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Bed In A Box Canada: Let Me Show You The Best Options

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Bed In A Box Canada: you’ve got a ton of options in your busy and competitive Canadian mattress market. As a buyer, how are you meant to distinguish one brand from another? With all promising generous sleep trials, the same warranties, and all for very similar prices, how are you meant to choose? They can’t all give you “the best sleep in Canada”, can they?

In this article I want to introduce you to some of the main beds in boxes you can buy in Canada. We’ll run through each brand and look at:

  • Is the mattress made in Canada?
  • Mattress construction
  • Mattress feel

I’ll also give you a very quick overview of some of the budget mattress in a box options available on Amazon Canada, as there’s quite a few to get your head around.

But Let’s Start With My Top Choice: Noa Canada.

Best Bed In A Box Canada Is….NOA!

mattress in a box canada - noa overview

Canadian owned Noa make three mattresses in their range. Each has a foam upper and a pocket coil support base, and comes with a 100 night in-home sleep trial.

I think the mid priced model, the Noa, represents exceptional value for money, and is similar to many mattresses you’ll see on the floor in big stores for many times this price! Here’s what makes it great:

  • Latex AND gel memory foam comfort layers
  • Strong, individually wrapped pocket coil support system
  • Foam encasing of the support coils (a quality feature that shows the company care about looking after the coils)
  • Hand tufted cover

The Noa Lite mattress is cheaper because it has one less comfort layer, and is therefore also the firmest of the 3 Noa mattresses available in Canada. Even though it’s the cheapest of the Noa range, it still has some ultra-lux features, like hand tufted finishing on the cover.

The Noa Luxe is something pretty special: it has a layer of micro coils in the comfort layer (I used to have a mattress with this feature, it was bliss) AS WELL AS two foam layers (latex and memory foam) and a zoned pocket coils in the base for targeted support.

The GoodMorning.Com Brands

GoodMorning.Com - Bed In A Box Canada

GoodMorning.Com has been creating memory foam mattresses since 2009. Constantly creating and innovating, this Canadian brand now has seven mattresses available for Canadian customers. They are all made in Canada and offer something to suit everyone. Here’s what Good Morning brings to the Bed In A Box Canada market:

  • Juno (Value Mattress): Two layers of foam, medium feel, priced from $249
  • Douglas (Cooling Gel Foam): Three layers of foam, medium feel, priced from $599
  • Brunswick (Classic Spring Comfort): Eurotop design with two foam layers and pocket coils, medium feel, priced from $599
  • Logan & Cove (Luxury Hybrid Pillow Top): Luxury cover and pillow top with multiple foam layers and pocket coils, choose medium plush or luxury firm, priced from $799
  • Recore (Performance Latex): Three foam layers including latex in the top layer, designed for performance, priced from $649
  • Novosbed (Premium Memory Foam): Three layers of foam (similar to Douglas) choose soft, medium or firm (and free comfort adjustments), priced from $799
  • Apollo (Copper Hybrid): Multiple foam layers with a middle layer of micro-coils, medium feel, priced from $949

You can see that each mattress offers something different than the others. To me, the standouts from the Good Morning collection are the Recore with its latex layer and highly technical cover and the Apollo with its high quality, high density foams and the middle layer of micro-coils. I’ve never seen micro-coils put on top of a foam base, I know they feel great on a coil base so I find this one really unique.

If I was going to buy a bed in a box from GoodMorning.Com, the Apollo would be my choice (mainly because I’m curious). If you want to buy a Good Morning mattress and are a bit unsure about your options, go with Novosbed, as that’s the one that allows you the free comfort adjustments.

Silk And Snow

Silk And Snow Mattress Options

Silk and Snow is an American company who sell their mattresses in both the US and Canada. All Silk and Snow mattresses sold in Canada are made in Canada.

The distinguishing features of Silk and Snow are the high density (= better quality) memory foam they use in their comfort layers of their mattresses, and also the fact that you can choose if you want your mattress as all foam or as a hybrid. Many companies hide the densities of their foams as “intellectual property”, but Silk and Snow proudly display them with great transparency.

Both mattresses have two layers of comfort foams under the antimicrobial cover, then your choice of foam or coil support. All foam models are priced from $800 and the hybrid is priced from $850.


