PlushBeds Cool Bliss Mattress Review – Get The Perfect Blend Of Memory Foam And Natural Latex

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Great Cooling
PlushBeds Cool Bliss Mattress
  • 5 Layers, Including Natural Latex And Memory Foam
  • Quality High Density Support Core
  • Made In USA
  • 100 Night Sleep Trial
  • Massive 25 Year Warranty
  • Free Shipping
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PlushBeds Cool Bliss Mattress Review – this is the only memory foam offering from popular latex brand PlushBeds. Featuring patented foams and a generous 5 layer design (most similarly priced memory foam mattresses only have 3) including a layer of their famous latex, this is a memory foam mattress that stands out for its quality build, features, and comfort.

In this detailed review, I’ll take you through absolutely everything you need to know about this mattress, to help you decide if it’s right for you. From my layer-by-layer personal analysis of its materials through to an assessment of customer reviews, all the information you need is right here. You’ll get:

  • Cool Bliss Mattress Overview.
  • Cool Bliss Mattress Features.
  • What Customers Think About Cool Bliss Mattress.
  • My Final Thoughts (Spoiler alert: I like it)

PlushBeds Cool Bliss Mattress Overview

  • Price: the RRP is $3153, for a queen, but use my links for heavy discounts (just $1,953 for a queen).
  • Ships for free across the USA with risk-free returns.
  • 100-night free sleep trial.
  • 25-year warranty.
  • Handcrafted in the USA from organic materials.
  • Won the CertiPUR and GREENGUARD Gold certifications.
  • The GOTS-Certified organic cotton cover is breathable as much as it’s soft and comfortable. It works in tandem with the top comfort layer to dissipate heat and wick moisture to keep you cool all night.
  • The 12-inch high mattress has the following comfort layers:
    • Gel Memory Foam: A 3-inch layer powered by patented technology that keeps it cool and prevents heat build-up. It also provides exceptional pressure relief qualities.
    • Natural Latex: A 2-inch layer made of responsive and natural latex. It’s both bouncy and supportive that balances the softness of the gel memory foam layer on top.
    • Air Flow Layer: The sole purpose of this 2-inch layer is to channel the air and help dissipate the heat to keep the top of the mattress cool and comfortable.

PlushBeds is famous for its latex mattresses and toppers. But the Cool Bliss combines both gel memory foam and natural latex. In a way, the memory foam cuts down on the bounciness of the latex and gives the mattress a softer feel. This explains the medium-firm feel of the Cool Bliss which scores 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale, and gives you the perfect blend of two incredibly popular mattress materials.

Being an eco-friendly mattress, the Cool Bliss also uses organic materials in its structure. Even though it uses foam, the mattress doesn’t contain any traces of fiberglass. Unlike other foam mattresses that rely on fiberglass as a fire barrier, the Cool Bliss uses natural plant fibers as fire-retardant materials. This explains the many certifications that mattress has achieved.

Analysis Of The Materials Inside The Cool Bliss Mattress

PlushBeds Cool Bliss Mattress Review - Cross Section Image


The Cool Bliss only selects high-quality materials in its design and construction. Since the cover is the first layer that meets the sleeper’s body, the company paid extra attention to its material and performance. It’s made of GOTS-Certified organic cotton which further enhances the mattress’s properties as hypoallergenic and toxic-free.

The cotton fabric is both breathable and comfortable. It stretches across the mattress to eliminate wrinkles and creases and keeps you cool and dry all night. Organic cotton doesn’t use chemicals or pesticides to grow or while processing and weaving the textile. It’s the right material for a luxurious mattress that targets eco-conscious customers.

Comfort Layers

The comfort layers of the mattress strike a good balance between comfort and support by combining the soft gel memory foam with the responsive and breathable natural latex. It’s a delicate balance but it works and the mattress gets the best of both worlds.

The first comfort layer is a 3-inch gel memory foam layer. It has an edge over other mattresses made from gel memory foam. PlushBeds has perfected a homemade technology that improves the breathability of the gel memory foam. It dissipates heat faster and provides excellent pressure relief to the body of the sleeper.

