Natural Latex Mattress Canada: Top 3 For The Best Sleep

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Natural Latex Mattress Canada – I have a natural latex mattress in my own house, and it’s right up there with my favorites. It’s naturally cooling, supportive, just the right firmness.

For people in the know about how great latex is for mattresses, it’s hard to choose anything else!

I’ve researched all the natural latex mattress options in Canada to bring you the best in your market.

To save you time and brain overload with choices, I’ve decided to limit this review to the top four natural latex brands: GhostBed, Essentia, and Go Rest. There are other good-quality latex mattresses like Spindle, PlushBeds, and Saatva. But these mattresses are manufactured in the USA and shipped to the Canadian market. When you factor in the high cost of shipment, they tend to be more costly than their Canadian made counterparts (especially if you want to return the mattress if there’s a problem).

Take advantage of buying locally for great prices and risk free in home sleep trials.

Top Recommendation: GhostBed Natural

Nautral Latex Mattress Canada - GhostBed

We came to the conclusion that the GhostBed Natural was the best natural latex for the Canadian market after deep analysis of the mattress and comparing it against the other products available for Canadians.

For starters, the GhostBed Natural takes full advantage of the responsiveness of the natural latex to create a mattress with exceptional bounce. The natural Talalay latex is responsible for cradling the body of the sleeper without letting them sink into the mattress or feel stuck. In addition, the mattress also uses Dunlop latex to balance the responsiveness of the Talalay latex and give the mattress more durability and extra support.

The first texture that welcomes your body is the cotton cover. The fabric is made of organic cotton to prevent allergies and provides a luxurious softness to the mattress. And then there’s the wool layer. The natural wool sits on top of the latex to wick moisture and keeps the surface of the mattress dry.

To provide structure and support to the medium-firm latex mattress, 8-inch individually wrapped coils keep the body supported and add a springy sensation to the sleeping experience as a whole. But there’s more to those reinforced steel coils than just making the mattress more bouncy. Since they’re individually wrapped, they do an excellent job isolating the movement of the sleepers. That way the mattress remains stable and level.

The GhostBed Natural also excels in other aspects. The materials used in the mattress are certified for safety. The cotton and wool layers both meet the Global Organic Textile Standard and are OEKO-TEX® certified. It has also earned the USDA Organic Certification. As for the latex layer, it meets the Global Organic Latex Standard. The natural materials all contribute to the high quality of sleep and feeling of weightlessness that the mattress provides.

Runner Up: Tatami Mattress By Essentia

Nautral Latex Mattress Canada - Tatami Mattress By Essentia

The Tatami Organic mattress almost made it to the top in this tight competition but fell short thanks mostly to the excellent quality materials and high safety standards that the GhostBed Natural adheres to. Still, the Tatami Organic is a mattress to consider for many reasons.

The mattress cleverly combines different materials to create an organically built mattress that creates a clean air environment with its non-toxic materials. The one layer that sticks out is the Kevlar liner. Kevlar is the material that bullet-proof vests are made of. It’s quite unusual to see it squeezed between the soft and comfortable foam and latex layers of a mattress.

The cover of the mattress is made of organic cotton for extra comfort and chemical-free fabric. And since it’s a zipped cover, you can easily remove it, wash it, and put it back on to ensure that the mattress remains clean and dust-free. But we’re still one layer away from the latex.

The foam layer is one inch thick and is made of the patented Natural Memory Foam. It provides extra softness before your body feels the responsive firmness of the latex layer. The natural latex is the main attraction of the Tatami Organic. Rather than being just an extra layer, it actually makes up the bulk of the mattress.

The Tatami Organic boasts a 7-inch natural latex layer. This layer is made of natural Hevea latex foam. It provides excellent support and combines the responsiveness of the latex with the softness and comfort of the foam. The total sum of all of these layers made of diverse materials is a mattress that gives wonderful spinal alignment.

The overall feeling you get out of the mattress is that it steers clear of chemicals or toxins and strives to provide excellent pressure relief. This comes in handy for people with backache, hip pain, or problems with spinal alignment. But since it doesn’t use natural latex, it fell short behind the GhostBed Natural.

Runner Up: Go Rest Canada

Nautral Latex Mattress Canada - Go Rest

Like the Tatami mattress above, the Go Rest mattress range are organic and offer great value. They’ve got 6 mattresses in their range with something for everyone depending on your budget and customizable options

My favorite of the Go Rest range is the “Organic One Customizable Mattress” because not only can you customize the feel of the top (choose soft medium or firm), you can ALSO customize the core! This is really cool, because you can split the core into different firmnesses, making it a real winner for couples with different preferences.

I’ve not seen many brands offering split firmness cores and this is a super awesome feature for couples who can’t decide which firmness they want.

The Organic One has a total height of 10 inches, which is totally acceptable for the low price (starting at $1499). I’ve seen plenty of lower quality latex mattresses (in the USA though) going for more than that, so in Canada you’ve got the best deals I reckon.

Go Rest mattresses have a 90 day sleep trial so if you get the firmness wrong, they’ll be able to help you sort it easily. They also have a generous 25 year warranty.

Why Buy A Natural Latex Mattress?

Natural latex is made from the sap of rubber trees, a natural, sustainable product. A mattress made of natural latex has many advantages over other mattresses:

  • Durability: A natural latex mattress is more durable than its non-latex counterpart. The material is more responsive and has extra bounce. Warranties for latex mattresses often MUCH longer than other mattresses (think 20 years vs 10 years for memory foam)
  • Cooling: Cooling is a serious issue with many mattresses. But since natural latex is a cool material with natural ventilation, the mattress stays cool for longer and promotes heat wicking better than other materials.
  • Support: Another feature that makes natural latex mattresses a good option is that the material is resilient and elastic. Extra support comes naturally and your body will feel and appreciate it whether you sit or lie down on the mattress.
  • Motion Isolation: With a latex mattress, the motion on one part of the mattress doesn’t transfer as quickly or fully as with other materials. Not to mention that latex doesn’t make noise when you roll over it, like traditional spring mattresses can!

The Natural Latex Mattress Canada Verdict

After comparing the three top natural latex mattresses in Canada, it becomes clear why the GhostBed Natural is the top choice and the recommended mattress for natural latex lovers. The mattress combines the finest qualities of cotton, wool, and natural latex to create a responsive, bouncy, toxin-free, and safe mattress. The GhostBed has earned many certifications and adheres to global standards in terms of the quality of the natural wool, cotton, and latex materials. This is why we recommend the GhostBed Natural as the top latex mattress in Canada.

GhostBed Natural Mattress

Top Choice
GhostBed Natural Mattress
9.8/10Our Score
  • Generous 12" Height, 5 Layers Total
  • Dream Combo Of Latex Comfort And Pocket Coil Support
  • Natural Wool Under The Organic Cotton Cover
  • Strong Edge Support From Reinforced Coils
  • Contains Both Talalay (Bouncy) And Dunlop (Strong) Latex For The Best Of All Latex Experiences
  • 101 Night Sleep Trial +20 Year Warranty



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