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Many online mattress companies offer you one mattress that they claim will suit everyone, but not Helix. Helix has a range of six different mattresses, each with a different feel. If you want to find out more about how they’re made, how to choose the right Helix model, an analysis of Helix Mattress Reviews from all over the internet and answers to common Helix Mattress questions, and if Helix is worth buying, keep reading.

In this review of Helix Mattresses you’ll find:

  • Overview of the 6 main Helix mattresses
  • How they’re different to each other
  • Analysis of Helix mattress reviews from around the internet
  • Helix Mattress FAQ:
    • How do the standard models compare to the luxe models – worth paying extra?
    • Which is most popular and why?
    • How long will it last?
    • Will it need a box spring?
    • How much will a Helix mattress cost?
    • What’s the weight limit?
  • Final opinion (and link to the Helix sleep quiz so you can find out which one’s right for you)

Helix Mattress – Overview Of The Six Mattresses

Helix makes their six flagship mattresses, which are their best sellers. These also come in a Luxe version. There are two specialty Helix mattresses: the Birch Organic and the Helix Plus. In this review we’re focusing on the six regular models. There is information later in the article about how the standard models compare to the luxe versions.

Each Helix mattress comes with:

  • 100 Night sleep trial (if you don’t like it, Helix will arrange the return, totally hassle free for you)
  • 10 Year warranty
  • Free shipping to ALL USA (some companies charge up to $150 to ship to Alaska or Hawaii, not Helix)
  • Made in USA
Helix Mattress Reviews - Six Helix Mattresses

You can see that there are

At each firmness level you then choose what type of response you want from the foam when you lie on it. The “side sleeper”, models have a slower response foam for more conforming pressure relief. This is designed to really cushion your shoulder when you lie on your side

The “back and stomach sleeper” models have a more responsive, bouncy foam that is still comfortable and supportive, but is less contouring. This is designed to support good spinal alignment if you’re lying on your back, and preventing your hips from dipping if you’re lying on your stomach.

What Are The Mattresses Made Of?

Helix is really upfront with the materials and foam densities inside their mattresses. Foam densities can tell you about the mattress durability and many companies won’t reveal these numbers, which I think is sneaky and unhelpful. Helix have been transparent here which is great. 

  • Cover: Soft polyester, which is standard for mattresses in boxes at this price point. Please note that the cover is not removable and is spot clean only. This is also standard. I recommend you use a mattress protector: Helix do make one but my favorite is this one, especially for use on top of a memory foam to help maintain breathability.
  • Foams: There are 3 foam layers inside a Helix mattress:
    • Comfort Layer Is Either: 1. Memory Plus Foam – A special Helix foam for contouring and cushioning. Density: 2.5-4.0 PCF.  OR 2. Helix Dynamic Foam – al latex-foam hybrid alternative, designed to react to and cushion your body. Density: 2.5-3.75 PCF. The Memory Plus is found in the “side sleeper” models and the Dynamic foam is found in the “back and stomach sleeper” models
    • Transition layer: High-Grade Polyfoam – for extra pressure relief and to provide a transition layer. This foam layer sits right on top of the coils
    • Base layer under the springs: DuraDense Foam – basically a platform to protect the springs and ensure they perform well at supporting you
  • Springs: Individually Wrapped Coils –  made from  tempered steel help to cradle your body while also limiting motion transfer. Reinforced perimeter to provide edge support.
Inside A Helix Standard Mattress

How Are They Different To Each Other?

Apart from the obvious differences with the firmness of the mattress and the responsiveness of the foam which I pointed out above, there are some other differences between the six Helix mattresses.

  • The two softest models will have the least edge support because you’ll sink into those foams more, but for lighter people they will offer the best pressure relief (particularly the Sunset)
  • The two firmest models offer the least pressure relief, but will be the most supportive for heavier people and have the higher density foams, making them a bit more durable.

How Do I Choose?

If you weigh under 130 lb: you will like any of the first 4 models, depending on your individual preferences. You will probably find the medium rated mattresses feel quite firm for you. If you are predominantly a side sleeper, the Sunset will offer best pressure relief. If you are a stomach sleeper, you’ll want something a little firmer with less conforming foam, so the Dusk would be best for you.

If you weigh 130 – 230 lb: you will probably like the comfort level fo the two medium models, and could go with either of them depending on if you want conforming or responsive foam. However, if you’re a stomach sleeper in this weight range you will want to go up to one of the firmer models to really support your hips.

