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Titan Mattress Review: Most Affordable Mattress For Plus Size Sleepers

Titan Mattress Review: This is a mattress tailor-made for plus size people. If you’re looking for an affordable mattress that’s designed with you in mind, Titan is the cheapest of the bunch. But is it good quality? What does it feel like to lie on? All your questions and more will be answered as we go through the article. Here’s an overview of the Titan Mattress:

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Here’s what you’ll find covered inside this detailed Titan Mattress Review:

  • Company Overview
  • Titan Mattress Features
  • Titan Mattress Prices (+ Deals)
  • Titan Mattress Extras
  • What Does The Titan Mattress Mattress Feel Like To Lie On?
  • Is Titan The Right Mattress For You?
  • Are There Any Problems With Titan?
  • What Are People Saying Who Love Theirs? (Reviews From Real People)
  • Final Opinion

Company Overview

Titan is designed and made by Brooklyn Bedding, all in the USA. They even have their own state of the art factory in Arizona. Brooklyn Bedding have been in the bed business since 2009 and have an unbeatable A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Unlike other mattress-in-box brands, Brooklyn Bedding make a range of mattresses for you to choose from, each tailored to a different need. The Titan is tailored for plus size people, and has your specific comfort and support at the forefront of its design. Let’s take a look inside:

Titan Mattress Features

Titan is a hybrid mattress: this means it has foam comfort layers and a pocket coil support system. The total height of the Titan Mattress is 11 inches, which easily meets my minimum requirement for plus size sleepers of 10 inches.

Titan Mattress Review - Mattress Cross Section
  1. Optional cooling panel: a layer of phase change fabric sewn into the top of your Titan to further enhance the cooling properties of the mattress. More on this layer (and if it’s worth paying extra for in the “Titan Mattress Extras” section below)
  2. Durable knit cover quilted with one inch of gel memory foam: this is the first comfort layer of your Titan. This thin layer of memory foam is there to give some pressure relief through the top of the mattress while the gel infusion in the foam helps draw away body heat.
  3. Two inches of proprietary TitanFlex foam: this is a specialty foam that Brooklyn Bedding designed exactly with you in mind. This foam acts a bit like latex: it responds very quickly to body impressions so you won’t ever feel like you’re sinking into the mattress. It’s there to provide durable firm body support and also adds cooling through its open cell structure.
  4. Six inches of proprietary TitanCaliber coils: these are not just any pocket coils. As well as all the benefits you usually get from pocket coils (better motion isolation than inner springs, quiet, great edge support), these coils are stronger than most others on the market so you can rest assured they are strong enough to let the comfort layers do their job and will not fail easily.
  5. Two inch high density foam base: this provides a strong base for the coils to function upon and add extra durability.

All in all, each layer of the Titan Mattress has been designed with plus size bodies in mind. This is a mattress with well designed cooling aspects, foams that will support you properly, and a strong pocket coil core.

Titan Mattress Prices

Priced at $699 – 1249, Titan is cheaper than other popular mattresses for plus size people, including Helix Plus, Winkbeds Plus, and Big Fig. In fact, Titan is priced lower than all the mattresses made specifically for plus size sleepers that I am aware of. If you find a cheaper one that’s built specifically with you in mind, please let me know!

Twin $699

Twin XL $749

Full $799

Queen $999

King $1249

California King $1249

Please note that these prices are the recommended retail price. You will never have to pay this price. There will always be a deal, a sale, a discount. The good news is that my links will take you to the latest deal on the Titan website so you won’t miss anything.

Titan Mattress Extras

Titan Latex Mattress Topper

There are two extras that you can choose to pay extra for with your Titan Mattress:

1. Cooling panel: this is what I mentioned earlier on, in the mattress features section. This is a thin layer of fabric that is sewn into the very top of the mattress. It’s got phase change molecules in it, which help moderate your body temperature even more than what the mattress is capable of just by itself.

This panel costs $200 to add. To me, this is a lot of money for a thin layer of fabric and I probably wouldn’t bother with it. Also, since it’s sewn into the Titan you can’t just try it out and return it if you don’t like it (you’d need to return the whole mattress)However, the other extra could be well worth your money:

2. Latex mattress topper: Titan is a firm mattress, and it might be too firm for some. To cater for plus size people who like a softer mattress without having to compromise on support and durability, Titan offer a latex mattress topper.

This topper is softer than the mattress itself, and being made of latex it’s going to be really durable and naturally great at keeping you cool. At 3 inches thick, it adds a lot of extra comfort layer and is much better value for money than the cooling panel.

The topper is a more expensive addition to your Titan at $349 – $599, but adding the topper will simply bring the total price up to the same as all of Titan’s competitors, but you’re getting a ton of value for your money. If you’re unsure about the topper and want to try it out, note that it has a 30 night trial period, not 120 nights.

