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Douglas Mattress Review – The Douglas Mattress is as Canadian as maple syrup. This is not hyperbole. The Douglas Mattress is manufactured inside Canadian territory, by Canadian hands, and for Canadian customers. It’s a fine distinction that makes, the company that makes Douglas Mattress, stand out.

Made from top-quality materials, the award-winning, all-foam Douglas Mattress has 3 layers of foam with fine-tuned firmness that keeps you cool at night. It also balances its bounce with the pressure relief it provides. As a result, you’ll have a comfortable sleep every night on one of the best beds in Canada.

Douglas Mattress

An overall excellent value memory foam mattress that’s made in Canada specifically for Canadians, right down to the red and white trim.

Product Details


Memory Foam, Latex Foam

Trial Period:

120 Nights




Medium Firm, Suits Most People


15 Years


From $599

There’s more to this mattress than meets the eye. And in this article, we’ll uncover each fine layer that adds to your comfort, gives you the right balance, and keeps your body weight supported throughout the night. Mainly, we’ll cover the following points in fine detail:

  • Douglas Overview.
  • Douglas Features – Detailed Analysis Of Each Layer Of The Douglas Mattress
  • What Customers Think About Douglas Mattress.
  • Alternatives to the Douglas Mattress.
  • Final Thoughts.

Douglas Mattress Overview

  • Price: $749 CAD for a queen-size mattress with one free adjustable memory foam pillow. In my opinion, it’s the best value memory foam mattress in Canada.
  • Ships in a box for free inside Canada except for some remote locations.
  • 120-night sleep trial from the day the mattress arrives at your home.
  • 15-year warranty which is 5 years longer than the average mattress warranty.
  • Douglas Coolsense cover is made from Tencel that keeps your body cool and improves breathability and airflow all through the night.
  • The 10-inch high mattress has the following foam layers:
    • Luxury Ecolight: This 2” proprietary layer is made of gel foam and sets right under the Tencel cover. It adds to the overall cooling sensation and dissipates body heat more efficiently.
    • Premium Elastex: Another 2” proprietary layer made of polyfoam and is responsible for the perfect bounce the mattress is known for. Its softness cushions and contours the body.
    • Support Foam: This 6” layer is made of foam and is the core layer that provides fine-tuned firmness and support. It is also behind the motion isolation that keeps two people sharing the bed from being disturbed by each other’s movement.
  • My best value pick for split king mattresses in Canada

The above layers all contribute to making the Douglas Mattress an ideal choice for all types of sleepers and all sleeping positions. A lot of thought went into designing the mattress and providing it with just enough pressure relief and firmness for side and back sleepers. At the same time, the plush feeling and cushioning sensation of the top foam layers make it a perfect choice for stomach sleepers.

The support foam layer provides side sleepers with supportive spine alignment and relieves pressure on the main points of contact with the mattress, namely the hip joints and the shoulders. As for back sleepers, the medium-firm mattress offers balanced support to all points of contact from the back of the shoulders down to the calves and heels. Finally, stomach sleepers would enjoy the cooling gel foam top layer, which also doubles as a pressure-point relief layer that hugs the chest and stomach areas gently.

Analysis Of The Materials Inside The Douglas Mattress

Douglas Mattress Cross Section


Although many mattresses use Tencel fabric to make the outer cover, the folks behind the Douglas Mattress take this fabric to new levels of refinement and comfort. The proprietary CoolSense cover is made from natural eucalyptus fabric that is sourced from the eucalyptus trees that grow locally. The CoolSense cover absorbs the moisture off your skin and dissipates it quickly to keep the fabric next to your skin dry and cool.

Tencel has many advantages over other fabrics. It resists fire and stays cool due to its high breathability. And since it’s made of the pulp of eucalyptus trees, it has a natural feeling against the skin. It also repels mold and bacteria, which explains the perpetual sense of freshness the mattress has all year round.

The red and white color scheme with the mountain motif carries the “made in Canada, for Canadians” theme right home.

