Does Nap Queen Use Fiberglass

Does Nap Queen Use Fiberglass?

Everyone wants a good night’s sleep, and our mattresses have a lot of influence on getting that much-needed rest. The presence of fiberglass and its effects have long caused a stir in this regard! The materials used in mattresses vary, and they play a big part in durability and comfort

Best Memory Foam Mattress Canada - Feature Image

Best Memory Foam Mattress Canada – Who’s The Winner? Who Else Is Good?

To narrow down the best memory foam mattress in Canada, I’ve researched all the brands so you don’t have to. I’ve been analyzing beds for more than 4 years now, so I’ve got a pretty good eye for what’s good and what’s just marketing. You’ve got a big range of

Split King Mattress Canada - Feature Image

Split King Mattress Canada – Did You Know This Simple Fact?

You’ll be happy to hear that in Canada, a split king mattress is simply two twin XL mattresses. Lots of brands know you want a split king mattress though, so they’ll sell you a “split king” mattress size. So, split king or two x twin XL mattress, it’s the same

What Is A Mattress In A Box Canada - Feature Image

What Is A Mattress In A Box – Canada Perspective

If you’re in the market for a new mattress, you may have heard of a “mattress in a box”. But what is a mattress in a box, and why should Canadians consider buying one? A mattress in a box is a type of mattress that is compressed, vacuum-sealed, and shipped

Natural Latex Mattress Canada

Natural Latex Mattress Canada: Top 3 For The Best Sleep

Natural Latex Mattress Canada – I have a natural latex mattress in my own house, and it’s right up there with my favorites. It’s naturally cooling, supportive, just the right firmness. For people in the know about how great latex is for mattresses, it’s hard to choose anything else! I’ve

Sleep On Latex Canada - Feature Image

Sleep On Latex Canada – Where To Get The Best Price

Look, I came here to tell you that your best Sleep on Latex Canada option is to buy from Amazon Canada, but that’s just not true. Sure, it’s the most obvious and probably quickest way with free shipping, but my research has uncovered that you’ll actually save a ton of

Recore Mattress Review- Feature Image

Recore Mattress Review – Is It Canada’s Best Latex Mattress?

Recore Mattress Review – Only a few mattresses can claim to be 100% Canadian. Recore is one of those mattresses that use Canadian ingenuity, Canadian sourced materials, and Canadian hands to design and assemble a mattress exclusively targeting the Canadian market.  What sets the all-foam Recore Mattress apart from other

Softest Bed In A Box Canada - Feature Image

Softest Bed In A Box Canada: Novosbed Wins The Title

Softest Bed In A Box Canada: I went through a litany of soft beds looking for the softest bed in a box in Canada. I have to say that the competition was fierce among all those good brands, but one mattress surpassed all the others in the plush, cloud-like feeling


Logan And Cove Mattress Review – Canada’s Favorite Luxury Bed

Logan And Cove Mattress Review – This stand out mattress is truly unique in the cut-throat “bed in a box” market. Logan and Cove Mattress is a premium quality mattress that was handcrafted and hand-finished to introduce a luxurious sleeping experience to the Canadian market. And when we say luxurious

BedStory Mattress Reivew Canada - Feature Image

BedStory Mattress Review Canada- The ONLY Lavender Infused Mattress

BedStory Mattress Review Canada- For all intents and purposes, the BedStory mattress could literally come out of a fairytale. Between the lavender scent and the dreamy softness, the mattress tickles all your senses and lets you drift into a deep sleep as your body relaxes. Lavender is a well known

Douglas Mattress Review - Feature Image

Douglas Mattress Review – By Canadians, For Canadians

Douglas Mattress Review – The Douglas Mattress is as Canadian as maple syrup. This is not hyperbole. The Douglas Mattress is manufactured inside Canadian territory, by Canadian hands, and for Canadian customers. It’s a fine distinction that makes, the company that makes Douglas Mattress, stand out. Made from top-quality

Electric Adjustable Bed Prices Canada - Feature Image

Electric Adjustable Bed Prices Canada

Electric adjustable bed prices Canada – yes an adjustable bed is an investment, but you just be surprised at the deals you can get, and the quality of adjustable beds out there for the price. I’ve rounded up the best electric adjustable bed prices in Canada (and will alert you

Adjustable Beds With Massage Canada - Feature Image

Adjustable Beds With Massage Canada – Top 3 Options To Help You Relax

Adjustable Beds With Massage Canada – is there anything that sounds more luxurious and comfortable than a bed that not only brings you all the benefits of an adjustable bed but also has powerful and plentiful massage options? I think not! There are quite a few adjustable bed options available

Split King Adjustable Bed Canada - Feature Image

Split King Adjustable Bed Canada 2022 -Top Buys Revealed

Split King Adjustable Bed Canada – there are deals to be had and great options for you to choose from. I’m here to help you make sense of them and choose the best split king adjustable bed for you. Since you’re looking up split king adjustable beds, you don’t need

Puffy Mattress Canada - Feature Image

Puffy Mattress Canada

Puffy Mattress Canada – Is My Puffy Made In Canada? Does Puffy Stock The Same Range On Their Canadian Site, And Is It Any Good?

Puffy Lux Canada - Feature Image

Puffy Lux Canada – Is This A Good Buy?

Puffy Lux Canada – Review And Comparison With The Original Puffy Mattress Puffy Lux Canada – get all the information you need about Puffy’s best selling mattress: the Puffy Lux. In a nutshell, it’s a pretty good buy with its lifetime warranty, premium comfort and made in Canada credentials. But

Best Mattress Topper Canada

Best Mattress Topper Canada – 2021 Best Buys (Top 2) Best Mattress Topper Canada: your top two are GhostBed for a memory foam topper and Pure Green For latex. At a glance: This was a big call, because you’ve got a LOT of options in your market! I’ve taken my

Latex Mattress Topper Canada - Feature Image

Latex Mattress Topper Canada

Latex Mattress Topper Canada Options: You’ve Got A Lot! Find Out The Differences, Prices, And Which Is Best For You Inside.