Navigating Brooklyn Bedding Complaints: What You Should Know

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So, you’re looking at taking the plunge and buying a new mattress!

If so, it’s likely you’ve already started to look at some reviews online. 

When it comes to buying a mattress or any other bedding for that matter, it is important to look at real customer reviews in order to make an informed choice. 

Maybe, you’ve seen some Brooklyn bedding complaints amongst the wave of positive reviews and have been left confused. 

That’s where we come in! 

In this guide, we will take you through a typical experience with Brooklyn Bedding. We’ll analyze the reviews that have been made and give you a comprehensive guide on what to really expect. 

Let’s get into it!

Brooklyn Bedding Brand Overview 

Brooklyn Bedding Complaints

Brooklyn Bedding is an American-based bedding company specializing in mattresses as well as bedding accessories such as pillows and sheets. 

Brooklyn Bedding offers competitive prices on their bedding due to the fact they are a vertically integrated business. 

What this means is that they are responsible for the manufacture and selling of their products – cutting out the middleman!

This has made them a popular choice for buyers who appreciate transparency and are looking for the most cost-effective bed options. 

Some of their most popular mattresses include the Brooklyn Aurora, the Brooklyn Signature, and the Brooklyn Bowery. 

Brooklyn Bedding has been supplying its customers with mattresses and bedding since 1995 and has branded itself as a high-quality bedding company that is generally trusted by many. 

However, like any company, there are some potential faults that customers should be aware of. 

Common Complaints from Customers

Buying a mattress is a serious investment to make. It is therefore important to make an informed decision when considering what mattress or bedding to buy!  

In order to help with your research, we have compiled some of the most common Brooklyn bedding complaints based on customer feedback on mattresses.

Mattress Quality and Durability Issues

Fortunately, there were not too many complaints from customers about poor quality. 

While some of the common complaints may be down to issues such as sagging and poor temperature control, there were few complaints about durability issues. 

It seems that those people who did not like their mattresses left reviews soon after buying the mattresses. 

In saying this, there have been some negative reviews about the quality of Brooklyn Bedding’s sheets. Buyers noted that the cotton felt cheap and not as luxurious as was marketed on their website. 

Comfort and Firmness Concerns

In terms of comfort, there have been some complaints about the temperature regulation of their mattresses. 

Some customers have stated that they can become uncomfortably warm at night. 

One unhappy customer with a healthy sense of humor stated that their mattress was “…hotter than the fiery pits of Mordor”. 

Other customers noted that the mattresses did not provide good support, which resulted in uncomfortable sleeping and lower back pain. 

Others mentioned that the firmness of the mattresses was much softer than anticipated or what was advertised. 

Customer Service Experiences

Unfortunately, many of the negative reviews mentioned detrimental experiences with the customer service teams. 

By looking at the customer feedback on mattresses, some people complained that they could not reach customer service or that the customer service they received was outsourced and unreliable. 

While some people received helpful support, others had to struggle and persist to get their complaints heard. 

Analyzing the Severity and Frequency of Complaints

Common Complaints from Customers

Customers have accused Brooklyn Bedding of Astroturfing, which is when positive reviews have been paid for or bumped to the top of review pages while negative reviews are hidden. 

Therefore, we have done some deep diving into the most popular Brooklyn Bedding issues to get to the bottom of the truth! 

The most popular complaints are both around mattress firmness and customer service. 

Negative reviews were often left because of the lack of support in the Brooklyn Mattresses. 

Many users noted that the mattresses felt softer than advertised, which is not ideal for back or stomach sleepers who naturally require more support. 

This was also frequently mentioned when it comes to edge support. Many buyers noted that the edges sagged a lot more than other mattresses, which is not great for those who like sleeping to the side!

The most severe complaints mentioned poor and rude customer service. Issues that were addressed to customer service were often dismissed, and unrealistic proof was often required to request a return or refund. 

This is particularly concerning, as most mattress companies are much more receptive to complaints and issues with their products.

Brooklyn Bedding’s Response to Complaints

Brooklyn Bedding's Response to Complaints

As we’ve mentioned, one of the most severe Brooklyn Bedding complaints is centered around poor customer service. 

For example, one customer complained about poor edge support and sought support and potential compensation from their customer service team. 

According to their review, customer service asked for measurements showing the displacements, with photos and measuring devices. 

Once this customer submitted these photos, customer service dismissed their complaint and accused them of fabricating the photos. 

While this may have been an isolated incident, there have been many similar complaints. 

However, it seems that it may depend on who you end up with when you contact customer service. 

Some customers noted the opposite in that their experience with customer service was positive and that they were able to receive both support and answers to all the questions they had. 

They were also able to exchange mattresses when they found that one was not quite right for their needs. 

So, while some people had quite negative experiences with trying to resolve their issues with Brooklyn Bedding, others were far more positive!

The takeaway from this is that their customer service is varied. If you do have a problem with your mattresses or bedding from Brooklyn Bedding, it may be best to talk to a few people in order to resolve your complaints.  

Advice for Potential Buyers

After delving into the most common and serious Brooklyn Bedding complaints, we have compiled some helpful advice for potential buyers:

  1. Read Independent Reviews: Unfortunately, companies will often pay for good reviews and will filter their own reviews to only allow positive reviews to be shown. Reviews from independent companies such as or even social media such as Reddit, or Facebook, can be a great source of real information 
  2. Do Not Rely on Firm: One of the most common complaints about Brooklyn mattresses is that they are not firm enough! If you are a front or back sleeper, choose the firmest mattress. Even if it is not your usual choice, it will likely be softer than you expect
  3. Persist With Customer Service: If you are one of those unlucky people who have a negative experience with customer service, try calling again on a different day! Oftentimes, you will receive a very helpful person on the other end of the line even if the first person has not been the best. One of the most common themes here is that their customer service is highly variable. 

Navigating Warranties and Return Policies

If you are unhappy with your mattress, you may want to return it. If this is the case, it is important to know what to expect with Brooklyn Bedding.

One of the most bizarre experiences with Brooklyn Bedding was with their returns policy. Customer service often suggested that customers organize their own donations of the bed, instead of helping remove the mattress themselves! 

They do, however, offer a 120-day return period where you can return the mattress if you are not happy with the experience. 

However, it is important to note that they do charge a $99 return fee on all mattresses while many other companies do not. 

There is also no option to return or exchange clearance items. If you are looking for a bargain and are tempted by the sale items, it is important you are careful of this and are confident you will like the product. 

Final Words 

If you’re thinking of purchasing a mattress or other bedding from Brooklyn Bedding, it is important to analyze both positive and negative reviews!

While some people have positive experiences with the company, others have had to deal with poor customer service and unexpectedly soft mattresses. 

It is also important to note that if you do not like the mattress you buy, you will have to pay $99 to return the mattress and will not be able to return it if it was on clearance. 

Overall, it’s vital to weigh what is important to you and the risks you are willing to take when purchasing a mattress from Brooklyn Bedding!


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