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PlushBeds Latex Mattress Review

plushbeds latex mattress

Have you been searching for a new mattress that’s going to last a really long time AND is organic? If the answer is yes, you’ve probably been looking at latex mattresses for their durability and natural fibers. But PlushBeds just might be the only company out there that can offer you an organic mattress.

In this PlushBeds latex mattress review, I’ll talk you through:

  • General information about PlushBeds and their company reputation (here is a lot of information to absorb and navigate both on the PlushBeds website and in what people are saying about PlushBeds online. I’ve made it my mission in this review to bring you everything you need to know in one place. I’ve spent hours researching PlushBeds to save you some precious time)
  • Composition and suitability of each of the three mattresses PlushBeds sells
  • Whether a PlushBeds Latex Mattress is worth your money

Is PlushBeds a good company to buy from?

plushbeds trustpilor rating

PlushBeds have been in business since 2007 and are extremely proud of their reputation for trustworthiness and customer service. They have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and have earned TrustPilot customer service awards. I spent a lot of time going through the TrustPilot reviews of PlushBeds, and while an almost unheard of 95% of the reviews there were 4 or 5 stars, they had made sure to spend a lot of time answering and solving any problems.

PlushBeds is a member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council and has Green Business Certification so you know they take their obligations towards protecting the environment just as seriously as they take making great mattresses and toppers.

Some general information that applies to all PlushBeds mattresses:

  • PlushBeds latex mattresses are made to order in the USA
  • Your mattress comes with a 25 year guarantee
  • You will have a 100 night sleep trial (you can return the mattress for free inside this period if you decide you don’t like it)
  • You will also have a 100 night comfort exchange (this means that if you don’t want to return the mattress but you want to change the firmness of it, PlushBeds will help you swap latex layers)
  • PlushBeds generally recommend their “medium” feel mattresses for side sleepers
  • PlushBeds generally recommend their “medium-firm” mattresses for back or stomach sleepers
  • The mattresses range in thickness from 6″ to 12.” 6″ is best for those under 125 lbs; 8″ is best for up to 175 lbs; 9″ up to 225lbs; 10″ up to 275 lbs; 12″ up to or over 275 lbs.

One more thing: you’ll read about “Dunlop” and “Talalay” latex as you read through this article. If you’re not sure what that means or if it’s important to you,read this article to get a full understanding of the difference.

Overview of the Three PlushBeds Mattresses

1. Botanical Bliss Mattress

Marketed by PlushBeds as their most popular mattress, the Botanical Bliss mattress is highly customizable and available in 9, 10, or 12 inch heights.

You customize this mattress by changing around which layer you have on top, giving a softer or firmer feel. The King and California King sizes are even made using split layers, so you can have different firmness levels on each side of the bed, if you like!


  • Organic cotton cover
  • Organic New Zealand wool (acts as a non toxic fire barrier and breathable body temperature regulator)
  • Three layers of organic dunlop latex in the 9 and 10 inch mattresses
  • Four layers of organic dunlop latex in the 12 inch mattress

It says on the PlushBeds website that the mattress comes as “medium” or “medium-firm”. This is a bit confusing, as it sounds like there’s no option if you need a softer mattress. Actually, there is a soft option! You just switch or exchange the layers around. Do note that PlushBeds state that 80% of people who use this mattress prefer the “medium” option.

This brings me to my biggest gripe with the Botanical Bliss Mattress. I think the Botanical Bliss sounds like a great mattress given the materials used in its construction, but I think it’s a bit confusing to figure out exactly what to order.  I’ll try to summarize how you choose here:

plushbeds botanical bliss mattress firmness options
  • The layers of latex within a Botanical Bliss Mattress are each rated a different firmness level, as you can see in the picture above
  • The way the bed is set up in the pictures is the way the mattress comes “out of the box”
  • You can change the layers around to suit your comfort levels. You can even request PlushBeds make your mattress with, for example, two “soft” layers if you wish, or two “medium” layers, etcetera, etcetera. They can make the mattress to your requirements if you talk to them
  • Along with your 100 night sleep trial, you also have a 100 night comfort exchange, which means that should you decide you want to swap out one of the comfort layers in your first months of using the mattress, you can do it at no cost

A really cool fact about being able to change the layers around in this mattress is that you can adjust the firmness level as your needs change. When we’re younger, we tend to sleep well on firmer mattresses and ones that are a bit softer when we’re older. Latex is the most durable mattress material you can find, so if your preferences change years down the track, you won’t need to trash your mattress, you can just change one of the layers inside of it to suit your comfort. I haven’t seen this in any other mattress I have reviewed.

Who is this mattress best for?

  • people looking for a mattress with a full organic latex construction
  • couples who have different preferences in mattress firmness
  • people wanting a durable mattress that will last a number of years

Who might not like this mattress?

