Dreamcloud Vs Dreamcloud Premier: How Different Are They Really?

Now that Dreamcloud offer two mattresses, you need to know the differences between the two so you can make the right choice.
Dreamcloud Vs Dreamcloud Premier - Cover Image

As the name suggests, the Dreamcloud Premier is a bit more luxurious than the standard Dreamcloud. The Dreamcloud has one less foam layer than the Dreamcloud Premier, and the mattresses are different colours. Beyond that, there aren’t actually too many differences. I’ll take you through everything Dreamcloud Vs Dreamcloud Premier so you don’t miss any details which may help you with your choice.

Here’s a quick and direct comparison of the two Dreamcloud mattresses. Remember that with both you’ll get Dreamcloud’s massive year long sleep trial and lifetime warranty.

Inside Dreamcloud
Price range: $899 – $1399
  • 5 Layers and total height of 14 inches
  • Cashmere blend top, quilted with thin foam layer
  • Gel memory foam for contouring and heat relief
  • Transitional foam
  • Pocket coils with reinforced edging
  • Base foam to support the coils
  • Rated “luxury firm”, or 6.5 out of 10 for firmness
Dreamcloud Premier
Inside Dreamcloud Premier
Price range: $899 -$1599
  • 6 Layers and total height of 15 inches
  • Cashmere blend top, quilted with a 1 inch layer of soft memory foam (this is the extra layer)
  • Gel memory foam for contouring and heat relief
  • Transitional foam
  • Pocket coils with reinforced edging
  • Base foam to support the coils
  • Rated “luxury firm”, but with a slightly more plush feel due to the extra memory foam in the top


As you can see when we directly compare the two mattresses above, they have quite a lot in common. Here’s the full list of similarities between the Dreamcloud and the Dreamcloud Premier mattress:

  • 365 Night sleep trial (yes you read that right, it’s a whole year. This is incredibly generous and it’s how Dreamcloud stands out from their competitors)
  • Lifetime warranty (the only thing to look out for here is that Dreamcloud regularly updates their mattresses so if you ever need a replacement it will be a slightly different model)
  • Cashmere blend cover (this is a particularly nice luxury touch: Cashmere is known for its softness and lightness)
  • Gel memory foam layer for both contouring and temperature regulation
  • Transition foam layer between the memory foam and the pocket coils
  • Pocket coil support system with reinforced coils around the edges for strong edge support
  • Base foam layer: this is a high density foam that is basically just there as a landing pad for the coils. It’s a sign of quality that the mattress maker wants to protect the coils, but it doesn’t affect how the mattress feels to lie on
  • Handles on the sides for easy maneuvering


There aren’t really too many differences between the two. They have a lot more similarities! Here are the differences:

  • The first and most obvious is the color. The Dreamcloud has blue sides while the Dreamcloud Premier has brown sides, as you can see in the image above
  • The Dreamcloud Premier has an extra inch of soft memory foam inside it. It’s the first foam layer at the top of the mattress, and is used to create a Eurotop for the mattress.
  • The Dreamcloud is 14 inches high, the Dreamcloud Premier is 15 inches high. This puts both of them at luxury mattress height, make sure your pocket sheets are deep enough to accommodate your choice
  • Due to the extra memory foam in the top, the Dreamcloud Premier has a slightly more plush feel than the Dreamcloud, but both retain their firmness rating of 6.5. I’d say that the Dreamcloud Premier will allow deeper contouring.
  • The Dreamcloud Premier runs a couple hundred dollars more expensive than the Dreamcloud in all sizes except for Single, which is $899 for both.

Which Is The Best One?

As with most things in life, I don’t think there really is one right answer here. If you’re looking for a slightly softer mattress (lighter people, side sleepers, I’m talking to you) then you’ll want to choose the Dreamcloud Premier. For pretty much everyone else, the standard Dreamcloud work really well.

This is just my personal opinion, but I much prefer the colour of the standard Dreamcloud mattress. This won’t matter much once you’ve got your bedding on though!

I’d buy the standard blue Dreamcloud mattress out of these two. Yes, the Dreamcloud Premier is taller and has more memory foam in a Euro Top, but I don’t think it’s really enough to justify the $200 price difference. For that money, you could always get a quality mattress topper if you really needed it, later.

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