Best Mattress For Stomach Sleepers Australia: Top 3 (And Important Things To Consider Before You Buy)

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  • TOP CHOICE: Peace Lily Latex Mattress (why? it’s firm, cooling and durable)
  • Best Memory Foam Mattress: Ecosa Mattress (why? it’s firm, has ventilation and zoning)
  • Best Spring Based Mattress: Dusk & Dawn Premiere (why? it’s NOT a mattress in a box, it’s firm and got zoned support springs which also allow for airflow)

Best Mattress For Stomach Sleepers Australia: not just any mattress is going to do for you, you’ve got special considerations. For one thing, keeping your back supported can be a problem if the mattress is too soft, and for another, you’re going to need a mattress that doesn’t trap heat.

I went looking for the best mattress for stomach sleepers in Australia to came up the 3 that will support you best. I’ll take you through the details of all three, and guide you through the details of what stomach sleepers should be looking for when buying a mattress.

I have owned and slept on both Peace Lily and Ecosa, so can give you my personal guarantee that these are great picks.

Best Mattress For Stomach Sleepers Australia

#1 Best Overall: Peace Lily Latex Mattress

Peacelily is the best mattress for stomach sleepers australia

This mattress has pretty much everything I’m looking for when considering what stomach sleepers need. I also own one myself so I can personally speak to the quality and feel of this mattress.

  • Firmness to stop your hips dipping and causing back problems
  • Naturally cooling to prevent you getting hot at night
  • Resiliency and great support
  • It’s also double sided: it’s got a firm side and a medium side so you can play with what feels best for you

Factor in the amazing value for money and the huge 25 year warranty and it’s an easy winner.


The all-latex Peace Lily has nothing synthetic in it at all (hard to find when you’re mattress shopping). From the organic cotton cover and wadding layer to the three layers of natural latex, everything is natural.

The comfort layer on the medium side is a 5 cm layer made of Dunlop latex certified for non-toxicity. This is followed by the core layer which is also made of Dunlop latex and measures 10 cm thick. The last layer is the base layer (firm side) which measures 5 cm of Dunlop latex as well.

Best Memory Foam Mattress: Ecosa

Ecosa Firm Memory Foam Mattress

The Ecosa mattress is the firmest memory foam mattress I think you can buy. Yes, it says you can flip the layers around inside (you can, it’s easy enough to do, I did it multiple times trying to find a softer side on mine, ha) but no matter which way you configure it, it comes out firm, in my opinion!

While that’s not great for average weight side and back sleepers like myself, it makes it a perfect memory foam mattress for stomach sleepers. Factor in the zoned ventilation channels and you’re onto a winner.


The Ecosa mattress has three main layers apart from the two covers. The comfort layer is 4.25 cm thick and is made of G7 Memory Foam, a proprietary material that offers more aeration, contouring, and pressure point relief than regular memory foam. It has gel cells that keep the top of the mattress cool and regulate the temperature.

The core layer is made of ergonomic support foam with channels that help dissipate the heat. This layer provides excellent spine alignment, motion isolation, and pressure point relief qualities. It’s the key feature of the mattress that makes it so suitable for stomach sleepers. 

The base layer is just as thick as the comfort layer but this one is made of another proprietary material called Eco-Tex. It’s an upgrade over memory foam and has the same texture and feel as natural latex with superb responsiveness and recovery. It keeps your body balanced on top of the mattress without sinking in or feeling stuck.

Best Made in Australia: Dusk & Dawn Premiere MK2

Last but not least, the hybrid Dusk & Dawn Premiere MK2 stands out among other factors as the best mattress for stomach sleepers that is made in Australia. It puts innovation at the heart of the mattress which is something that stomach sleepers would appreciate.

From the anti-bacterial and temperature-regulating cover to the Australian wool layer and the other layers and materials that all work together in tandem to keep your spine aligned and your body supported all night. You choose if you want soft medium or firm, so of course I’d recommend you choose firm as a stomach sleeper.


Under the fitting cover made from stretchable fabric and 3D mesh gusset, the first layer is a new “Dusk Air” layer, designed to be breathable, maintain a high loft through the top of the mattress, and provide airflow through the top of the mattress (goodbye body heat). This is followed by four carefully crafted foam layers, each with different properties and designed to work together to provide pressure relief and support.

The support layer is made of pocketed coils arranged in 5 targeted zones. This is the layer that offers you the desired firmness degree you need and also keeps motion at the top well isolated. The base layer is made of foam and it encases the coil system while providing good edge support. The foam protecting the coils is a sure giveaway of a quality mattress, you don’t often see this, even on much more expensive mattresses in the shops.