  • latex is a naturally bouncy and responsive material so if you like the feeling of being “hugged” by your mattress you’ll do better with memory foam (you can read my review of a fully customizable memory foam mattress here)
  • if you need strong edge support you’ll do better with a hybrid mattress which has strong wrapping around the support coils. Read on to find out about the PlushBeds hybrid below, or click here for a review of another exceptional latex hybrid mattress

2. Luxury Bliss Mattress

This is the one hybrid mattress that PlushBeds make, and it comes in one 12 inch height.


  • Organic cotton cover
  • Organic New Zealand wool (acts as a non toxic fire barrier and breathable body temperature regulator)
  • Three inches of organic dunlop latex as the comfort layer (available as medium or medium-firm)
  • 8 inches of pocket coils, with stronger gauge coils around the edge of the mattress to give better edge support

Unlike the Botanical Bliss mattress above, there is a lot less decision making involved with a purchase of the Luxury Bliss mattress. There is only one height option and two firmness options. You can still opt to have different firmness levels on each side of this mattress in the King and California King sizes, so again it’s a good option for couples.

plushbeds luxury bliss mattress

Who is this mattress best for?

  • people who want a more traditional feeling coil support system
  • latex is a breathable product and you shouldn’t sleep hot on a latex mattress, but a hybrid has better air circulation due to the springs, so if you’re concerned about breathability this will be the most reassuring option for you (but I still think they are ALL good options)
  • if you need strong edge support, the Luxury Bliss mattress has the best edge support of the three PlushBeds mattresses
  • this mattress will also perform best of the three for motion isolation so if you share your bed with someone who tosses, turns, and keeps you awake all night, you’ll like this mattress a lot

Who might not like this mattress?

  • if you’d like something with a lower profile than 12 inches
  • if you’re looking for a full latex mattress without coils

3. Natural Bliss Mattress

The third and final mattress to examine is the Natural Bliss mattress. This is an all latex mattress, and the main point of difference with the Botanical Bliss above is that it is vegan. That means that this mattress does not contain any wool, and instead has a plant based fire barrier under the cover. It also uses talalay latex instead of dunlop latex in the comfort layer (here’s that link to the difference between the two again).

The Natural Bliss is available in three heights: 6, 8, or 10 inches, and your firmness option are soft, medium, or medium firm.


  • Organic cotton cover
  • Plant and silica based fire barrier layer (this is a proprietary PlushBeds fabric you’ll only find in this mattress)
  • The 6 inch mattress has 6 inches of dunlop core latex, no other latex layers
  • The 8 inch mattress contains a 2 inch talalay latex comfort layer as well as the 6 inch dunlop core layer
  • The 10 inch mattress contains 4 inches of talalay latex comfort layer as well as the 6 inch dunlop core layer
plushbeds natural bliss mattress

The Natural Bliss mattress will be an excellent choice if you are looking for a vegan mattress, with no wool. Otherwise, in terms of quality and who it’s suited to is very similar to the factors I went through for the Botanical Bliss mattress. If you’re not bothered about whether your mattress is vegan or not, I’d recommend you go for a Botanical Bliss instead as once you get your head around the customization options you’ll be able to tailor it really well to yourself.

So should I buy a PlushBeds Mattress?

In short, I think yes! In terms of mattresses you can buy online, these are some of the more expensive ones but you’re paying for organic latex. Not only is latex the most durable and high quality mattress material out there, but it’s pretty much impossible to find mattresses that use organic latex. There are cheaper latex mattresses out there that use 100% natural latex, that are excellent quality, but they are not organic.

I think it’s pretty awesome that if your needs change down the line and you want a softer or firmer mattress, you don’t need to replace your whole mattress, you can just purchase a comfort layer at a different comfort and or thickness level. This is great because latex is a very durable mattress material so this ability to change the mattress with your life changes makes it a good long term investment.

What made others choose a PlushBeds Latex mattress over the alternatives?

  • good reviews
  • organic and eco friendly materials
  • don’t want to be exposed to any chemicals in a mattress
  • the great reputation of the company
  • the adjustable firmness
  • the good returns policy
  • was recommended to help with back pain by a doctor or a chiropractor

Other FAQ about PlushBeds mattresses

  • Will it work on an adjustable bed frame? Yes – all of the mattresses will work on an adjustable bed frame.
  • Is white glove set up and also removal of my old mattress available? Yes – but you will have to pay extra.
  • Can a PlushBeds mattress be used for children? The 8″ Natural Bliss and the 9″ Botanical Bliss are recommended for children in medium or medium firm.
  • Can it be used on a slatted platform style base? Yes, but please note that the slats for a Botanical Bliss should be no more than 2″ apart (because latex is so heavy), and no more than 3″ apart for the Luxury Bliss (the coils make it lighter)


I really don’t see how you can go wrong with a PlushBeds mattress. Everything you would want and expect from a mattress is there: the quality, the durability, the reputation and customer service from the company. You won’t find an organic latex mattress anywhere other than PlushBeds. PlushBeds latex mattresses are also my top choice for people with allergies.


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