Recore Mattress Review – Is It Canada’s Best Latex Mattress?

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Incredible Latex Mattress
Recore Mattress Canada
  • Huge 120 Night Sleep Trial And 15 Year Warranty
  • First Comfort Layer Is Naturally Cooling, Supportive, And Durable Latex
  • You Also Get A Generous Layer Of Contouring Memory Foam Infused With Cooling Tech
  • Antimicrobial Cover
  • Made In Canada, For Canadians
  • Get A Free Gift With Purchase

Recore Mattress Review – Only a few mattresses can claim to be 100% Canadian. Recore is one of those mattresses that use Canadian ingenuity, Canadian sourced materials, and Canadian hands to design and assemble a mattress exclusively targeting the Canadian market. 

What sets the all-foam Recore Mattress apart from other mattresses is that it uses next-generation technology to achieve cooler sleep, refined support, better recovery, more relaxation, drier nights, and increased relief. And the cherry on the cake is the antimicrobial cover that fights off mold and bacteria and stays fresh all night, every night.

As we delve deeper into the Recore Mattress, we’ll peel the layers, test the firmness of the mattress, and examine the claims the manufacturers make. We’ll also cover the following topics in great detail.

  • Recore Overview.
  • Recore Features.
  • What Customers Think About Recore Mattress.
  • Alternatives to the Recore Mattress.
  • Final Thoughts.

Recore Mattress Overview

recore mattress overview
  • Price: $999 CAD for a queen-size mattress, and you’ll probably receive a gift with your purchase (like free pillows). I think this is exceptional value given the quality of the materials inside, including that all important latex foam.
  • Ships for free inside Canada except for some remote regions.
  • 120-night sleep trial with a full refund if returned within that trial period.
  • 15-year comprehensive warranty. (This is 5 years longer than the standard 10 year warranty most mattresses have, and you can thank the durable latex inside the mattress for this)
  • SilverCharge antimicrobial cover where every single thread is coated with silver-based compounds to repel germs and keep the fabric fresh while also machine-washable.
  • The 10.5-inch high mattress has the following foam layers:
    • Graphite Latex Foam: The 1.5-inch layer is made from latex treated with graphite to keep the top of the mattress cool and dry while channeling the heat away from your body. I cannot emphasise enough how awesome it is to see latex being used in such a great value mattress!
    • Cooling Gel Foam: The 2-inch foam layer works with the top layer to absorb the heat and dissipate it quickly. It also provides high responsiveness and balanced weight distribution as you shift your body in your sleep.
    • High-Density Base Foam: This layer is 7-inches thick and provides support, structure, and durability to the mattress. It’s also responsible for motion isolation when you share your bed with a partner or your pets.

This bird-eye view of the Recore Mattress reveals something about its name. Both the design and material selection all work together to restore, revive, and rejuvenate your core. The top two layers, in particular, do their best to keep your body cool and dry all night. And while the mattress does away with coils altogether in favor of foam, it still provides medium-firm sleep.

The Recore Mattress scores 6 out of 10 on a firmness scale. Its three layers provide the right firmness for back, stomach, and side sleepers. With both increased pressure relief and refined support, the mattress strikes a good balance between firmness and comfort. Overall, it’s a pretty great bed!

Analysis Of The Materials Inside The Recore Mattress

recore mattress cross section


The cover of the Recore mattress is a combination of three fabrics, all designed to keep the top of the mattress fresh, clean, and germ-free. The threads of the cover are a blend of spandex, viscose, and polyester which are then infused with silver-coated threads to create the proprietary SilverCharged cover. The silver threads have antimicrobial benefits while the other fabrics repel dirt and prevent odor buildup.

And despite the silver components in the threads, the cover can be washed in a washing machine without issues. All in all, the cover of the mattress is thin, stretchable, fitting, and breathable. It does a good job of regulating heat and it’s also easy to maintain, care for, and wash.

Comfort Layer

The two comfort layers of the Recore mattress work in tandem with the SilverCharged cover to dissipate heat, keep you cool, and channel moisture away from the body points that come in contact with the mattress. To achieve that end, the comfort layer is 3.5 inches thick and made from different materials, as the following list shows.

