Koala Mattress Too Firm – How To Fix It

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Koala mattress too firm? Don’t despair, I’ve got some fixes for you. I know the pain of owing a mattress that’s too firm myself, so I know these tips will really help you out.

The first two are free and will apply to you if you own one of the updated Koala mattress range, or you’re still within your sleep trial period.

The others are going to cost you a bit of money, but will be game changers for your sleep (one in particular could transform your relationship with your Koala mattress).

Koala Mattress Too Firm: Fixes

1. Free Fix To Try Right Now: Flip The Comfort Layer

Koala Mattress Too Firm - Solution 1

A cool feature of all Koala mattresses is the flippable “Kloudcell” foam layer in the top of the mattress.

One side of this foam layer is medium-firm, the other side is firm.

To flip the layer over and test the firmness, you simply unzip the top layer as shown above, flip it over and zip it back up.

If your mattress was set to the firm side, then swapping it to the medium-firm side is going to be the simplest way to soften up your Koala mattress with zero cost and minimum effort.

If you’ve tried this and your Koala mattress is still too firm (or your Koala mattress is an older model without this feature) then read on for more tips to change the firmness of your Koala mattress.

2. Within Your Sleep Trial Period? Return It

All Koala mattresses come with a 120 night sleep trial, which means you’ve pretty much got 4 months to sleep on your Koala mattress before you have to decide (once and for all) if it’s right for you.

So, if you’re still within that 120 night trial time AND you’ve tried flipping the comfort layer over, I suggest you return your Koala mattress. I don’t think there would be much point in trying out another Koala model, because the firmness levels is the same across two of the models, with the third being firmer. Since you’ve found your Koala mattress too firm, it’s time to try something else.

Read on to tip 4 to see my top recommendations as Koala mattress alternatives, for people looking for a softer mattress.

3. Can’t Flip It Or Return It? Try A Topper

If you’ve got your Koala mattress in its softest configuration and it’s still too firm, adding a mattress topper is an economical way to really change the feel of your bed without needing to replace the whole mattress.

Mattress toppers are usually made from foams, so they will offer extra support and contouring. The most common reason people buy them is to soften up a mattress, so you’ve got some good options.

Here’s a list of mattress toppers you can try in Australia (sorry, Koala don’t make one), the Emma topper is my favorite for value AND softness. I own the Emma mattress topper and am happy to personally vouch for its soft feel.

4. Koala Mattress Too Firm Last Resort: Get New Mattress

If you’ve exhausted all the cheaper and quicker options, the last thing for it is to replace your mattress with something that’s softer and better suited to your needs. This seems like a big expense, but can you really put a price on your sleep quality and comfort?

There are a ton of other mattresses you can try in Australia, I encourage you to take advantage of a sleep trial on another brand and see if its a better fit for you. I’ve got a list of the best mattress in a box options for you here, but I think you’ll probably really like the plush mattress from Dusk & Dawn (not only is it a mattress that’s much softer than Koala, it’s also made in Australia, has a sleep trial, but doesn’t come in a box).

Plush Feel
Dusk & Dawn Essential Plush Mattress

Dusk & Dawn Essential Plush Mattress

  • Plush Option Has A Beautifully Soft Yet Supportive Feel
  • Made In Australia
  • NOT A Mattress In A Box
  • 100 Night Sleep Trial 


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