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You’ll be happy to hear that in Canada, a split king mattress is simply two twin XL mattresses. Lots of brands know you want a split king mattress though, so they’ll sell you a “split king” mattress size. So, split king or two x twin XL mattress, it’s the same thing at the end of the day!

If you’re in the market for a split king mattress, this takes a lot of brain work out of figuring out what you need to buy, and you can’t get it wrong.

Since you’ve clicked on my article about split king mattresses in Canada you’re probably wanting more information. I’ve put together some useful facts about buying a split king mattress to help you better understand what they are, or to help you along the buying process. Together we will cover:

Split King Mattress Dimensions

Like I said above, a split king mattress in Canada is two twin XL mattresses. Mattress sizes are logical: a split king (or two twin XL mattresses) is exactly the size you’d get if you chopped a regular king mattress in half.

Here’s a quick table:

Standard Twin Mattress38′ x 75′
Twin XL Mattress38′ x 80′
King Mattress72′ x 80

You can see that you need twin XL to make up a split king size rather than standard twin mattresses, because there is a difference in length. A standard twin mattress is 5 inches shorter than a twin XL mattress or a king mattress.

It’s easy to find split king adjustable beds, because this is a standard mattress size. However, if you want to get a split California King, this gets trickier, as the mattress dimensions are 72′ x 84, which is not just two of any other size mattress.

Best Split King Mattress Buys In Canada

I like online mattresses, because you can try them out in your own home, absolutely risk free, for at least 3 months. I sleep on a mattress that came from the internet, and it’s the comfiest mattress I ever owned. Been on it nearly 3 years now and it’s perfect.

In my opinion, the best split king mattress buys in Canada are:

#1: Douglas Original Mattress: Best Price

Split King Mattress Canada - Douglas
Great Value, Made In Canada!

Douglas is my top recommendation because it’s the perfect blend of value and features. Douglas will sell you a split king mattress for C$1298, and that’s even before you put in any discounts or deals.

I have to admit I was surprised to see such a low price because their closest competitors (again, in my opinion) in terms of quality, start from at least north of C$2,000 for their split king (or two twin XL).

Douglas is a staunchly proud Canadian brand, down to the red trim on the mattresses. The Douglas mattress is 10 inches high with 3 internal foam layers. It has a medium firm feel and is compatible with adjustable bed bases.

Douglas Mattress also has some of the best trials and warranties in Canada: you’ve got 365 nights to try it out risk free at home (yes, you read that right, a whole year). It has a 20 year warranty, which is double what most other mattresses of a similar quality offer. Pretty generous!

Pure Green Organic Latex Mattress: Best Latex

Split King Mattress Canada - Latex

I don’t even get commission from these guys, but it’s genuinely the best latex mattress deal in Canada so I want to tell you about it. Made in America, this mattress contains organic latex (the best kind, superior to natural or synthetic) and New Zealand wool (I’m a kiwi so this makes me happy).

You can get their 8′ twin XL mattresses for C$749 each, giving you a total of $1498, which is excellent value for this grade of latex. The 8′ is a bit thinner than I’d usually recommend but latex is such a durable mattress material you don’t need to worry.

This mattress comes with a 101 night sleep trial and 10 year warranty. It’s got two internal latex layers: the strong base layer and then a comfort layer. The cool thing here is you can choose the firmness of the comfort layer (medium or firm, I recommend medium).

Ghostbed Luxe Mattress: Best Luxury

Split King Mattress Canada - Ghostbed

My top pick of the GhostBed Canada range is the GhostBed Luxe, with its superior cooling features and 7 layer design. Another reason I like GhostBed is that they’re a family run company who’ve been in business for more than 20 years, which is a history most bed in a box brands can’t claim. Like Douglas, this mattress is made in Canada.

On sale, you can pick up Ghostbed Luxe split king mattresses for under C$3000. Yes it’s a lot more expensive than Douglas or Sleep On Latex, but the extra features make it worthy of bringing your attention to.

With a 101 night sleep trial and a 20 year warranty, you’ve got plenty of assurance you’re making a safe buy. Being a more “luxe” mattress, this one has a more plush feel and 7 foam layers, as opposed to the 3 we saw earlier in this article.

It’s got a total height of 13 inches and the 7 layers include cooling gel memory foam and GhostBeds’ special “bounce” foam, which is a memory foam that will stop you from feeling like you’re sinking into your mattress. Again, I’ve checked it’s compatible with adjustable bed bases for you.

Pros And Cons Of Split King Mattresses

  • Allows for couples to choose different firmness mattresses, or even totally different types if they wish
  • Zero motion transfer if you're sharing your bed
  • Easier to move around (two twin XL mattresses are easier to manage than one big king mattress)
  • If using on an adjustable bed, you can move your side up and down without changing your partner's side
  • More expensive than a regular king mattress
  • You'll need a way to keep the mattresses together on the bed
  • Changing sheets can be time consuming
  • If using on an adjustable bed, the motors may disturb the person you're sharing a bed with

I go through these pros and cons in more detail in my Problems With Adjustable Beds article, and my “how to” which gives you the best solutions for keeping split king beds together.

Split King Mattress Canada – Your Questions Answered

Is A Split King The Same As Two Twin XL?

Yes. The dimensions are exactly the same.
One twin XL mattress is 38’x80′. If you put two together you get 72′ x 80′, which is the exact same as a standard king mattress in both the USA and Canada. This may differ for the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Can You Get A Split King Mattress?

Yes. Many brands know that split king mattresses are increasing in popularity, so they’re happy to market two x twin XL mattresses as a split king mattress. This language makes it easier for some people to understand what they are buying.

Why Is Split King So Expensive?

Because it’s two mattresses. However, you’ll generally find them the exact same price as two twin XL.
You’ll find a split king is often significantly more than a standard king. That’s because making a split king isn’t as simple as just sawing a king in half and leaving it at that, the mattresses need edging and finishing. When you look at all the pros of split king mattresses, the price difference really isn’t that much.

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