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Look, I came here to tell you that your best Sleep on Latex Canada option is to buy from Amazon Canada, but that’s just not true.

Sure, it’s the most obvious and probably quickest way with free shipping, but my research has uncovered that you’ll actually save a ton of money if you buy direct from their US store (yep, even though you’ll pay shipping and taxes).

I don’t have an affiliate partnership with Sleep On Latex so I’m making zero money telling you this, but my job is to do research for you and this is critically important information that is going to save you lots! If I sent you to Amazon to buy your Sleep on Latex items in Canada, you’d be spending around an extra $1000 on a mattress, and hundreds if you bought a topper. So buy direct for the best price for this awesome online bed.

Sleep On Latex Canada Cost Breakdown

When I put a Canadian address (I selected a random Ontario address for research purposes) into the Sleep On Latex USA website, here’s what the costs were. Keep in mind that even though you have to shop in USD, it’s STILL cheaper than Amazon Canada.

  • Queen mattress: $999 USD
  • Shipping to Ontario: $104.79
  • Taxes: $129.87
  • Total = $1233.66

If you convert that to Canadian dollars (based on the exchange rate on the day I wrote this article in March 2023), that comes out to 1694.96. Now Amazon won’t let me share exact prices because they fluctuate regularly, but I can tell you that it’s a saving in the region of $500-$1000 depending on day.

Let’s do the same with a topper:

  • Queen topper (2 inch height): $165 USD
  • Shipping to Ontario: $34.64
  • Taxes: $22.52
  • Total = $230.41

Convert that to CAD and you get $316.57. If you look at mattress topper prices for Sleep On Latex Canada on Amazon, you’ll see that once again, you’ll save big ($100-$300 depending on the day).

Alternatives to Sleep On Latex Canada

If you’re not keen on paying in USD + shipping and taxes from the US to get your hands on these quality latex mattress products, here are some alternatives that are more easily available in Canada

Go Rest Canada

Go Rest are a Canadian brand offering you organic latex (not just natural) so if you want absolutely premium quality that is best of the best, buy from these guys.

This is my favorite Sleep On Latex Canada alternative because you’ve got a much wider selection of mattresses, organic latex, and free pillows with your mattress purchase. I know that with more choice can come more analysis and difficulty deciding, so I’ll tell you that my favorite mattress from the Go Rest range is the “Organic G2 Customizable”.

The G2 has a 6 inch latex core where you choose the firmness (you can even split this into medium and firm if you want) and a 2 inch latex top where you choose plush, medium, or firm. It comes out at around $2K for a queen, so it’s more than Sleep On Latex, but it’s a mattress with a ton more features. There are cheaper mattresses in the range that align more with Sleep On Latex prices, and there are more expensive ones too. The G2 is kinda in the middle and is a great buy in my opinion after carefully examining their range.

Their toppers come out at about the same price as buying Sleep On Latex from Amazon, so their best value really is in the mattresses. Do note the return policy for mattresses is just 30 days though.

Recore Mattress

Sleep On Latex Canada - Recore is an alternative

Recore Mattress is another Canadian mattress that sells exclusively in Canada. Under a SilverCharged antimicrobial cover, the mattress has a 1.5-inch graphite-infused latex foam layer. Both the graphite and latex work in tandem to regulate the heat emanating from the body of the sleeper and disperse it quickly to keep the mattress cool and comfortable for longer.

So you can see that this is a bit more of a complex mattress than the purely latex ones we’ve talked about, but it’s a great one that comes out at around $999 for a queen and comes with a 120 night trial.

Sleep On Latex Canada Summary

In conclusion, if you’ve got your heart set on the Sleep On Latex brand, I really recommend you buy directly from their US store. Don’t buy from Amazon Canada, you’ll spend a lot more money!

There are some great Canadian alternatives as I’ve shown you, so factor those into your buying thoughts. I’d personally go for Go Rest for a mattress, but would stick with Sleep On Latex for a topper.

Happy shopping!


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