Best Memory Foam Mattress Canada – Who’s The Winner? Who Else Is Good?

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To narrow down the best memory foam mattress in Canada, I’ve researched all the brands so you don’t have to. I’ve been analyzing beds for more than 4 years now, so I’ve got a pretty good eye for what’s good and what’s just marketing.

You’ve got a big range of memory foam mattress options in Canada. I’m going to take you through the top brands (including the clear winner of the title of “Best”) and also show you the other options for completeness.

I just know you’re going to find your perfect memory foam mattress from this list, I can’t wait to help you choose and get you sleeping better ASAP. Here’s what I’m covering:

On a really cool note, every single one of these mattresses is made in Canada and will ship free to your door.

Best Overall

Novosbed Mattress


Firmness: Your Choice | Layers: 3 Foam Layers
Sleep Trial: 120 Nights | Warranty: 15 Years

Great Mattress For:

People Wanting To Choose Their Firmness
When Quality Is Important
If You Want Your Bed To Feel Luxurious

The Novosbed vision is to bring Canadians a comfortable mattress that feels like luxury yet is still affordable. I think they’ve got this spot on with their memory foam mattress, and that’s why I’ve named it the best memory foam mattress in all of Canada.

From the high quality foams that will provide you comfort for many years to the cool touch naturally soft tencel cover, this mattress has all the hallmarks of luxury at mattress in a box prices.

Unsure what firmness is best and don’t want to be locked into a “one size fits all” option? With Novosbed you get to choose firm, medium, or soft (the mediums is their top seller, it’s best suited to the most people) so you know the bed is going to suit you perfectly. The soft Novosbed mattress also gets my recommendation as the best soft mattress in a box in Canada, so you can tell that I really, really like Novosbed.

Yes, it’s a couple of hundred dollars more than some others in this article, but I truly think the quality is MORE than worth it and I’d be happy to have this mattress in my own home.

  • Memory foam comfort layer with air circulation and cushioning
  • Transitional memory foam that supports the top comfort layer and helps prevent motion isolation
  • High density base foam to give the whole mattress a quality foundation
  • Silky feel tencel top cover (often reserved for “luxury” mattresses, at this price point you usually get polyester
  • Very high average review rating of 4.7out of 5 from 6293 customers (at time of writing)

“This is my second Novosbed purchase, I really trust them to deliver a high quality, luxury feeling bed.”

Happy Novosbed Customer

Most Popular

Endy Mattress


Firmness: Med-Firm | Layers: 3 Foam Layers
Sleep Trial: 100 Nights | Warranty: 15 Years

Great Mattress For:

Those Wanting To Know Thousands Of Others Like It, Too
People Who Would Like A Free Mattress Protector With Their Purchase
If You Want Highly Responsive Memory Foam

While they only offer one mattress firmness, Endy has created what they believe to be the best mattress that suits most people. Endorsed by the Canadian Chiropractic association, this medium-firm feel mattress is going to offer great support for your back.

The Endy mattress has an absolutely huge score of 4.9 out of 5 from more than 30,000+ reviewers, which is staggering to me. Usually, the more reviews you get, the lower the star rating goes, because there’s more people leaving negative reviews. Endy has about twice as many reviews as their nearest competitor (Douglas, with 16,000+ reviews) and their score is near perfect.

If you want reassurance that yes, Endy have got it right and that this mattress DOES suit most people, that’s the best endorsement you’re going to get.

Endy offer a wider range of products than Novosbed above, including a mattress topper that’s soft on one side and firm on the other. This is reassuring to know if you buy an Endy mattress and love it, but want to change the feel a bit. The “two in one” features of the topper make it extremely versatile and economical should you need it, and if you do buy it you’ll still come in at just over $1000 total for the whole lot.

  • Responsive and breathable memory foam
  • Transition foam very similar to what we saw with Novosbed above
  • HIgh density base support foam
  • Micro quilted stretch cover (adds a tiny touch of softness through the top)
  • Highest average review rating I’ve seen, at 4.9 stars out of 5, an amazing achievement given there are more than 30,000 reviews.

“This mattress is firm without being hard, and supports me in all the right places.”

Happy Endy Customer

Best Value

Douglas Mattress


Firmness: Med-Firm | Layers: 3 Foam Types
Sleep Trial: 365 Nights | Warranty: 25 Years

Great Mattress For:

When you want a long sleep trial and warranty
When budget is your primary concern
Being kinder to our planet (Douglas uses lower emission foam)

With its low price point (the lowest of this article) and year long sleep trial (longest in this article), the Douglas mattress is the obvious choice for best value.

Like Endy, Douglas only offers the one firmness option in their Douglas Original mattress, but they’re so sure you’ll love it they’ve given you that whole year to decide for sure. If that doesn’t say confident I don’t know what does!

Douglas hasn’t skimped on anything to bring you their mattress at a lower price. If anything, they’re innovators, offering a lower carbon footprint memory foam and a clever transition foam that acts like a latex foam.

