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Best Mouthpiece To Prevent Snoring (Under $100)

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Is snoring keeping you or your partner up at night? Have you tried mouthpieces to get rid of your snoring before and they just haven’t been comfortable for you? What if there was a mouthpiece that was adjustable, customizable, and even better, was very budget friendly? If you’re looking for the best mouthpiece to prevent snoring, you’ll want to find out more about the mouthpiece I’m reviewing here.

In this article I’ll cover:

  • The Best Mouthpiece To Prevent Snoring (Under $100)
  • Why Prevent Snoring?
  • Who Can’t Use A Mouthpiece?

The Best Mouthpiece To Prevent Snoring Is:


Vitalsleep was formed by a snorer and a medical doctor in 2013 (can you think of a better team to create this item?!) and have helped hundreds of thousands of people with their snoring issues. They have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and a strong customer service track record.

The Vitalsleep mouthpiece is adjustable and customizable. This is what sets Vitalsleep apart from its competitors, which are usually fixed at one position which may be very uncomfortable. Personalized mouthpieces made by a dentist on prescription will cost you more than $1000 so at the budget price of $69.95 Vitalsleep is excellent value for money.

Quick Overview Of Vitalsleep:

Mouthpiece To Prevent Snoring - Vitalsleep is the Best
  • FDA cleared
  • Made in the USA of a durable outer plastic and moldable inner blue thermal plastic
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty (but Vitalsleep expect you could get up to two years from it)
  • 60 Night money back guarantee

What Makes Vitalsleep The Best?

As mentioned above, Vitalsleep is the only adjustable and customizable mouthpiece in this price range. Vitalsleep works in the same way as other mandibular extension devices (MADs) by extending your lower jaw. This holds your airway open so the air can’t vibrate through the passages (this is snoring). The Vitalsleep difference is that you can customize HOW MUCH the mouthpiece holds your jaw open by adjusting the base. Other MADs only have one position.

  • Adjust the length of the base to get the fit that’s right for your jaw. Vitalsleep is the only mouthpiece with the patented Accu-Adjust System® that allows for precise and adjustable jaw advancement to open your airway
  • Customize the blue mold to fit your teeth exactly

Other advantages of Vitalsleep:

  • Available in two sizes: men’s and women’s. The women’s size is 10% smaller than the men’s model.
  • The overall size of your Vitalsleep mouthpiece is smaller than others you may have tried – this means it won’t hold your mouth open as much, which will feel more comfortable to sleep in and help minimize drooling
  • 60 Night money back guarantee – it will only take you a few nights to figure out if Vitalsleep is going to work for you (you should stop snoring the first night and any jaw discomfort will clear up after a couple of nights once you’re used to it) so 60 nights is incredibly generous
  • You can sleep in any position with your Vitalsleep, and breathe through your nose or mouth
  • Made of FDA cleared, medical grade materials

How To Use Your Vitalsleep Mouthpiece 

The short video below shows you how to set up your Vitalsleep mouthpiece so it’s the exact right fit for you. If you don’t want to watch the video, I’ve outlined the process in some simple steps under the video.

  1. Submerge the mouthpiece in hot/gently boiling water for 30 seconds. This softens the blue thermal plastic so you can make an impression in it with your teeth.
  2. Remove the mouthpiece from the hot water (use tongs to protect your hands) and put it in cool water for 3 seconds. This will cool it down enough to safely put in your mouth, but keep it warm enough for the blue thermal plastic to stay soft for you to customize (important: don’t put the mouthpiece straight into your mouth from the hot water!)
  3. Put the Vitalsleep in your mouth and bite down on the blue plastic for 30 seconds to form your teeth impressions.
  4. Take it out of your mouth and put it back in the cold water to set.
  5. If you’re not happy with the impression you got, you can simply heat your Vitalsleep back up and start again.

Important notes about using Vitalsleep:

  • Vitalsleep comes set in lowest position. You should leave it set like this for a night or so as you get used to the feel of it in your mouth. As you use it, you can adjust it further back, which will bring your lower jaw forward more until you reach the amount of extension that works for you
  • When making adjustments, make sure you move each side of the mouthpiece equally.
  • It might take a few nights to get used to Vitalsleep, allow yourself some time to adjust to the feel of it
  • Some people find that MADs can fall out during the night, or they take them out in their sleep without realizing. If this happens to you, contact Vitalsleep and they’ll send you a free chin strap to solve this problem.

Are There Any Problems With Vitalsleep?

Vitalsleep may not work for everyone. As you’ll see in the section further down the article, there are people for whom the use of any MAD, including Vitalsleep,is just not appropriate. Further to the information I’ve supplied below, Vitalsleep are really up front about who they think will benefit from their mouthpiece, and who they think should not buy it. They truly have their customer’s best interests in mind and have a great track record at honoring their 60 night money back guarantee.

The only issues with Vitalsleep (and these are also true for any MAD) is that using it may cause:

  • Jaw discomfort (Vitalsleep will cause less than other devices due to the adjustable plate system)
  • Extra drooling (again, Vitalsleep is smaller than other competitors, so it’s easier to wear in your mouth and also easier to shut your mouth while wearing it)

On the flip side, if you grind your teeth, Vitalsleep may have the extra benefit of helping you stop this annoying habit. 

Vitalsleep has helped hundreds of thousands of people, here’s a snippet of some of the positive review videos you’ll find on the Vitalsleep webpage.

Vitalsleep reviews

Why Prevent Snoring?

Did you know that 45% of adults snore? There are a number of reasons why snoring is a problem.

At one end of the scale, snoring is just plain annoying. It can disrupt your sleep, and be incredibly annoying for anyone you share a bed with. If your bed partner is losing sleep because of your snoring, this can actually damage their health.

However, did you also know that snoring can actually be an indicator of a bigger health problems? Before you try to prevent it yourself with any type of mouthpiece, you should get checked over by your doctor to find out if there is something else going on.  If it turns out that your snoring is not causing you any other harm, then you can go ahead and get a mouthpiece.

Who Can’t Use A Mouthpiece For Snoring?

There are some medical conditions or circumstances where the use of a MAD either won’t work to treat your snoring, or it’s not the best thing for your health. These include:

  • Large overbite
  • Currently wearing braces
  • Sleep Apnea – A mouthpiece might be okay for you, but you must discuss it with your doctor first. Sleep Apnea is a serious condition that should be treated in conjunction with your trusted medical professional.
  • If you wear dentures that you take out at night (Vitalsleep fits to your teeth so you’d need to leave them in)
  • TMJ or other jaw issues

Also, if your snoring is caused by a condition where mandibular advancement won’t help, then using a MAD will do nothing for you.

However, If you’re cleared to use a MAD to stop that annoying snoring, then Vitalsleep with its unique adjustable design, 60 night money back guarantee and affordable price tag make it an easy choice.

Vitalsleep Mouthpiece


Quality Of Materials


Value For Money


Customer Service



  • Adjust how much it extends your jaw
  • Customize the fit to your own teeth
  • 60 Night money back guarantee


  • May cause jaw soreness (as will all MADs)
  • Not suitable for everyone who snores (check with your doctor)


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