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Brooklyn Aurora Mattress Review: Here’s Everything You Need To Know Before You Buy

Why should you consider the Brooklyn Aurora mattress? How’s it different to the other Brooklyn Bedding mattresses? Is it going to be the right mattress for you? In this detailed Brooklyn Aurora Mattress review, I’ll take you through all the specs and give my analysis at every step.

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Here are all the details you’ll find inside this Brooklyn Aurora Mattress Review:

  • Brooklyn Bedding Company Overview
  • Brooklyn Aurora Mattress Features
  • Brooklyn Aurora Mattress Prices
  • What Does The Aurora Mattress Mattress Feel Like To Lie On?
  • Which Aurora Firmness Is Right For You?
  • Are There Any Problems With Aurora Mattresses?
  • What Are People Saying Who Love Theirs? (Reviews From Real People)
  • Final Opinion

Brooklyn Bedding Company Overview

Founded in Phoenix, Arizona, by two brothers. They were actually mattress liquidators, but in 1995 they started pulling them apart to see if they could build something better. Fast forward to 2020 and you have Brooklyn Bedding: one of the leading mattress in a box brands in the USA.

Brooklyn Bedding make a range of six high-end mattresses in boxes, and a range of bedding. They also own and make other mattresses you might be familiar with from your research such as Titan (which is kind of similar to the Aurora, so make sure you check out my Titan review) . Known for having their very own manufacturing plant with high quality craftsmanship, they also make mattresses for several other companies.

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Brooklyn Aurora Mattress Features

Brooklyn Aurora Mattress Review - Mattress Cross Section

The Brooklyn Aurora is a hybrid mattress, meaning it contains both coils and foams. It’s a well made mattress and stands 13 inches high, which is a more luxurious depth than your average mattress in a box. Aurora has six layers.

How’s it different to the other Brooklyn Bedding models? Aurora has been built with cooling in mind. Not only are you getting the PCM (phase change molecule, I’ll explain below) surface infusion included here (which you have to pay extra for on the Titan mattress), you’re getting copper infused foam (cooling AND antimicrobial) and of course air will flow well around the coils as with all hybrid mattresses.

Here’s a look at each layer:

1: COVER The cover is a beautiful knit weave with a white top and dark blue sides. It includes extra edging, which you don’t see on all foam mattresses. This is where you’ll find the TitanCool PCM: basically what this is, is a specially engineered fabric that has technology woven into it to help maintain your skin temperature at the ideal temperature for sleep (88F). This technology is something I’ve seen Brooklyn Bedding charge up to $200 for on other mattresses they make so it’s a nice inclusion.

2: 1.5 INCH COPPERFLEX FOAM This is is a cleverly designed foam comfort layer. It’s got two jobs: the first is to give you pressure relief for those joints and pressure points without the feeling of sinking in. The copper infusion in this foam then works with the TitanCool to help keep you cool by further drawing body heat away rather than trapping it (as memory foams are notorious for).

3: 2 INCH HYPER-ELASTIC TITANFLEX FOAM This is another proprietary foam only found in Brooklyn Bedding mattresses. It’s there as another comfort layer, working with the Copperflex above to give further pressure relief but with a fast response to keep you from getting stuck in the mattress.

4: 1 INCH SWIRL VISCO-ELASTIC MEMORY FOAM This layer acts as a transition layer between the two main comfort layers above and the support coils below. Visco-elastic foams are more conforming to your body shape, so they do the last part of providing pressure relief before we get down to the pocket coils below.

5: 8 INCH POCKET COIL SUPPORT CORE This is a strong system of up to 1,032 individually wrapped coils (the number of coils depends on the size you order). Pocket coils allow for better motion isolation than traditional spring units, and more air flow and stronger edges than all-foam mattresses.

6: 1 INCH HIGH DENSITY FOAM BASE This is a high durability foam that is there to provide a cushioning pad for the coils. This helps to reinforce them and improves their durability.

With your Brooklyn Aurora, you’re getting 4.5 inches of quality foams in the comfort layers of the mattress. This is one and a half times the common 3 inches which you see in lots of all-foam models. 

Brooklyn Aurora Mattress Prices

The Brooklyn Aurora mattress does cost a bit more than competing brands. However, those other brands probably have less comfort foams and less cooling technologies, and they probably don’t offer you three firmness options! Aurora is elevated to the category of luxury, but without the big price tag you’d pay for luxury in a store.

I’ve listed the retail prices below, but you should never pay full retail as there’s always a deal to be had, or a sale to make the most of. Rest assured, my links will take you directly to whatever the best price is, no matter what day of the year you buy. If you don’t see a deal please let me know!

Twin $999

Twin XL $1249

Full $1549

Queen $1699

King $2124

California King $2124

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What Does The Aurora Mattress Mattress Feel Like To Lie On?