If you weigh over 230 lb: you will get the best support from the two firm models. You may also want to look at the Helix Plus mattress, which has an extra foam layer and more coils for even more support. I’d recommend you seriously consider the Helix Plus if you are a stomach sleeper in this weight range.

Helix Mattress Reviews – Analysis Of Customer Opinions From Different Sources

People talk about mattresses in various places around the internet. With a critical eye and a balanced view, you can form a much better opinion of a mattress from including these sources in your research. Here’s a summary of what I found people saying about Helix.

Helix Mattress Reviews From Verified Customers On The Helix Website:

I don’t like that you can’t search the Helix Mattress Reviews by their star rating, you have to sift through the whole lot.

Also, Helix changed their mattress in 2018 but reviews for the older models are still on the page, which could skew the ratings and confuse you (for example, there are lots of reviews that are for the Dual mattress, a split firmness mattress that was discontinued in 2019)

Overall, I don’t think the customer reviews on the Helix website are very helpful at all. The good news is there are loads of people who have been satisfied with their Helix purchase but it’s difficult to analyze the information much further.

Better Business Bureau:

Helix has a reassuring A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. A key thing to look for on BBB listings is whether a company is responsive to customer comments and complaints. There were 6 complaints listed against Helix on the BBB page, which Helix responded quickly to all.

Consumer Affairs:

I check this website because I find it’s another place people tend to go to leave negative comments. However, at the time of writing, there were no 1 or 2 star reviews for Helix, so that was a pleasant surprise.

On the other hand, some of the positive reviews look manufactured so I wouldn’t trust those (for example, they talk about 30 year warranties which Helix has never offered,  they say they’d tell “all their friends and family to buy helix” – which is a hallmark of a manufactured review)

With the Consumer Affairs reviews, no news is good news, people haven’t gone there to air grievances about their Helix.

Sleep Like The Dead

This is a great website for an analytical look at mattresses with lots of number crunching. Their analysis found a 79% satisfaction rating from Helix owners, so most people are pretty happy with their purchase. They also expect a Helix mattress to last 6-8 years, which is in line with my predictions.

Sleep Like The Dead also rates Helix well for customer service.


There are a lot of people discussing mattresses on Reddit, and it can be a useful place to find experiences from real users. Again, because Helix changed their mattresses in 2018, it was difficult to find a lot of information about the new mattresses. There were some comments about the firmness levels of the mattresses, where the theme was people found them firmer than they expected.

Summary Of Helix Mattress Reviews

Honestly, I didn’t find much out there that’s going to be of any use to you in terms of testimonials. Many discussions are about older mattress models, and the durability of the current models cannot yet be truly tested.

Since Helix offer a 100 night sleep trial and have a good customer service track record, I think you’re best to buy one and try it out to see for yourself. Helix have hassle free returns and will let you return up to two mattresses, so the risk of ending up with something you’re not happy with is very low.

Helix Mattress FAQ

How Do The Standard Helix Mattresses Compare To The Luxe Models?

Inside Helix Luxe Mattress

The Helix Luxe mattresses have the same name and firmness rating as their standard counterpart. Here’s what you’re paying extra for when you choose Luxe:

  • Luxe has a pillow top which gives it a more plush feel on the top. There is a gel foam quilted into the cover which helps achieve this.
  • The Luxe cover is made from a different fabric called Tencel. Tencel is a plant based fabric known for its breathability and softness.
  • The Luxe is 2 inches taller (14 inches vs 12 inches for a standard Helix mattress)
  • There are 30% more coils in the base, and the coils are split into three zones. There are regular coils at the top and bottom to be gentler on your shoulders and legs, and firmer coils through the middle to ensure your spine and hips stay aligned. The firm middle coils are the same coils all Helix mattresses have around their edges for good edge support.
  • 15 Year warranty (5 years longer than the standard models)

So you’re paying for a nicer cover, a softer feel through the top of the mattress (without changing the firmness), more targeted support from the coils and a longer warranty. I think they’re a pretty good deal, and I’d buy one myself.

Why Is The Midnight Model The Most Popular?

I think there are two reasons here.

