BedStory Mattress Review Canada- The ONLY Lavender Infused Mattress

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Great Budget Mattress
BedStory Lavender Infused Mattress
  • The Only Mattress In Canada Infused With Lavender - A Natural Sleep Aid
  • Memory Foam Comfort Layer (Medium Firm For Optimal Support)
  • Convoluted Middle Foam Support For Air Flow And Heat Release
  • Firm Base Foam For Durability
  • 30 Night Risk Free Trial
  • Free Shipping
  • Prices From Just 269.99, One Of The Best Mattress Deals In Canada

BedStory Mattress Review Canada- For all intents and purposes, the BedStory mattress could literally come out of a fairytale. Between the lavender scent and the dreamy softness, the mattress tickles all your senses and lets you drift into a deep sleep as your body relaxes. Lavender is a well known natural sleep aid, so I’m surprised that BedStory are the only brand innovating their mattresses by using lavender infusion. They’re well and truly ahead of the game!

The BedStory Mattress is a memory foam mattress that strikes a good balance between the quality of design and materials and the cost. The end result is quite affordable (prices are from just $269), yet delivers the same quality one would expect from more pricey brands in the Canadian market. And on top of it all, there’s that extra finishing lavender touch that combines the air-purifying qualities and soothing effects of the delicate lavender.

From the very first moment you touch the mattress, you can tell right away that it is designed for maximum comfort. The convoluted foam layer (designed to create air movement) does a good job circulating the air throughout the deep layers to reduce the surface heat and keep the sleeper cool all night. The high-density foam base provides good support to give you that medium-firm sleep support that accommodates all sleeping types.

As we dig deeper into the construction of the BedStory Lavender to get a closer look at the making of this memory foam mattress, we’ll cover the following topics in exhaustive detail:

  • BedStory Overview.
  • BedStory Features.
  • What Customers Think About BedStory Mattress.
  • Alternatives to the BedStory Mattress.
  • Final Thoughts.

BedStory Mattress Overview

  • Price: $499.99 CAD for a queen-size mattress.
  • Ships for free inside Canada. Shipping fees might apply for shipping to remote locations within the country.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee  which acts as a free trial period (yes, this IS shorter than the 100 days we’re getting used to seeing with online mattress brands, but the tradeoff is the low price. Just make sure you unbox your BedStory mattress straight away to give yourself a decent couple of weeks to test it)
  • 10-year warranty
  • Knit fabric mattress cover that conforms to the shape of the mattress. The non-woven material is breathable and gives the mattress an extra layer of softness.
  • The 12-inch high mattress has the following foam layers:
    • Pure Memory Foam Layer: This is a 2.5-inch memory foam layer immediately under the knit cover. It’s infused with lavender, which acts as an air purifier, natural sleep aid, and molds to the natural shape of the body of the sleeper.
    • Convoluted Foam Layer: A 7-inch foam layer that improves the airflow within the depth of the mattress and dissipates the heat to keep your body cool and comfortable during sleep.
    • High-density Support Foam Layer: This 2.5-inch layer gives the mattress its distinct structure and provides support for your body. It also keeps the mattress stable and firmly in place on the bed frame. This layer is responsible for putting the firmness in the medium-firm mattress.

Along with the BedStory Lavender mattress, the company also rolls out another mattress worth mentioning here. The BedStory Pocket Spring Double Mattress is an 8-inch high mattress that combines thickened gel memory foam with pocketed springs to give the spine the perfect alignment. The foam layer is also treated with bamboo charcoal to prevent the buildup of mold and bad odors. This also helps suppress heat and keep both the mattress and the sleeper cool and dry throughout the night. 

But for all its good features, the BedStory Pocket Spring Double Mattress is just too thin to fit every sleeping type and bed frame the way the BedStory Lavender does. It might be a good choice for kids and even young adults. But a fully grown person wouldn’t appreciate the limited cushioning of the thin foam layer at the top.

Analysis Of The Materials Inside The BedStory Mattress


The BedStory Lavender mattress has a cover that matches both the design and performance of the mattress. The knit cover stretches comfortably to hug the body of the mattress without insulating your skin from the softness of the top pure foam layer. And since it’s not woven, it doesn’t wrinkle easily.