Right under that foam layer is the natural latex layer. This is a 2-inch layer made of sustainably sourced natural latex that is also chemical- and toxin-free. Natural latex is both responsive and breathable. It further helps channel the heat and moisture from the top of the mattress down to the airflow layer under it. The latex layer conforms to your body while balancing the softness of the foam layer.

The last layer in this group is the airflow layer. It has one job to do. And that’s to improve the ventilation of the mattress creating air channels that keep the top of the mattress cool as befits its name. The two-inch layer has grooves on the underside that channel the heat out of the sides of the mattress and prevent it from moving upward.

Support/Base Layer

The support layer in any mattress gives it structure and contributes to its overall firmness and feel. The Cool Bliss is no different. It has a 5-inch support layer made of a high-density polyurethane foam, which is what you’ll find in all memory foam mattresses. In fact, this polyurethane has a higher density than the same material used in other mattresses of the same caliber. Again this mattress strives to use top-notch materials.

I do usually like to recommend a mattress with a 7 inch support core, but the fact that the PlushBeds Cool Bliss mattress uses extremely high quality foam in the core combined with the 2 inch natural latex layer means I have no doubts or questions about its durability.

PlushBeds Cool Bliss Mattress Reviews From Real Customers

So far I have listed the qualities and features of the Cool Bliss. If you’ve been following closely you probably noticed that they’re all good qualities. Apart from the high price tag, the mattress seems like a perfect choice for couples and back, side, and stomach sleepers of average and below-average weight. But what about real user experiences with the mattress?

That’s where things get a little murky. For one thing, the number of customer reviews on the company’s website for Cool Bliss is relatively small. The small sample doesn’t give us a clear picture of the long-term performance of the mattress. That said, the comments themselves were quite informative and credible.

  • The total number of comments and ratings is 159 as of this writing.
  • The overall score of the mattress is 4.9 out of 5 stars.
  • Exactly all users gave the mattress either 4 or 5 stars. There were no negative comments or one-star reviews.
  • Comfort and pain alleviation were the two most talked about features of the mattress. People with back, shoulder, or neck pain who tried the mattress experienced pain relief after only a few nights.
  • Other users expressed their admiration for the way the 12-inch mattress was shipped in a box without problems.
  • One user praised the mattress for the lack of off-gassing which is rare for a mattress in a box.
  • Superlatives in the comments were abundant and terms like “best bed” and “most comfortable mattress” dotted the reviews.
  • The cooling features of the mattress were also the common theme of many reviews. People who sleep hot were amazed that the bed stayed cool all night and they didn’t have to “stick a leg out” to cool themselves.
  • Other reviewers also mentioned that the mattress didn’t take long to get used to. Its plush comfort made it easy to fall asleep without spending hours looking for a comfortable spot or position.
  • As I mentioned there were no negative reviews. All customers were happy and satisfied ones.

“I was apprehensive about my purchase- I would have never thought I would be buying a bed online that was delivered on a box. I bought the queen size Luxury Memory Foam Cool Mattress and I’m very happy with my purchase. I was having backaches for months, and after sleeping on my new bed, the pain had subsided tremendously. With that said, my bed is very comfortable and I never want to get out of bed.”

Cool Bliss Mattress Review Verdict

After this comprehensive review of the Cool Bliss mattress, one thing becomes clear. This is a mattress that is worth every cent you invest into it. With 25 year warranty, free delivery, and 100 free night trial, you have plenty of assurances of the quality of the mattress.

Bot the gel memory foam and natural latex give the mattress its unique feel and plush comfort making it ideal for all types of sleepers. Sensitive couples would benefit from its motion isolation properties, while those who sleep hot will enjoy its exquisite cooling qualities.

Great Cooling
PlushBeds Cool Bliss Mattress
  • 5 Layers, Including Natural Latex And Memory Foam
  • Quality High Density Support Core
  • Made In USA
  • 100 Night Sleep Trial
  • Massive 25 Year Warranty
  • Free Shipping
  • Get Big Discounts With My Links


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