  1. It has a medium feel, which means it is going to be the most universally comfortable. Medium is a good compromise for two people who can’t decide which mattress firmness to go for.
  2. I think the Midnight is more popular than the other medium rated mattress (the Dusk Model) because it offers slightly more pressure relief from the slower responding foam. This is a popular feel for those looking for a hybrid mattress containing memory foams.

The fact that Midnight is probably the most universally comfortable of the Helix range makes it a safe bet for a lot of people.

How Long Does A Helix Mattress Last?

The current Helix mattress range has only been on the market since 2018 so unfortunately there is no definitive answer here.

From what we know about the foams and construction of the mattress, I think you could expect to get 6-8 years from your Helix mattress, which is comparable to other mattresses at a similar price. I think the softer models, which have the lowest density foams (which will sag the quickest), will last less than the firmer models. So the soft Sunset mattress might last 6 years and the firm Dusk mattress might last 8 years. Time will tell.

If I was to buy a Helix mattress myself, I’d buy it expecting at least 5 very comfortable years from it. 

What I find reassuring about Helix is the 10 year warranty covers indentations from 1 inch or greater. Many of their competitors only cover indentations of 1.5 – 2 inches, which is really too deep for my liking: 2 inches of indentation is a pretty saggy mattress, so it’s good Helix won’t tolerate that. However, as the Helix mattresses are still quite new, they are yet to have their customer service tested in this regard.

If you’re looking for a hybrid that will be even more durable, you’ll need to consider one with natural latex in the comfort layer such as Avocado or PlushBeds instead.

Does Helix Mattress Need A Box Spring?

The short answer is no. Your new mattress just needs a stable support that is not the floor. If that’s a box spring, that’s fine, as long as it’s not an old worn out one (this will make any mattress sag no matter how new).

If you choose a platform or slat base, make sure the slats are no more than 3 inches apart. The mattress needs this support to function as intended.

Helix make a range of bases you can buy to go with your Helix mattress. These include adjustable bases, wooden bed frames, and platforms.

Helix Mattress Bases

How Much Is A Helix Mattress?

  • Standard models are $600 -$1249 including two pillows.
  • Luxe models are $995 – $2199 including two pillows

NEVER pay full retail price though. Online mattress companies, including Helix, are always running promotions with discounts of at least $100 off. My links ensure you get  the best deal available today. If you don’t see a deal on the Helix website, let me know.

Do Helix Mattresses Have A Weight Limit?

Yes. The limits are: 500 lb per person, or 1000 lb for two people on sizes double and up.

As I mentioned earlier in the article, if you weigh more than 230 lb, you will need to ensure you’ve chosen one of the firm models (Twilight or Dawn) to best support you. You probably won’t be comfortable on the softer foams as you will sink through them, leaving you unsupported.

The other option you have is the Helix Plus. This mattress has a firmer feel, an extra foam layer (4 lb, the highest density Helix uses in their comfort foams) and more coils in the spring unit. It costs a bit more than the standard models but will probably outlast them.

Final Opinion

So, would I buy a Helix Mattress, and do I think you should buy a Helix mattress?

Yes, I’d buy one.  I like to get a new mattress every 5-6 years, and find this is how long I’ve got from mattresses from other stores in the past. I expect Helix will last this long, so durability is no issue for me with Helix. My preferred mattress type is hybrid (I just prefer the feel of a coil support system over an all foam mattress) and I really like that Helix have so many options.

Given my husband and I have different sleep preferences, we’d go for a medium feel as a compromise. I often lie on my side so the Midnight would be my choice as it has more pressure relief. Interestingly, after doing my research and deciding this would be the one I would buy, I took the Helix sleep quiz and it recommended the exact same mattress. I like a plush feel so I’d go for the Midnight Luxe.

Should you buy one? If you’re looking for a mattress with a great coil support system and memory foam comfort layers, Helix is definitely a good choice. I think the prices are more than fair for the quality, and Helix give you much more choice regarding the firmness of the mattress and the feel of the foams. If you’re looking for a mattress in a box that’s not just one size fits all, you’re going to be really happy with Helix.

Click below to try the sleep quiz and find out which Helix model is recommended specifically for you:

Helix Mattress

From $600

Quality Of Materials


Value For Money


Customer Service



  • Lots of options, something to suit everyone
  • Strong coils in support core
  • Made in the United States


  • Lower density foams in comfort layers
  • Not enough trustworthy verified reviews from owners of the current models for them to be of use


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