The cover is removable and easy to wash and fit back on the mattress. As for the hypoallergenic material, it feels natural against the body even when the sleeper starts to sweat. It’s breathable, which allows the relaxing scent of lavender to pass through and soothe the sleeper into a deep sleep. The stitching is also top-notch and feels comfortable under your body without coming in the way or trapping the heat and moisture either above or below the surface.

Comfort Layer

As an all-foam mattress, the BedStory Lavender puts a lot of stress on the sleeper’s comfort. The mattress achieves that by using two types of foam and infusing the top layers with lavender. All in all, the comfort layer comes down to 9.5 inches, which makes up about 75 percent of the entire mattress height. Here’s how those two layers work together to provide this heightened sense of comfort.

  • Pure Memory Foam Layer: The first layer that welcomes your body as you sink into the luxurious softness of the mattress. It’s about 2.5 inches thick and made entirely of memory foam. The layer is infused with lavender scent, which acts as an air purifier to keep the mattress clean and safe. At the same time, the lavender has a soothing effect on the body and mind of the sleeper to help them drift into sleep quickly. The scent is not too strong or pungent and will fade with time.
  • Convoluted Foam Layer: The second comfort layer is a 7-inch layer made of convoluted foam which acts both as a comfort as well as a support layer. Since this is a medium-firm mattress, the convoluted foam has the right degree of firmness and is porous enough to increase the air circulation and dissipate the heat coming from the top layer.

Support/Base Layer

The base layer of the BedStory Lavender mattress is a 2.5-inch layer made of high-density foam. Its ergonomic design allows it to provide support and stability for your body. And even though it’s thin, this layer still gives the mattress decent durability and edge support.

BedStory Mattress Reviews From Real Customers

The BedStory Lavender mattress is a relatively new product. As such, it hasn’t built a solid fan base quite yet. However, we still gathered enough feedback from the few reviews available to paint a more or less accurate picture of the mattress in use. Of course, it’s still too early to know how the mattress fares a few years from now and whether it will stand the test of time or not.

That said, the 10-year warranty that comes automatically with each mattress should give us confidence in the durability and high performance of the mattress even after years of use and abuse. Here’s the lowdown of the information we gleaned from real customers.

  • As of this writing, there were a total of 8 reviews in all.
  • 100 percent of those reviewers gave the mattress either 4 or 5 stars. That means there were no bad reviews or unsatisfied customers.
  • Each review seemed to focus on a different aspect of the mattress. So despite the limited number of reviews, we have a comprehensive view of the performance of the mattress.
  • Some users mentioned the ease of installation as the foam mattress was easy to unbox, unpack, expand, and set up without much effort.
  • The low prices also got some mention from the users. Along with the lavender infusion, the affordable price would be a top-selling point for this mattress.
  • The mattress’s ability to conform to the shape of the body and relieve pressure points quickly was also stressed out in more than one review.
  • There were no negative comments or reviews.

“When you first lay down on it, it is fairly firm. As you lay there, it slowly conforms to your pressure points. Most of my pain when I wake up is gone. I don’t feel the hip and shoulder pressure point much at all. I am getting much better sleep than my old Ikea spring mattress. I am still adjusting to this mattress but so far (4 weeks) I am very happy with my choice.”

BedStory Mattress Alternatives

If you want to check out some other top Canadian bed in a box brands before you make your final choice, click here to read my overview of the bed in a box market in Canada (it’s competitive, you’ve got a lot of options). I think the value BedStory offers is going to be pretty hard to beat though!

BedStory Mattress Review Verdict

The BedStory mattress blends different types of foam and, with the help of lavender, delivers a medium-firm mattress with high stress on the comfort of the sleeper. The CertiPUR-US Certified mattress has an affordable price tag and takes your health and safety at heart as it accommodates all sleeper types.

I also liked the scent of lavender that wafts out of the brand-new mattress. For one thing, that cuts down on the infamous off-gassing that new mattresses have. At the same time, the lavender odor is not pungent and tends to sneak in on you rather than overwhelm your nostrils and become a source of discomfort.

For that and many more reasons, I highly recommend the BedStory Mattress for anyone looking for a comfortable medium-firm mattress that doesn’t break the bank.

BedStory Lavender Infused Mattress


Value For Money







  • Great Price
  • Air Circulation Built Into Design
  • Lavender Infusion To Help With Sleep


  • Short Trial Period (30 Days)
  • Lavender WILL Fade With Time
  • Not Many Reviews Yet


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