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DreamCloud Vs Saatva – I Like One Better, Will You Agree?

DreamCloud Vs Saatva: in this head-to-head comparison post we’ll analyze two of the most loved luxury hybrid mattresses on the market today. Are they similar? Are they different? Which one is better? As we go through the details, one will probably stand out more to you than the other (I certainly know which one I prefer).

For clarity, in this review we will compare Saatva’s flagship mattress “The Saatva“, with DreamCloud’s flagship mattress “DreamCloud Premier“. Saatva makes other mattresses with other brand names, and DreamCloud also have a second mattress on their website. When people talk about “DreamCloud” or “Saatva” the two mattresses I’m comparing are the two people are referring to 99% of the time.

Here’s an overview of DreamCloud Vs Saatva to get you started:

DreamCloud PremierThe Saatva
DreamCloud Staged ImageThe Saatva Mattress Review - Staged Image
Price $899 - $1599$750 - $1799
ConstructionHybrid: 4 Foam Layers
And Pocket Coil Base
1 Foam Layer
Dual Coil System
Firmness Luxury FirmPlush
Luxury Firm
Sleep Trial365 Nights180 Nights
WarrantyLifetime15 Years
Made In USA?NoYes
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These are two mattresses that are quite different. However, there are a few similarities between them:

  • Both offering generous sleep trials (a whole year for DreamCloud, 180 days – about 6 months- for Saatva)
  • Both offer warranties longer than the 10 year industry standard
  • Similar prices (detailed price breakdown further down the article)
  • Similar heights
  • Both feature a luxurious Eurotop


With their different construction and feel, DreamCloud and Saatva have more differences than similarities. These are the main ones:

  • Saatva is made in the USA, DreamCloud is made in China.
  • DreamCloud is a hybrid of pocket coils and foam layers, Saatva has a thin layer of memory foam and a dual coil system
  • Saatva offers you three firmness options (plush, luxury firm, firm), DreamCloud offers one (luxury firm)
  • The Saatva mattress is not a mattress in a box and it comes with free white glove delivery
  • The Saatva mattress is a well established favorite, the DreamCloud Premier is the third update to DreamCloud’s popular mattress in as many years
  • Saatva has extra lumbar support, DreamCloud does not
  • Saatva has an organic cotton cover, DreamCloud has a cashmere blend

Close-Up On Their Construction

DreamCloud Vs Saatva - Saatva Cross Section

The Saatva mattress is available in two heights: 11.5 inches and 14.5 inches. Both models have the same features, the height different is achieved by using taller coils in the innerspring unit of the 14.5 inch mattress. You choose your preferred firmness level when purchasing: Plush Soft, Luxury Firm (preferred by 81% of Saatva customers), or Firm. Here’s an exact rundown of what it’s made of:

  • Cover: Organic cotton with a bronze trim. Saatva have added an antimicrobial fabric treatment to the cover to help keep it fresh.
  • Eurotop: Stuffed with more cushioning material than a standard pillow top, this is part of how Saatva achieves its luxury feel.  This layer is designed to add cushioning to the mattress, and to achieve the different firmness options offered by Saatva, different amounts of material is used inside the Eurotop (so the “Plush Soft” has the most, the “Firm” has the least.
  • Memory Foam: Before you hit the double coil layer, Saatva have placed a half inch layer of high quality memory foam. This is to add a layer of cushioning contour between the Eurotop and the microcoils.
  • Lumbar Support Wire: This is a wire running through the middle part of the mattress which is there to enhance spinal support.
  • Micro Pocket Coils: This is the first coil layer of the Saatva dual coil system. These are extremely strong, individually wrapped coils that are much smaller than the coils in the support core. Saatva chose to use this coil comfort layer instead of foams like their competitors because they believe it offers superior spinal support and protection against sagging.
  • Innerspring Coils: The coils in the base of the Saatva mattress are 13 gauge, making them some of the strongest I have seen.
  • Edge Support: The two coil layers are surrounded by a high density foam encasement, which wraps around the whole mattress.


DreamCloud Mattress Cross Section

The DreamCloud Premier is a luxury hybrid mattress. It stands at 15 inches tall, making it one of the tallest mattress in a box models you can buy. It comes in one firmness: luxury firm (which is similar to a medium). Here’s an exact rundown of what it’s made of:

  • Cover: a breathable blend of polyester and cashmere wool for a soft touch. The cover is quilted with memory foam.
  • Gel Foam Layer: this is a memory foam layer that has been infused with gel to help keep the foam cool. DreamCloud say this is a high density foam, but it’s widely reported to be 2.5 PCF, which actually classifies it as low density. This is important for softness, but is not that great for durability.
  • Transition Foam Layer: between the memory foams and the cover sits a layer of polyfoam. This actually is a high density foam, and provides a nice support pad for the memory foams above, allowing them to contour your pressure points without you sinking too much.
  • Support Core: heavy duty pocket coils, with reinforced coils around the edge of the mattress for strong edge support.
  • Base: a thin layer of polyfoam, which acts as a bed for the coils to rest on. It won’t really effect how the mattress feels, but it’s a nice touch you don’t see on all hybrids.

Price Comparison

The prices listed below are recommended retail (RRP). You should note that mattress-in-box companies pretty much always have a deal going on. Simply click through to the company website from this page to guarantee your access to today’s best prices.

Remember: Always
Check For A Deal!
DreamCloud RRPSaatva RRP
Twin XL$1099$1049
California King$1599$1899
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DreamCloud Vs Saatva: Which Is Better?

It depends on what you want from your mattress. Personally I would go for the Saatva. I like the fact that Saatva have committed to their mattress, and don’t change it every year like DreamCloud do. I’m all for changes that mean improvements, but in DreamCloud I feel that their previous mattresses were actually better.

Saatva may only have a thin layer of memory foam, but the double coil system is extremely clever and comfortable. I used to own a similar mattress. It was amazing to lie on, and it cost a lot more than Saatva!

Saatva also give you more options over which firmness you choose, and also your mattress height. The DreamCloud really is quite tall at 15 inches high.

Buy Saatva If:

  • You want a quality mattress with a long standing reputation for excellence
  • You like the dual coil support system
  • You want extra lumbar support
  • You want to buy American made

Buy DreamCloud If:

  • You want a mattress with multiple foam layers
  • You want a hybrid mattress with better motion isolation than an innerspring mattress can provide
  • You want one of the biggest sleep trials and warranties you can get
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