Softest Bed In A Box Canada: Novosbed Wins The Title

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Novosbed - Canada's Softest Mattress In A Box
9.4/10Our Score
  • Softest Bed In A Box In Canada
  • Excellent Value With Prices From Just $799
  • Silky, Cooling, Tencel Cover
  • 120 Night Sleep Trial
  • Generous 15 Year Warranty (5 Years Longer Than Standard)

Softest Bed In A Box Canada: I went through a litany of soft beds looking for the softest bed in a box in Canada. I have to say that the competition was fierce among all those good brands, but one mattress surpassed all the others in the plush, cloud-like feeling it offered. Novosbed is the softest bed in a box in Canada with matching support and durability. The foam technologies that go into the mattress offer a level of softness that goes beyond regular foam. It also offers three softness options ranging from soft to medium and firm.

Besides softness in the mattress, to help me choose the best I also considered motion isolation, temperature control, ease of movement, edge support, off-gassing, and pressure relief. In all of these categories, the Novosbed checked all the boxes and delivered them in spades. In this article, I will cover the following topics:

  • Comparison of the softest bed in a box Canada options.
  • Review of Novosbed, the softest bed in a box Canada.
  • Who is a soft mattress best for?

Comparison: Softest Bed in a Box Canada Options

Since numbers speak louder than words and since softness is the main concern of this review, we decided to put all the top soft beds in a box side by side to compare their softness levels. To put things into perspective, we need to understand how mattress firmness is measured.

The firmness scale is from 1 to 10. 1 is usually the softest and no mattress can provide that level of softness while keeping your body supported at the same time. On the other side of the spectrum, 10 is the firmest mattress level. With a mattress like that, you might as well sleep on a thin carpet on the floor. It provides immense support but is way too firm for many people’s needs.

The following beds are marketed in Canada as soft or medium-soft options. But the numbers show that Novosbed is the softest bed in the whole lot. It scores 5.5 out of 10 which reflects the luxuriously soft sleep experience that mattress is famous for.

Silk & SnowHybrid7.5
Logan & CoveHybrid7.5
Puffy LuxeFoam6
Novosbed – THE SOFTESTFoam5.5
RecoreLatex Foam6
Ghostbed LuxeFoam6.5

Novosbed: The Softest Bed in a Box In Canada

Novosbed - Canada's Softest Mattress In A Box
9.4/10Our Score
  • Softest Bed In A Box In Canada
  • Excellent Value With Prices From Just $799
  • Silky, Cooling, Tencel Cover
  • 120 Night Sleep Trial
  • Generous 15 Year Warranty (5 Years Longer Than Standard)

The Novosbed mattress has evolved over the years. The current mattress is the 5th version of a proprietary technology that transcends both memory foam and high-density foam. This technology is responsible for the plush softness of the foam which also contours the body of the sleeper and provides excellent comfort and pressure relief.

Scoring 5.5 on the firmness scale, this soft bed in a box offers free shipping and returns, 120 nights of free sleep trial, and 15 years of warranty. On top of that, every mattress comes with a free Comfort+ adjustment kit. This lets you adjust the firmness of the mattress according to your needs. The mattress has excellent user satisfaction rates scoring 4.7 stars out of 5 from 6,223 reviews.

Novosbed is my overall favorite of all the memory foam mattress options in Canada, it’s simply just a great quality, well made mattress.


Novosbed is Canada's softest bed in a box

The construction of the Novosbed shows a level of ingenuity and thoughtfulness that explains the popularity of this extra soft mattress. Starting with the cover made of a tencel and polyester blend that stretches and fits the mattress eliminating wrinkles and creases. This outer cover is removable and can be washed.

The inner cover is enhanced by a two-way stretch design that increases the durability of the mattress and improves contouring. And to improve the edge support, the mattress has extra upholstery. It improves the structure and shape of the mattress overall.

The first comfort layer is made of that fifth-generation memory foam I briefly mentioned above. The open-cell technology brings the memory foam to higher levels of refinement and breathability. The top layer channels heat and moisture away from the body of the sleeper to keep you cool and comfortable all night long. A thin foam transition layer eases you gently into the support layer made of 5th generation high-density foam. This layer provides enough support to keep side sleeper and lightweight people under 130 pounds sleeping comfortably.     


When it comes to performance, the Novosbed scores high in terms of softness and plush sleep experience. The 5th generation foam has unique body contouring and wonderful pressure relief which is exactly what side sleepers want. And since the mattress comes with a Comfort+ adjustment kit, both back sleepers and stomach sleepers can also customize the mattress and get the most out of it.

The all-foam Novosbed absorbs vibrations rather well and sensitive couples will appreciate its motion isolation qualities. Side sleepers will also benefit from the memory foam comfort and transition layers as they offer top-notch pressure relief.

Who is a Soft Mattress Best for?

Because of its plush surface and extra contouring capabilities, a soft mattress is most suited for side sleepers. In this position, you want a soft mattress that hugs your joints and allows you to settle down quickly. But people under 130 pounds will also find the soft mattress comfortable. Whether they sleep on their back or even their stomach, the mattress will provide enough support without letting their body sink into it.

But back and stomach sleepers weighing over 230 pounds will not get the support they need from a soft mattress. The soft layers won’t keep their spine aligned and stomach sleepers would have their midsection sag.

For all of these reasons, I recommend the Novosbed for side sleepers looking for the softest bed in a box in the Canadian market. 


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