Split King Adjustable Bed Canada 2022 -Top Buys Revealed

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Split King Adjustable Bed Canada – there are deals to be had and great options for you to choose from. I’m here to help you make sense of them and choose the best split king adjustable bed for you.

Since you’re looking up split king adjustable beds, you don’t need a spiel about how awesome they are, how great it is to be able to control your own side of the bed…….. wait. I’ll stop. Let’s just get straight into the best deals (I’ve got some split king adjustable bed info at the bottom of the article if you need it).

This article is short, because your time is precious. Here’s everything you need to know about my favorite three split king adjustable bed picks in Canada:

The Best Split King Adjustable Bed In Canada Is: GhostBed

Split King Adjustable Bed Canada - GhostBed

GhostBed make amazing cooling mattresses, and their adjustable bases are known for their quiet motors and quiet massage functions (SUPER important if you’re sharing a bed with someone, you don’t want to be disturbing each other). Even better, GhostBed makes it easy for you to buy a whole bed bundle, with discounts often found when you combine their best cooling mattresses (GhostBed Luxe, 2x twin xl mattresses to make a split king size) with their split king adjustable base.

  • Limited lifetime warranty (can’t get any longer than that!)
  • The weight tolerance is 750lb – one of the most generous weight tolerances I’ve seen and an indicator of quality motors
  • It’s got amazing massage functionality in fact, if you want great massage from your adjustable base, this is my top recommendation with 15 different options
  • It doesn’t come with adjustable legs, but you can buy them as an accessory. However, the other “nice to haves”, like USB ports and LED lighting are built into the base
  • GhostBed often run big promotions, so try to catch a good deal like 40% off adjustable base and mattress bundles

The quality of the build of the base, the technology in GhostBed mattresses and their easy to shop bundles make it an absolute no-brainer to recommend them to you as my top choice for a split king adjustable bed in Canada.

More Awesome Split King Adjustable Bed Canada Options

1. Puffy Has The Most Features

Split King Adjustable Bed Canada - Puffy

Puffy is actually a great base, and it’s one of my favorites if you’re buying it on its own, but GhostBed offers slightly better value and easier to shop bundles, which is why it pips Puffy at the post here. Let’s look at what Puffy has to offer:

  • It’s the only one offering a decent sleep trial (101 nights to be exact)
  • Like GhostBed above, Puffy gives you a generous limited lifetime warranty
  • The split king model has a weight tolerance of 800lb
  • It’s got great massage functionality (people rave about it)
  • It’s got those nice extras like USB ports, adjustable leg height, and LED lighting
  • It makes a perfect bundle with any of the Puffy mattresses (I recommend the Lux for extra pressure relief and better breathability than the standard Puffy)
  • There’s always a deal to be had (expect to save at least $300)

2. Best Basic Option: Casper

Split King Adjustable Bed Canada - Casper

Casper offer three split king adjustable beds in Canada, and I’m sharing their basic “Rise” model with you here. Why? To show you that it’s possible to buy a no-frills, split king adjustable base frame of good quality for under $2000:

  • 30 Night sleep trial on adjustable bases (you get longer on Casper mattresses)
  • 10 Year warranty
  • The weight tolerance is 750lb
  • No massage functions
  • One leg height, no lights or USB ports
  • Save 10% and buy for $1971 (save even more if you bundle it with Casper mattresses. I like the Element mattress, as I have personally verified with Casper that this model is fiberglass free

If you bundle the Casper Rise split king base with Twin XL Casper Element mattresses, you can get your whole package for $2832.50 (at the time of writing), making it by far the easiest bundle on your wallet.

3. Popular On Amazon.Ca: Blissful Nights e3 Adjustable Base

Split King Adjustable Bed Canada - Blissful Night

This split king adjustable bed is a great bargain, and the cheapest of the bunch. You’ll need to check the exact price on Amazon, because they do update them regularly. But it’s a big enough difference that I’m confident in saying this one is going to be cheaper than the others above. CHECK EXACT PRICE HERE. With thousands of happy Amazon customers I can see why this one is popular:

  • No sleep trial
  • 10 Year warranty
  • Weight tolerance of 750lb
  • No massage functions
  • Adjustable legs (you can set them at 6, 9, or 12 inches high)
  • No USB ports or lighting

Blissful nights also offer convenient adjustable base + mattress bundles which you can easily shop from their Amazon store.

Split King Adjustable Bed Canada – Your Questions Answered

Is A Split King Adjustable Bed Worth It?

Yes! If you share a bed with a partner, a split king is the only way to go if you’re considering an adjustable bed. Why? Imagine one of you wants to raise your head, or sleep in the zero gravity position, or wants a massage, but the other doesn’t. A split king gives you the power to individually control your OWN side of the bed separately from your partner. However, you can also synch them together if you want, so you get a ton of options.
If you buy an adjustable bed that is not split, like a Queen, you’ve gotta be happy with the whole bed moving as one piece.

Can You Use A Regular Mattress On A Split King Adjustable Bed?

Most modern mattresses will work on an adjustable base. Pretty much all memory foam, latex, and pocket coil mattresses will work on an adjustable base but if you’re feeling unsure you should check with your mattress manufacturer.
All mattress recommendations I’ve made in this article are 100% compatible with split king adjustable beds.

Is A Split King The Same As Two Twin XL?

Yes. A split king adjustable base is literally two twin XL bases put together. You use a split king adjustable base with two twin XL mattresses.

What Sheets Do I Use On A Split King Bed?

You’ve got two options:
1. A standard king size sheet will fit just fine
2. A specalized split head sheet, which allows you to move each side of the bed independently. I’ve got some great split head sheet recommendations here.


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