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DreamCloud Premier Mattress Review: I Don’t Like It (But You Might)

DreamCloud Premier Mattress Review: DreamCloud have got restless feet. Since they burst onto the “mattress in a box” market in 2018 with their luxury, multilayered mattress, they’ve been going up and up. However, as competition increases for your hard earned purchase, I do wonder if they’re going to crash back down one day. Why? The Premier is the third iteration of the mattress they launched with. Since starting, they’ve been changing the mattress every year, and I don’t think those changes have been for the better. Is it still a good mattress? Sure. Is it as good as it was? Find out why I don’t think so.

  • DreamCloud Mattress Features
  • What Does A DreamCloud Mattress Mattress Feel Like To Lie On?
  • Here’s Why I Don’t Like It
  • What I’d Buy Instead

DreamCloud Premier Mattress Features

DreamCloud Premier Mattress Review - Cover Image

The DreamCloud Premier is a luxury hybrid mattress. That means that it contains multiple layers (5 to be precise), stands at least 14 inches tall (the DreamCloud Premier is 15 inches tall: one of the tallest around) and has a coil core. Here’s an exact rundown of what it’s made of:

  • Cover: a breathable blend of polyester and cashmere wool for a soft touch. The cover is quilted with memory foam. Please note this is now blue, which I think is much nicer than the brown pictured above.
  • Gel foam layer: this is a memory foam layer that has been infused with gel to help keep the foam cool. DreamCloud say this is a high density foam, but it’s widely reported to be 2.5 PCF, which actually classifies it as low density. This is important for softness, but is not that great for durability.
  • Transition foam layer: between the memory foams and the cover sits a layer of polyfoam. This actually is a high density foam, and provides a nice support pad for the memory foams above, allowing them to contour your pressure points without you sinking too much.
  • Support core: heavy duty pocket coils, with reinforced coils around the edge of the mattress for strong edge support.
  • Base: a thin layer of polyfoam, which acts as a bed for the coils to rest on. It won’t really effect how the mattress feels, but it’s a nice touch you don’t see on all hybrids.

How Does It Compare To The Other DreamCloud Mattress?

DreamCloud make another, cheaper, mattress, which is simply called the “DreamCloud”. Here’s how it’s different:

  • 14 inch height, not 15 inch
  • Blue and white cover, not the beige tones you see on Premier (I think the blue looks a lot nicer, but that’s just my opinion and you’re gonna put sheets on anyway)
  • Cover quilted with a filler foam, not memory foam
  • Pocket coils are not as strong, and the edges have not been reinforced

Both mattresses come with the 365 day sleep trial and lifetime warranty, and both have the same firmness rating. The materials in the Premier are of a higher quality with more memory foam and stronger coils.

What Does DreamCloud Premier Feel Like To Lie On?

DreamCloud Premier Mattress Review - Staged

The DreamCloud Premier is rated a 6.5 out of 10 for firmness. DreamCloud calls this “luxury firm”, I’d call it a strong medium. Reports from customers and other reviewers back this firmness rating up.

When you lie down on it, you should feel the top two memory foams working straight away: you’ll sink in a little bit, but not enough to get stuck. The sinking will be just enough to cradle your pressure points and remind you that this is a mattress that contains memory foam.

The polyfoam and support coils will work together to prevent you sinking too far, and the coil core means the mattress has more bounce than an all foam mattress.

  • Back sleepers will mostly find the DreamCloud Premier offers great support for their spine. This mattress is a good choice for you.
  • Side sleepers will probably like this mattress, although if you’re of a lighter body weight you might find there’s not enough pressure relief for your shoulder. This is a good choice for you unless you’re light.
  • Stomach sleepers may need to consider something firmer, like the Idle Sleep Hybrid. If you are a lighter body weight stomach sleeper, DreamCloud Premier will be fine, but for anyone above that, look elsewhere. DreamCloud isn’t my top pick for stomach sleepers.

Here’s Why I Don’t Like It

The main reason why I don’t like the DreamCloud Premier doesn’t really have anything to do with the current version of the mattress itself. The mattress seems perfectly reasonable quality, and in fact, it represents good value for money. There’s no reason why you wouldn’t sleep well on it if you bought it.

So what’s my problem?

  • DreamCloud have changed this mattress every year since they’ve been in business. That’s three times since 2018. Now I expect companies to refine and improve their products, but I feel like DreamCloud have been slowly cheapening the materials used in their mattress. Here are some of the things that have changed since the first DreamCloud was released
    • No more hand tufted buttons on the cover
    • No more latex in the comfort layer (the most durable and breathable mattress material. DreamCloud used to be one of the only mattresses that had both latex AND memory foam)
    • Less layers of comfort foams
    • No more zoning in the support coils

Basically, DreamCloud used to be a lot more mattress for your money. It’s still a good mattress for your money, but it’s disappointing to see them whittle away at it. This is also unsettling if you need to make a warranty claim years down the track, you could end up with an inferior mattress.

Another small issue with this constant chopping and changing is that you cant read and trust all the customer reviews, as some of them will be for previous models. Any chance of reading reviews from long term customers is also wiped away.

Like I say, DreamCloud is fine, it’s a good mattress. It’s just not as good as it used to be, and knowing what it used to be makes me sad for what it is now, and makes me feel inclined to recommend other brands to you instead.

What I’d Buy Instead

There are two other foam and coil hybrids that I think are better value for money than DreamCloud. Both of these come from long established brands that make their mattresses in the USA (DreamCloud is made in China)

1. The Brooklyn Aurora Mattress

What makes it great:

  • Your choice of soft, medium, or firm (medium is most popular)
  • High tech cover infused with phase change technology to keep you cool through the night
  • Three foam comfort layers
  • Strong pocket coil support
  • Made in USA
Shop Brooklyn Aurora Image

2. The Helix Luxe Range

This is a range of 6 mattresses from Helix, there’s bound to be one to suit you:

  • Your choice of soft, medium, or firm
  • Your choice of contouring foam (great for side sleepers) or responsive foam (great for back and stomach sleepers)
  • Tencel cover
  • Generous comfort foam layers
  • Zoned support coils
  • Made in USA
Shop Helix Luxe

Tip: the Helix Moonlight Luxe is the most popular of the range. It’s a medium feel with the contouring foam. It’s a really great mattress, and one of my all time favorite hybrids available in the US market. 

DreamCloud Premier Mattress

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