Best Mattress For Stomach Sleepers Australia; Buyer’s Guide


What Type Of Mattress Is Best For Stomach Sleepers?

The best mattress is a firm one that supports your hips, and is made from materials that won’t leave you feeling hot in the night. That’s why the Peacelily latex mattress is my top recommendation.

Do Stomach Sleepers Need A Firm Mattress?

Yes. When you sleep on your stomach, your hips can sink into the mattress and put your spine out of line if it’s not firm enough to support you.

What Mattress Firmness Is Best For Side And Stomach Sleepers?

If you’re a combination sleeper that sometimes sleeps on their side and sometimes on their stomach, then a medium to medium firm mattress is the best. Peacelily is STILL my top recommendation for you because it’s got a firm side and a medium side, so you can experiment with which firmness is exactly right for you. It’s like two mattresses for the price of one!

What Stomach Sleepers Need from a Mattress

Stomach sleeping is actually not recommended by sleep experts, because it can put a lot of pressure on your spine and isn’t the easiest for breathing. This makes it super important that if you ARE a stomach sleeper, you at least have a mattress that can support you in the best way possible.

The most common issue stomach sleepers face from a mattress is spinal support. When you sleep on your stomach, a lot of weight is put through your pelvis, so you’re going to need a firm mattress that can hold you up straight. If your mattress is too soft, your pelvis will sink into it too far, putting your back out of alignment.

Another issue that is common with stomach sleepers is mattresses trapping heat. When you sleep on your stomach, you’re putting a lot of your body surface on the mattress, in fact, more so than any other sleeping position. This leads to a lot of heat transfer to the mattress, so you need a mattress that’s going to allow this to esacape.

So, you’re going to need a mattress that’s

  1. Firm
  2. Breathable and/or temperature regulating

Best Mattress Firmness for Stomach Sleepers

This brings up this persistent question on every stomach sleeper’s mind: what is the best mattress for me? To answer that question, you need to consider two factors. The first is your own body weight, and the second is the firmness of the mattress itself. Both of those factors will determine how much support your spine and whole body, in general, will get.

The firmness of the mattress is often measured on a scale from 1, softest, to 10, firmest. For stomach sleepers, I generally recommend a mattress that’s at least a 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale (which all of my recommendations are).

A 7 out of 10 firmness is also the sweet spot if you’re sharing a bed with a partner who sleeps differently to you: this firmness should feel comfortable for both of you: not too soft for you and not overly firm for them.

If you’re on the heavier side or just really like a firm mattress, you may find you want a mattress that’s firmer than this, up around the 8 out of 10. If you’re a smaller build or like a softer mattress, a more medium feel might suit you. I recommend you go for one of my top picks and see how you feel, all of them come with at least a 100 night in-home sleep trial (totally risk free) so you can give your chosen mattress a really good test run from the comfort of your own home.

Stomach Sleepers and Mattress Types

There are three types of mattress and here’s what’s important about each of them for stomach sleepers:

  • Hybrid: A hybrid mattress contains both foam and coils to provide a good balance between softness and support. The comfort layer is often made of memory foam, latex, or polyfoam to contour the body while the steel coils give it the desired firmness level. The coils of a hybrid mattress offer excellent air flow around the mattress, and these types also have the most bounce
  • Latex: A natural latex mattress is often an expensive choice. But since this is a natural material that is both breathable and springy, the mattress can be a better option for stomach sleepers. It has better contouring and little to no sagging, with excellent breathability. In my opinion, natural latex mattresses are the absolute top of the range and will last you for years.
  • Foam: An all foam mattress often has gel memory foam or polyfoam as a comfort layer and high-density polyfoam for support. They’re great for people who like that contouring feel of memory foam, you’ve just got to make sure the mattress is got some cooling features built into it as this is the mattress type that is going to feel the hottest to sleep on.
Best Choice For Stomach Sleepers
Peace Lily Mattress

Peace Lily Mattress

Why It's The Best For Stomach Sleepers:

  • Natural Latex Is Breathable And Durable
  • It Does Not Trap Body Heat
  • This Mattress Has A Firm Side And A Medium Side, Just Flip It Over 
  • 100 Night Sleep Trial And 25 Year Warranty

Peace Lily = Best For Stomach Sleepers

From $749








  • All Natural Materials
  • Latex Is Cooling
  • Flippable For Different Firmness


  • Cover Not Removable


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