Napp Mattress Unboxing And First Impressions

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Napp Mattress Unboxing And First Impressions

I convinced my parents to buy a Napp mattress. If you want to see it being set up, if you want to take a look at the foam layers inside, and if you want to hear how two people with different sleep preferences are finding it, this post is for you. There are two videos: the actual Napp mattress unboxing, and a close up of the foams.

Why Napp?

My parents have needed a new mattress for some time. They couldn’t face doing the exhausting rounds of the big box bed shops, and the thought that a high quality mattress that cost a fraction of the price could just show up on their doorstep was very appealing. Here’s why I recommended Napp to them:

  • It’s made in New Zealand. Feeling lucky to have come out of lockdown in a position to buy new stuff, mum wanted to support local as much as possible.
  • It has the truest “medium” feel from what I know of all the options.
  • Mum likes a softer mattress (she tested my firm Ecosa mattress for about 2 seconds before jumping off in horror), but dad likes a firmer one (he’s got a sore back and prefers strong support) – Napp seemed like the best middle ground.
  • The cool to touch cover (with phase change technology from NASA, no less) will add an extra dimension of cooling they’ll appreciate come summer

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Napp Mattress Unboxing

Watch the short video below to see my husband and I take the Napp mattress out of its box and set it up on the bed. The whole process took one minute.

You can see that the box is quite big, it took two of us to get it upstairs to where it needed to be. You’ll need two people to move the box to the right room.

Once the plastic seal was punctured, the mattress expands out very quickly. You can see that it is at full height almost immediately out of the box.

First ImpressionsNapp Mattress Measurement

The first thing I wanted to do was confirm that the foam had exactly the medium feel I was expecting, and it did.

The Napp mattress gives you a bit of that personalised contouring you want from memory foam, but you don’t sink in. It feels really nice to lie on.

The cool to touch cover actually did feel cold. If you’re worried this will make the mattress cold, don’t be: you won’t notice it through layers of clothing or sheets, but when you put your hand directly on it you can feel it.

I was impressed to see the mattress had expanded to its full height (around 25.5cm) pretty much straight away. Being made here in New Zealand your Napp mattress won’t have been compressed in its box for very long, so I expected this short decompression time.

There was a very slight off-gassing smell: this is like a “new” smell, and you’ll get it with any mattress in a box because it’s just a normal part of the foam expanding. I thought it was about the same amount I remembered my Ecosa mattress had last year. I checked in with my parents about the smell the next day and the day after, and it hadn’t bothered them the first night and was gone completely the by the second.

To sum it up, on first impressions the Napp mattress was exactly as it’s described and marketed.

A Look At The Foams Inside

The cover on your Napp mattress is removable, so I pulled it back to take a look at the three internal foam layers. Here’s another short video showing exactly how each works:

  1. Top Layer: Hygroflex foam. This is the Napp exclusive, open cell foam. It’s highly responsive to body weight, yet springs back quickly. This will stop you from sinking too far into the bed.
  2. Middle Layer: Gel infused memory foam. This is the contouring memory foam layer, and it has a slower response to pressure. It conforms nicely and gives that “hug” that memory foam is famous for. It performs like Tempur material, but the hygroflex layer above stops you getting that “stuck in the mud” feeling people sometimes complain about with Tempur
  3. Base Layer: High density polyfoam. This is what you’ll find in pretty much all foam mattresses, but the base foam used in Napp feels really strong. I’m no expert, but it seemed nicer to me than the base foam I felt in Tempur. It felt about on par with Ecosa.

One Month In: How Are My Parents Finding Their New Napp Mattress?

Mum Loves Her New Napp Mattress

They are both loving it. To be honest, their old mattress was so old that any new mattress was going to be an improvement, but they are seriously impressed with Napp.

It’s soft enough for mum to feel comfortable, and dad seems to be constantly surprised that it’s got more than enough support for his back.

They’re stoked they could get such a high quality mattress for the price, and feel smug they didn’t have to traipse around Harvey Norman and Bed Box trying to filter through all the (expensive) options.

Overall, their Napp purchase has been a huge success.

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