If you like the sound of a softer latex topper to complement your Titan mattress but need longer to try it out, Avocado Green also make a great one (read about it here) which has a whole year sleep trial.
cooling panel won’t change feel.

What Does A Titan Mattress Mattress Feel Like To Lie On?

As you’d expect from a plus size mattress, Titan is firm. It needs to be firm to adequately support all your pressure points without you feeling like you’re sinking straight through to the supporting coils below the comfort layers. On the mattress firmness scale where 1 is softest and 10 is rock hard, Titan sits at around 7 – 9. This is pretty firm, I haven’t really come across mattresses that are firmer than 9!

If you want the mattress to be a bit softer (for example if you sleep on your side, or if you share your bed with someone who is lighter than you), the additional latex topper will take the firmness down to a 5 – 6. This will feel soft enough for pressure relief for those shoulders of for that lighter person, but it won’t mean any compromise on support for you.

As I mentioned above, the main comfort layer of the Titan Mattress is quite a firm and fast responding foam. This means you should feel well supported on the mattress without that feeling of sinking into it that you might have previously associated with memory foam. It should be easy to change positions on Titan through the night.

Motion transfer should be minimal thanks to the strong pocket coils (they move individually in response to pressure or movement) and edge support will be strong for those of you who like to sleep right near the edge of the bed or sit on the side as you get up.

Is Titan The Right Mattress For You?

Titan Mattress Close Up

Here are the scenarios where I think Titan is great, and also some scenarios where you might want to consider something else:

Yes! Buy Titan If:

  • You’re a person who weighs around 230lb or more and wants a mattress that can support you very comfortably
  • You like the feel of a firm mattress
  • You tend to sleep hot and need a mattress with clever cooling abilities
  • You don’t like that “stuck” memory foam feel and want foams that hold you up on top of the mattress
  • You spend time on your stomach: Titan will be firm enough to stop your hips from dipping, which will keep your spine nicely in line.

Buy Titan (but with the Latex Topper) If:

  • You share the bed with someone who’s a different size and needs some added softness to be comfortable
  • You sleep on your side a lot, and want to make sure your mattress has just enough softness to relieve any pressure going through your shoulder

Buy Something Else If:

  • You are average to light body weight. Titan will feel too firm for you.

If you are a couple that just can’t agree on how firm you want your mattress, check out PlushBeds (full review here) and their latex mattress that can be customized on each side.

Are There Any Problems With Titan?

A great thing about searching for real comments on Titan is that they don’t hide the bad reviews. You can easily search them out to see if people have anything negative to say (which is very important for you to know). Here’s what I found

  • I could not find any one star reviews, even though Titan allows for them. This is a reassuring sign.
  • There was a two star review from someone who was just finding it too firm. As I said above, this is designed to be a firm mattress, so this isn’t a problem. The latex topper can help soften it up.
  • In the three star reviews, similar comments were being made about the firmness, including from a side sleeper who just couldn’t get comfortable with their arm. Again, the topper will help.

It might be starting to sound like Titan have purposely made their mattress too hard so they can up-sell you on a latex topper to soften it up. I really don’t think that’s the case. Generally, plus size sleepers do need a firm mattress to ensure good support, and the overwhelming majority of comments are people who are more than happy with their Titan. I just want you know that it is a FIRM mattress for a reason, but you have options to soften it up without losing those special design features it has especially for plus size people.

If you’re feeling a little unsure, you might like to read about some other mattresses for plus size people here, or other firm mattress options here and here.

What Are People Saying Who Love Theirs? Reviews From Real People

Titan has an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, which tells you that the overwhelming majority of people are really happy with their Titan purchase. Reviewers also have the opportunity to tell you what weight category they are in, so you can easily find comments from people who are similar to you.

Here’s a small selection of comments from people who love theirs, and a video testimonial.

“I am a heavier person and this mattress gives me what I need. I also like the combination of foam and coils.”

“I’m 300+ lbs, and I find that Titan has just enough cushion and great support. I’m sleeping better and waking up more refreshed than I have in years.”

“This mattress was priced better than the others I looked at. It is well constructed and it feels ideal for me with the topper. Customer service was also great.”

“This is a delightful firm mattress. It gives you all the support you need and then some”.

Read More Titan Mattress Reviews Here

Final Opinion

As a specialty mattress, Titan offers big value for a small price tag. If you’re looking for a firm mattress that is specifically designed for plus size people but don’t want to spend a fortune, I think Titan is going to be the right choice for you.

Even if you want it a little softer and spend the extra to get the topper, you’ll still only be paying the same as other big brands demand for their mattress alone.

From $699

Overall Rating


Customer Service


Value For Money



  • Excellent Value For Money
  • Durable Materials
  • Custom Designed For Plus Size People


  • May Be Too Firm For Some
  • Cooling Panel Is Not Worth Paying Extra For


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