Mattresses Made In Australia: What’s Made Here, What’s Not

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See all your options in one place. There are actually quite a lot of mattresses made in Australia. This is good news for you getting a good deal at a competitive price, but it can also be overwhelming trying to sort through them all.

Don’t worry, I’ve got detailed breakdowns of your options (including a top recommendation, the best of the mattress in a box deals, and the best standard mattresses if you don’t like the idea of a mattress in a box).

Here’s the top 3 if you’re short on time:

My Favourite:

Dusk & Dawn

  • Three Great Options For Different Budgets
  • All With Quality Foams And Zoned Support Coils
  • You Choose Medium Or Firm
  • Free Comfort Exchange And 100 Night Sleep Trial
  • Prices From $899
Best Mattress In A Box:


  • One Universally Comfortable Medium Feel Mattress
  • Contains Natural Latex As A Premium Comfort Layer
  • Massive 3 Month Sleep Trial
  • Excellent Value For Money Priced From $695
Best Luxury:

Comfort Sleep Organic

  • One Universally Comfortable Medium Feel Mattress
  • Contains Premium Foams & NZ Wool
  • Zoned Support Coils
  • Prices From $1599

These Mattresses Are All Made In Australia

These are absolutely some of the best beds in Australia.

Top Recommendation: Dusk & Dawn Mattress

Why it’s my top recommendation: there are a ton of reasons, actually. The most important are: they have a mattress to suit every budget, all three in the range come with your choice of plush, medium or firm, all have zoned support coils even the cheapest model, all come with a free comfort exchange if you don’t like it (and then a refund if you’re not happy after that), they’re not mattresses in a box, but you still get free delivery to metro areas.


  • Choose the model to suit your budget with prices from $899
  • Get free shipping (within metro areas), 100 night comfort guarantee and 10 year warranty with all mattresses
  • All three mattresses feature zoned pocket coils, Australian wool, and your firmness choice of “comfy medium” or “firm support”. My recommendation would be to go for “comfy medium”, as this will suit most people best, unless you have specific requirements for a firmer mattress. Not happy with either of those? Make a note when you make your order, and they’ll customize the firmness to your exact requirements. I don’t know of another brand that will do that.
  • Don’t worry, you can’t get the feel wrong: Dusk & Dawn will change the comfort level for free if you don’t like what you chose. After that, if you’re still not happy with your mattress, they’ll refund you.
  • The cheapest model, the Essential, has:
    • Zoned pocket coil support
    • Three foam comfort layers including a layer of cooling gel memory foam
    • Australian wool under the cover
    • Price range $899 -$1899 (but check for discounts, they have regular sales)
  • The middle model, the Premiere, has extra comfort layers for advanced contouring and support:
    • Zoned pocket coil support
    • Protective foam encasing of the support coils
    • An extra foam layer in the comfort layers (so four in total)
    • Australian wool under the cover
    • Available in Super King size (the more basic Essential mattress only goes up to King)
    • Price range $1449 – $2699 (but check for discounts, they have regular sales)
  • The luxury model, the Ultra Premiere, is my pick of the bunch because it features my favourite mattress comfort layer: micro coils. Here’s a rundown of its features:
    • Zoned pocket coil support
    • Protective foam encasing of the support coils
    • Microcoil comfort layer above the support coils
    • Special graphite infused foam layer (there are 3 foam layers in the Ultra Premiere)
    • Premium wool and sill blend in the cover
    • Available in Super King size
    • Price range $2349 – $3699 (but check for discounts, they have regular sales)

Top Mattress In A Box: Hugo Mattress

Why it’s my top recommendation: Hugo is a great mattress. It’s reasonably priced, and has the perfect blends of foam inside to have you sleeping comfortably. Hugo just make the one mattress, and they make it really well.


  • Prices are $695 – $1095, so it’s excellent value
  • Get free shipping, a massive 3 month sleep trial, and a 10 year warranty
  • The Hugo mattress consists of four foam layers:
    • The first layer is natural latex: this is a big win because latex is not only supportive, comfortable and a little bouncy, it’s also naturally temperature regulating (perfect for the warm Australian climate)
    • The second layer is memory foam, which works perfectly with the latex above to provide a bit of contouring just where you need it
    • The third layer is a transition foam, a higher density firmer foam that acts as a pad between the comfort layers above and the bottom layer of support foam
    • The fourth layer is a high density support foam
  • Hugo are happy to offer such a generous sleep trial because they’re confident you’ll love their mattress. In fact, 95% of their customers keep their mattress and love it!
  • The Hugo mattress has been designed to hit that Goldilocks comfort level of “just right”, and is a medium firm. This is the point where most people find the balance between comfort and great support

Biggest Aussie Made Range: BedWorks

BedWorks is a big bedding store, with a huge range both online and instore.

A cool feature of their website is they have an entire section dedicated to mattresses made in Australia, along with other bedding items like bases and accessories.

This is your best place to find brands you’re probably already familiar with, such as Sealy and King Koil (both of which are mattresses made in Australia). Another brand you’ll notice in their collection is Comfort Sleep, which make great mattresses of their own, and also produce the Dusk & Dawn mattresses for Dusk & Dawn who I wrote about above as my top pick.

Note that you’ll probably pay for delivery from BedWorks, and while they do offer a 100 night sleep trial, you can’t get your money back only a mattress exchange.

At the time of writing this article, BedWorks had three pages full of Australian made mattresses for you to browse through which is overwhelming, so here are my top 2 picks from them:

Memory Foam: Emporio Black By Comfort Sleep
  • Australian made
  • 4 foam layers including graphite memory foam and visco elastic memory foam
  • Available in medium or firm 
Comfort Sleep Organic Luxury Medium Mattress
  • Australian made
  • Premium NZ wool and memory foam comfort layers
  • Zoned support coils 
  • One Firmness


Mattresses Made In Australia – FAQ

Which Is The Best Australian Made Mattress?

I’ve got two:
Best Mattress In A Box: Hugo
Best Standard Mattress: Dusk & Dawn Signature
I’d buy Dusk & Dawn myself, because I LOVE the multiple comfort layers and the microcoil layer.

Is Sealy Made In Australia?

Yes, Sealy mattresses sold in Australia are also made in Australia. If you want to buy a mattress from this trusted brand, I highly recommend BedWorks: they have a huge Sealy range and a 100 day right of exchange. Another reason to buy from BedWorks is that they have an exclusive deal with Sealy where they provide an extra 2 years warranty above and beyond the standard 10 year Sealy warranty.
Shop The BedWorks Sealy Range Here

Is Koala Mattress Made In Australia?

No. Koala used to be made in Australia, but they outsourced their production to China in 2020.

Are Sleeping Duck Mattresses Made In Australia?

No, like Koala, Sleeping Duck mattresses are made in China. It is an Australian owned brand though.

Is Ecosa Mattress Made In Australia?

Again, like Sleeping Duck and Koala, Ecosa is an Australian owned brand who make their mattresses in China.


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