Endy Bed In A Box Canada

Endy is a Canadian owned and made brand that offers one all foam mattress.

It has the typical three foam layers you’d expect from an all foam mattress in a box, but an important feature of Endy is that the top layer of foam is temperature neutral. This means it won’t harden up during a cold winter’s night.

Endy is a popular choice, and was voted one of the most trusted mattress in a box brands in Canada by Bright Spark in 2019.

Endy mattresses are priced from $675.


Fleep Mattress Canada

Fleep is another Canadian owned and made brand that offers one all foam mattress. Like Endy, they tell you straight up about the foam densities inside their mattress, and it looks like great quality to me.

The Fleep difference is that it has a four layer construction, and you can flip the mattress to change the feel. One side is softer and the other is firmer. This is perfect if you’re unsure what firmness level you’d like and don’t want to worry about exchanging or returning a mattress that wasn’t right for you.

Fleep mattresses are priced from $699.


Puffy Bed In A Box Canada Options

Puffy is one of the biggest mattress in a box retailers in America, and recently brought their popular mattresses to Canada. The mattresses they sell in Canada are also made in Canada, especially for their Canadian customers.

Puffy make a range of memory foam mattresses: a basic model, a “Lux” model, and the “Royal”, their most feature packed mattress. Only the basic Puffy and the Puffy Lux are available in Canada at the moment.

Puffy sets themselves apart from others in the market by offering an unbeatable lifetime warranty on their mattresses. Puffy prices start from $1045, but Puffy regularly offer deep discounts so you’ll never actually pay that full price.

If you want to know more about Puffy in Canada, I have more details here.

Amazon Canada

If you’re looking for a budget priced mattress in a box, Amazon Canada has some brands that offer comfortable mattresses at low price points. These are typically all foam mattresses, and the most popular and best rated brands include:

  • Zinus (especially their green tea infused memory foam mattresses)
  • Linenspa (who also make great mattress toppers)
  • Classic Brands (who make a luxurious 14 inch high budget priced foam mattress)

While you may be able to pick up a Queen or King size mattress for around $300-400 on Amazon, the mattresses above are all made in China and do not come with any sleep trial.

At this price point, I recommend you look at your GoodMorning.Com options above and consider the Juno instead: the Juno is made in Canada and has a 120 night sleep trial, which is pretty much unheard of in the budget price category.

There are some beds in boxes that are made in Canada on Amazon.Ca, these include:

  • Polysleep
  • Endy (who we talked about above. They also sell on Amazon)
Click To Learn More About PolySleep

What Is The Best Mattress In A Box Canada?

– Best Budget Choice (and made in Canada): Endy
– Best Luxury Hybrid (with zoned pocket coils and plush support): Noa Luxe
– Best Memory Foam: Puffy
– Best Latex: Recore

How Much Does A Bed In A Box Cost?

Bed in a box mattresses are extremely cheap compared to buying a mattress in a store. You can pick up good quality mattresses starting from around $600, including an in-home sleep trial (usually 100 nights), which is SO much better than trying one in a store. See above for some of my favorite Canadian options, including best budget mattress in a box, best luxury latex in a box, and more!

Is It Better To Sleep On A Hard Or Soft Mattress?

A lot of this will depend on you and your situation.
A soft mattress is best for:
– lighter people (you need the softness to allow for some contouring)
– side sleepers (to allow your shoulder to get good pressure relief)
– anyone who just likes the feeling of a soft mattress
A hard mattress is best for:
– heavier people (you need the firmness for comfortable support)
– stomach sleepers (you need the firmness to support your hips)
– anyone who just likes the feel of a firm mattress
Novosbed are an extremely popular Canadian mattress brand that offer their signature mattress in your choice of soft, medium (best suited to most) or firm, so you’ll be sure to find one of their mattresses will work well for you.

Top Recommendation: Noa Mattress


Value For Money




Quality Of Materials



  • Quality Construction With Care Taken At Each Layer
  • Canadian Owned
  • Unbeatable Value For Money


  • Zoned Support Only Available In Luxe Model
  • One Firmness Option (It's Pretty Much Universally Comfy Though!)

WHy Noa Is The Best In The Canadian Market: