DreamCloud vs DreamCloud Premier: Which is Best?

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If you’re currently shopping for a mattress, chances are you have come across or been recommended a DreamCloud mattress! 

After all, they are the leaders in the mattress world thanks to their comfort and durability. 

However, choosing between the different models within the DreamCloud range can be overwhelming. Both the DreamCloud and DreamCloud Premier are excellent choices – but which one is right for you?

To help you out, I’ve broken down all the key information about each mattress so you can make the right purchase that ensures you have the best night’s sleep possible.

UPDATE: DreamCloud now offer three mattresses, with the recent addition of the DreamCloud Premier Rest. I’ve reviewed this new premium mattress in detail here.

The Original Best Seller
The DreamCloud
Popular Upgrade
The DreamCloud Premier
Cashmere Blend Top, 5 Layers Deep, 14 Inch Height
Cashmere Blend Euro Top, 6 Layers Deep, 14 Inch Height
6.5 Out Of 10 Or Medium Firm
Also 6.5 Out Of 10 But With Deeper Contouring Plushness Due To Extra Foam Layer
Sleep Trial
Sleep Trial
365 Days (Yes, A Whole Year)
365 Nights (Yes, A Whole Year)
Price Range
Price Range
$899 - $1399
$1099 - $1899

Unboxing DreamCloud and DreamCloud Premier

While the DreamCloud Premier mattress may be a more luxurious version of the DreamCloud mattress, most customers are more than happy with either one. 

The regular  DreamCloud has been designed with comfort in mind, featuring five layers and features such as gel memory foam for ultimate comfort. 

It has been given a 6.5 on the firmness scale, meaning it is neither too hard nor too firm and is a popular choice among many mattress buyers. 

On the other hand, DreamCloud Premium is six layers deep. While it is also a 6.5 on the firmness scale, it does not feel the same as the DreamCloud due to an extra foam layer providing deeper contouring and extra plushness. 

Therefore, it is slightly more luxurious than the DreamCould mattress due to its extra comfort and design features.

DreamCloud and DreamCloud Premier: A Comparative Analysis 

At first glance, you may think the DreamCloud and DreamCloud Premier are very similar – and while there are some parallels between the mattresses, there are also major differences that set them apart! 

Design and Construction: DreamCloud vs. DreamCloud Premier 

The design and construction of the DreamCloud and DreamCloud Premier are nothing short of genius and both have a great deal of similarities.

However, there is a core difference that leads to the separation between the two models. 

What’s Similar?

For the most part, the DreamCloud and DreamCloud Premier mattresses have extremely similar design and construction. 

They both measure up to 14 inches high and are covered in a cashmere blend, which was chosen for its extreme softness and gentleness on the skin. 

Both mattresses have a gel memory foam layer to provide body contouring and temperature control and a high-density foam layer to provide extra support. 

The pocket coils in both the DreamCloud and DreamCloud mattresses are also the same and are constructed with reinforced coils placed around the edges of the mattresses to give extra structural integrity and strength to the overall design. 

At the bottom of both mattresses is a high-density foam layer that cushions these coils. 

Finally, both mattresses are similar in appearance. They are both constricted with a top and navy sides, with additional handles on each side to make moving the mattresses easy. 

What Sets Them Apart? 

There is a key difference that elevates the DreamCloud Premier mattress above the regular DreamCloud mattress, making it the more luxurious (and pricier) choice.

While both mattresses are 14 inches in height, the DreamCloud mattress has five different layers while the Dreamcloud Premier has an extra layer of comfort foam at the very top of the mattress.

This gives it a more plush and pillowy feel! This quality allows for deeper contouring from the DreamCloud Premier, which most people will agree leads to a more comfortable night’s rest. 

Despite this extra layer, both mattresses still retain a 6.5 on the firmness scale. However, there is a noticeable difference between the two.

Comfort and Support: Breaking Down the Layers 

The DreamCloud
The DreamCloud Premier
14 Inches
14 Inches
Total Layers
Total Layers
Cashmere Blend With Foam Quilted In For Softness
Cashmere Blend With Thicker Foam Quilting, Forming A EuroTop
Comfort Foams
Comfort Foams
Gel Memory Foam For Contouring + Cooling, High Density Foam To Stop You Sinking Too Deep
Similar To The DreamCloud But Has An Added Inch Of High Loft Memory Foam For A More Plush Feel And Deeper Pressure Relief
Support Base
Support Base
Individually Wrapped Pocket Coils On A Bed Of High Density Foam (There To Protect The Coils And Extend The Life Of Your Mattress)
Same As The DreamCloud

Now that you have a good idea of each mattress’s design and construction, let’s take a look at the mattresses layer by layer. 

At the bottom of both is a layer of high-density foam, which works to protect the mattresses’ coils without compromising the comfort of the mattress.  

Above this layer of foam is the layer of pocket coils. The purpose of these coils is to provide the overall support and bounce of the mattress. 

Both DreamCloud and DreamCloud Premier use pocket coils, which means that each coil is wrapped in its pocket which allows it to work independently. 

This provides superior comfort to the traditional innerspring coils that other mattresses use. 

Next are the comfort layers. The DreamCloud has been equipped with a gel memory foam layer that provides exact contouring to your body and regulates your skin’s temperature while in bed. 

On top of this is a transitional foam layer, which has been placed between the memory foam layer and the pocket coils and provides extra support by preventing the user from sinking too far into the mattress. 

This gives the DreamCloud mattress a soft but supportive feel. Users feel that they are lying on a pillowy surface; however, they still experience a sense of firmness and support. 

The DreamCloud Premier has the same comfort layers as the DreamCloud mattress. However, it also has an additional layer of comfort foam for a plusher and more supportive feel. 

The overall feel of the DreamCloud Premier can be said to be an elevated version of the Dreamcloud! 

It is plusher and more decadent than the lower model, and the extra layer also means that the level of support is increased. 

It can be described as a happy medium between a soft and firm mattress, pleasing even the pickiest of sleepers and ensuring a good night’s rest for all. 

Pricing and Value

A key difference between the DreamCloud and DreamCloud Premier is their price points. 

The DreamCloud usually costs between $899 – $1399, while the DreamCloud Premier is usually priced at anywhere from $1099 to $1899.

If you are set on buying an ultra-soft mattress, the DreamCloud Premier is likely the best product for you!

However, there is a nearly $200 price increase for a slight difference in softness. 

Therefore, if you are looking for the best value-for-money product and simply wish to purchase a comfortable and well-made mattress, DreamCloud is likely the best choice. 

Warranty, Trial, and Service

Both mattresses come with a range of post-purchase benefits to ensure that you get maximum enjoyment out of your new mattress. 

What sets DreamCloud apart from its competitors is its 365-night sleep trial. Yes, a whole year of a sleep trial comes with each mattress, so you can truly make a well-informed decision before committing to the mattress! 

Additionally, both the DreamCloud and Dream Color Premium come with a lifetime warranty – giving you peace of mind that you will be covered should anything go wrong with your mattress.

Finally, the service that comes with a DreamCloud mattress is simply unbeatable. They have a dedicated customer care team that is there to answer any and all queries that may arise once you purchase your mattress! 

User Reviews and Feedback 

Buyers of the DreamCloud mattress adore the product, and this is reflected in the reviews. 

The consensus of the feedback highlights that the mattress is aptly named, as reviewers feel that they are sleeping on an actual cloud!

Many comment on how soft and pillowy the mattress is, but also how this does not comprise how supportive it is. 

Many reviews also state that this is a great choice for those who experience back pain but don’t want a mattress that is too firm. 

The DreamCloud Premier also gets stellar reviews. Users comment that the extra layer of foam makes a marked difference in comfort levels and tout how easily the mattress allows them to drift off to sleep. 

Despite the extra level of plushness, buyers have noted that the mattress is still firm enough to offer proper sleep support. 

One review went so far as to describe the DreamCloud Premier as a “hotel quality” – which should give you a good idea of just how comfortable this mattress is!

DreamCloud Vs DreamCloud Premier: Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a slightly softer mattress (lighter people, side sleepers, I’m talking to you) then you’ll want to choose the Dreamcloud Premier mattress. For pretty much everyone else, the standard Dreamcloud mattress works really well.

I prefer the standard Dreamcloud mattress out of these two. Yes, the Dreamcloud Premier has more comfort foam in a Euro Top, but I don’t think it’s really enough to justify the $200 price difference. For that money, you could always get a quality mattress topper if you really needed it, later.


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