You’re not really going to see it, but the Douglas mattress cover has a beautiful pattern on the cover, inspired by the mountains of Western Canada. So yes this is a budget mattress, but the finer details are by no means overlooked.

  • Cooling gel memory foam made with a 40% lower carbon footprint than other memory foams
  • Transition foam made to have properties of latex (bouncy, durable)
  • High density support foam
  • Cover features infinitex fibers, designed to draw moisture away as you sleep and keep you cool
  • High average rating of 4.7 out of 5 from 16337 reviews

“I was skeptical for the price, but Douglas is much better than a $3000 mattress I was looking at in a store. This is a great buy.”

Happy Douglas Customer

Best Features

Polysleep Mattress


Firmness: Med-Firm | Layers: 3 Foam Types
Sleep Trial: 100 Nights | Warranty: 10 Years

Great Mattress For:

Stronger edge support
People concerned about allergies

If you’ve heard that memory foam mattresses don’t have strong edges and the sides sink a bit when you sit on them (they’re fine when you’re lying down), you’re right. Memory foam mattresses usually have no edge support. Polysleep is changing that with their innovative mattress.

The Polysleep difference is that there is a foam “support frame”, which encases the mattress, giving it stronger edges than pretty much any other memory foam mattress.

Not only does Polysleep have strong edge support, it also uses antimocrobial foam in the top comfort layer, which is great if you’ve got a dust allergy. The edge support and antimicrobial foam are the two reasons why I’ve named Polysleep as the memory foam mattress with the best features.

With a typical 3 foam layer design, medium firm feel and a price point around $1000, it’s easy for memory foam mattresses to all start to look the same, so I think Polysleep have done a great job offering something different that’s actually beneficial, not just a gimmick.

The purple trim is going to be polarizing I’m sure, but you won’t see it under all your bedding.

  • Antimicrobial, breathable foam as the comfort layer
  • Transition foam layer that we’ve come to see is part of all memory foam mattresses to support the comfort layer and reduce motion transfer
  • High density foam base, similar to others
  • Foam encasing around the edges of the mattress for strong edge support
  • Water resistant cover
  • High average rating of 4.7 out of 5 from 1165 reviews

“The mattress feels firm, yet has a pillowy surface to sink into. I recommend this mattress to anyone.”

Happy Polysleep Customer

Best Memory Foam Mattress Canada – Here’s The Rest

There are other memory foam mattresses available in Canada, here’s an introduction to them. Nothing in particular stood out about these particular mattresses, they generally follow the typical 10 inch height, 3 layer format, medium firmness formula. I WILL say though, if you’re looking to spend a bit extra, Puffy and Ghostbed both offer amazingly luxe mattresses which are some of my all time favorites, they were just outside of the scope of this memory foam mattress Canada article.

Puffy Mattress

Puffy Mattress

  • Queen Costs Around $1299
  • 101 Night Sleep Trial
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Medium-Firm Feel
  • 3 Foam Layer Design
  • Average Rating of 5 Stars From 538 Reviews 

The lifetime warranty is a really nice touch from Puffy. I personally prefer their Royal mattress, a way more luxurious and feature packed mattress, but with a higher price tag. 

Ghostbed Classic Mattress

Ghostbed Classic Mattress

  • Queen Costs Around $1102
  • 101 Night Sleep Trial
  • 20 Year Warranty
  • Medium-Firm Feel
  • 4 Foam Layer Design
  • Average Rating of 4.7 Stars From 11150 Reviews 

This is a taller mattress at 11' (not 10') and it has an extra foam layer. As well as having memory foam it also contains latex, which is my favorite mattress material. However, I prefer the Ghostbed Luxe Mattress from the Ghostbed range. 

Silk & Snow Mattress

Silk & Snow Mattress

  • Queen Costs Around $800
  • 100 Night Sleep Trial
  • 15 Year Warranty
  • Medium-Firm Feel
  • 3 Foam Layer Design
  • Average Rating of 4.5 Stars From 1528 Reviews 

I don't really have any special comment to make, this is another 10 inch high 3 layer memory foam mattress. You'll sleep comfortably on it, but I struggled to find anything GREAT about it. 

Your Memory Foam Mattress Questions – Answered

Is It Good To Sleep On A Memory Foam Mattress?

Yes! I sleep on one myself and have done so for the last 3 years. I love them. It’s not just me though, Chiropractors recommend them for good back support, and you’ll find thousands of thousands of people reporting better, pain-free sleep on their memory foam mattress.

Why Are Some Memory Foam Mattresses So Cheap?

We’re talking specifically about mattress in a box brands here. They’re so cheap because rather than having to run stores and all the overheads that go with that, they sell direct to you online. This cuts out a LOT of the cost of selling a mattress, and those discounts are passed on to you, the customer.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Memory Foam?

Some people find that traditional memory foam traps heat. All the mattresses I’ve described in this article use open cell and breathable foams to combat this. However, if you tend to be a very very hot sleeper and sweat in the night, latex or a hybrid mattress with springs may be better for you.
Memory foam also typically lacks edge support, so if this is important for you try Polysleep above or a hybrid mattress with foam encasing the edges.


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