use breathable bedding with it.

Is Latex Healthy To Sleep On?

Yes. A natural latex material is made from all natural materials and is mold resistant and hypoallergenic, so I think it’s THE healthiest mattress to sleep on.

Is A Latex Mattress Worth It?

Yes. 100%. And as you can see, a latex mattress from Peacelily won’t cost you any more than a mattress made from lower quality materials. A latex mattress is a great investment in your health and your sleep. Go for it!


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