Comfort Layer

Comfort is the name of the game for the Douglas Mattress. If you’re wondering why the mattress greets your body with this exquisite bounce every time you lie on top of it, you got the comfort layers to thank for that. And there are two layers that get the job done.

  • Luxury ecoLight: This is a proprietary layer made from gel foam. The 2” layer pulls a double duty dissipating heat and providing a cushioning softness that keeps you comfortable all night. The reason it has the environmentally friendly “eco” prefix in the name is that making this foam produces 40 percent less carbon output in the environment.
  • Premium Elastex: This foam layer is also 2 inches thick but has the natural feel and responsiveness of latex. It’s chemical-free, which means no allergic reaction or off-putting odors. This layer responds to the weight of your body and provides quick recovery and bounce as you shift your weight.

Support/Base Layer

The third layer of the Douglas Mattress does the heavy lifting, literally speaking. Eliminating the need for coils, this layer is both sturdy and dense. You can think of it as the support core that gives the mattress its shape, firmness, and durability.

And don’t let the absence of coils fool you. This mattress had great edge support thanks to its design. The extra dense polyfoam gives the mattress a medium-firm sleep that scores 6 on the firmness scale. It also helps with the fast dissipation of infrared heat to keep the mattress under you cool and fresh.

Rated No. 1 in motion isolation in Canada, the Douglas mattress excels in keeping those sharing the bed snugly comfortable and their sleep uninterrupted. Even if you have a precocious pet that moves around on the bed all night, the support layer will isolate its movement from the rest of the mattress.

Douglas Mattress Reviews From Real Customers

One would expect a lot from an award-winning mattress that is ranked at the top over 50 other competitors. And one way to judge the mattress’s performance over the years is to browse through the comments and ratings that long-time users have left on the website.

To ensure the integrity and credibility of these ratings, a third-party entity is responsible for processing and displaying the feedback even on the company’s website. This allows us to sift through the users’ experiences with the mattress both good and bad and easily navigate to the negative comments.

From the huge amount of feedback Douglas Mattress received, we can sum up the comments and ratings in the following points.

  • There were over 12,882 comments about the mattress at the time this review was written.
  • About 93 percent of the comments and ratings were on the positive side, giving the mattress either 4 or 5 out of 5 stars.
  • Overall, user satisfaction was more obvious with the levels of comfort and firmness the mattress provided.
  • Users who were pregnant when they bought the mattress were happy with how supportive the mattress was.
  • The absence of aching and a sore back after using the mattress was also a cause for delight that many users felt the need to mention.
  • There were fairly more couples using the mattress than single people. The majority of those who slept with a partner were pleased with the motion isolation of the mattress.
  • All sleeping positions were represented in the comments and it was clear from the feedback that the mattress did an excellent job for back, stomach, as well as side sleepers.
  • There were also negative comments and users who were not happy with the mattress. We include a few of them here for the sake of fair coverage.
    • One side sleeper complained that their arm goes numb when they sleep on that side.
    • Other users found the mattress too firm for their liking.

“My whole life, I’ve been a light sleeper, waking up many times per night at the slightest noise or motion. After a week of adjustment, I’m amazed to find that I can now sleep through an express train passing under my bed. I’ve been sleeping so soundly that my partner has, on more than one occasion, had to make sure I was still breathing.”

Douglas Mattress Review Verdict

Douglas Mattress

I think the Douglas mattress is great value for money. Not only is it locally made from high quality materials, it hits that “Goldilocks” firmness level where most people will sleep comfortably. It’s hard to imagine you’d find a better quality mattress for under $900, which is about where prices for the Douglas mattress top out.

For an all-foam mattress that does away with coils altogether, the Douglas Mattress provides enough edge support and sturdiness to give the mattress a medium-firm quality. And with the proprietary cover and comfort layers, it excels in keeping the sleeper cool, dry, and comfortable all night every night.

For all of that and a lot more, I recommend the Douglas Mattress for all sleeper types, especially those who like a gentle bounce in their mattress.


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