  • Graphite Latex Foam: The top layer right under the cover is 1.5 inches thick and made of latex. To improve the responsiveness of latex, it is treated with graphite. This has the added benefit of regulating the heat coming off the body of the sleeper and dissipating that heat quickly. Much like silver, graphite has a cooling effect and keeps the top of the mattress dry and fresh. The latex has natural responsiveness to it, which helps with recovery as the sleeper shifts their weight.
  • Gel Foam: A 2-inch layer made of gel foam that acts as a transition layer between the top of the comfort layer and the base layer. It’s a little firmer than the graphite latex foam to provide balanced weight distribution. It also gives the mattress its desired pressure point relief that keeps your body from sinking into the mattress while providing adequate contouring.

Support/Base Layer

Every mattress needs a base layer to give it structure and durability. The all-foam Recore mattress doesn’t use coils to provide support. Instead, it uses high-density foam to provide the necessary firmness that supports all points of contact in your body, regardless of the sleeping position you favor.

The base layer is 7 inches thick and keeps the mattress stable on the bed frame. Another job this layer has to do well is isolating the motion of the sleepers who share the mattress. If you like to sleep with a pet or another person who moves around in their sleep a lot, the high-density layer absorbs that movement and prevents movement ripples from reaching you.

With this base layer, the Recore mattress is suitable for different types of bases. You can fit it on a solid platform of untreatable wood, or a box foundation designed specifically for latex mattresses. Even a slatted base will do as long as the slats are not less than 2 inches thick each.

Recore Mattress Reviews From Real Customers

Customer feedback and reviews are important, not just for the manufacturing company, but also for other prospective customers. These comments tell us a lot about the durability, firmness, comfort, and support of the mattress. We get to know firsthand whether the mattress can stand the test of time or whether overuse will wear it off and degrade it quickly.

Time is usually a reliable test as far as new mattresses are concerned. Will the new mattress maintain its fresh look and feel after using it for a few months? Will you get the same firmness and support a few years down the line? Based on user experience, Recore can confidently reply to these questions in the affirmative.

Sifting through the comments that real customers left on websites, we had a clear idea about the strengths the Recore Mattress had and how it fared with people of different sizes, body shapes, and ages. Here’s what we came out with after reading what users had to say.

  • There were 589 reviews in total as of this writing.
  • The mattress scored 4.6 out of 5 stars overall, which is an impressive score.
  • Finding the top-rated comments was just as easy as locating the most negative comments and feedback.
  • About 90 percent of the users rated the mattress either 4 or 5 stars.
  • Many plus-size users were happy with the firmness of the mattress and the support it provided, whether they were back, stomach, or side sleepers.
  • The bed cover had its fair share of the praise users lavished on the mattress. Its breathability and freshness were mentioned quite often.
  • Other users were not impressed with the quality of the mattress and we summarize their comments for the sake of objective coverage.
    • Some users found the mattress to be too firm for their likeness. Others, however, complained that it was actually too soft to sleep on.
    • People with lower back pain weren’t pleased with the firmness of the mattress, either.

“I researched different mattresses online for weeks before settling on the Recore mattress, reading all the reviews I could find. Being strongly allergic to dust mites, I wanted a mattress that could inhibit or at least slow down the growth of these mites. Features like the graphite latex and the washable silver-infused cover were attractive in that regard.”

Recore Mattress Review Verdict

The Recore Mattress uses technology every step of the way to deliver a comfortable mattress with the right firmness degree to suit all types of sleepers. Whether you’re a plus-size or have an average body size, this medium-firm mattress relieves the pressure and keeps your body cool and dry all night long.

I liked how the manufacturers don’t just use regular fabrics to make the cover. They also weave silver-coated threads to repel microbes, mites, and germs. And when it comes to the comfort layers, the latex is infused with graphite to regulate heat and keep the mattress fresh. However, if you’re looking for a NATURAL latex mattress, you’ll prefer one of these.

Technology is at the core of the Recore Mattress and for that, I recommend it to every person who values a good night’s sleep.


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