Brooklyn Aurora Mattress Review - Staged Mattress

The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress comes in three different firmness levels. Here’s what’s available:

  • Soft: this is about a 2 – 4 out of 10 on the mattress firmness scale. In my opinion, this is actually pretty soft so I’d only choose it if you’re a very light person or if you just really love a super soft mattress.
  • Medium: this is about a 4 – 6 on the mattress firmness scale. This is a touch softer than other medium mattresses out there, but it’s the one that will feel the most universally comfortable. Unsurprisingly, it’s also the best-selling version of the Aurora as it’s at the point where most people sleep well.
  • Firm: this is about a 6 – 8 out of 10. This is about right for a firm mattress.

Why the firmness ranges instead of one number? The firmness ratings are given a range because different people experience a mattress differently. For example, someone who is very light body weight will find a medium mattress could feel too firm because their body weight can’t get enough pressure relief. Someone who is a side sleeper will like a softer mattress so their shoulder can get deep pressure relief. Someone who is a stomach sleeper will like a firmer mattress to support their hips. It’s all quite individual.

Read on below to find out my specific recommendations for each Aurora firmness level.

The Aurora has been specifically designed with your sleeping temperature in mind, so you shouldn’t feel hot when you sleep on this mattress. Just remember that you’ll need to use breathable bedding made from natural fibers so you don’t block all that awesomeness with your sheets!

The Aurora should feel like it gives good pressure relief that cradles those pressure points but without you sinking into the mattress. The foams are all very responsive, which means they spring back quickly when weight is applied. They’ll contour where they need to and hold you up where you don’t. Because they’re fast acting, you’ll have no issue changing position through the night. The coil support gives the mattress a bit more of a bouncier feel than you’ll get with an all-foam mattress.

Which Aurora Firmness Is Right For You?

Brooklyn have their own recommendations for which firmness level to choose, but given that the soft is actually quite soft here, and the medium is even a touch softer than you might expect, here is my own opinion on which one is the best fit:


  • You are a very light person who struggles to find a soft enough mattress
  • You are a light person who sleeps on their side and really wants that deep pressure relief for your shoulder
  • You prefer the feeling of being “hugged” by your mattress (the softer the foams, the more you’ll sink into them)


  • You are a couple who like the sound of this mattress but have different firmness preferences: this should be a happy compromise
  • You want the most balance between contouring and support
  • You are an average weight person who sleeps mainly on their back or side


  • You sleep mainly on your stomach (you need the firmness to support your hips)
  • You want a flatter feeling mattress
  • You weigh more than 180 lb (I’ve set my weight threshold slightly lower for the firm mattress here, because I think the medium above is a touch softer than your average medium mattress)

Are There Any Problems With Aurora Mattresses?

One of the hazards of offering different firmness levels is that it’s easier to get it wrong based on what you think you need, then end up with a mattress that is not the right fit. indeed, from the types of negative comments I’ve seen about this mattress, it seems that people have not chosen the firmness level that was not right for them, even though the mattress was great quality. there was a talk of the mattress “bottoming out” or “not supporting my back enough” which indicates to me that the mattress was too soft, not bad quality. even the medium of this mattress is relatively soft, so i would only recommend the soft for the very lightest side sleepers, and the medium or firm for pretty much everyone else.

The good thing about Brooklyn Bedding reviews is that not only can you search by star rating (something that’s hard on other brands who might only want you to see the 5 star reviews), you can also see what weight the reviewer is, what their sleeping style is, and what Aurora firmness they chose. This is incredibly helpful for you making your decision. 

Some people reported the mattress didn’t work as hard to keep them cool as they had expected from the Brooklyn Bedding marketing. I have to say that from what I can see, Brooklyn Bedding have used good materials here that should be working extremely hard to keep you cool. I can’t really think how a mattress could be cooler, unless you opted for a nautral latex model instead (you can read about my top rated latex mattress choices here). Remember to make sure you’re using natural, breathable bedding, so you’re not blocking all that cooling design and technology that Brooklyn have packed into the Aurora.

What Are People Saying Who Love Theirs? Reviews From Real People

There are more than a thousand five star reviews from happy customers on the Brooklyn Bedding website. On the other hand, there are only TWO one star reviews. That’s a lot of very happy people who are finding the Aurora mattress is working well for them. Here’s a few examples of what real customers have to say:

Brooklyn Aurora Mattress Review - Customer Testimonials

Final Opinion

I think the Brooklyn Aurora Mattress is a great buy that will bring you lots of comfortable sleep. It’s got great cooling features, great quality materials, and it’s hard to find mattresses that give you more than one firmness option.

Even though Brooklyn mattresses are more expensive than other brands, I think the quality really shines through, and the comments from all their happy customers prove it.

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress

From $999

Quality Of Materials


Value For Money


Customer Service



  • Made In The USA
  • Great Cooling
  • Choose Your Firmness


  • More Expensive Than Other Options
  • Firmness Ranges May Be Confusing


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