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Amazon Memory Foam Mattress Review: Best Sleep At Best Price (Or Not?)

The Amazon Memory Foam mattress is a top performer from the Amazon basics range. With its budget friendly price point and your choice of firmness, I can see why people are buying up this popular mattress.

BUT: can it really live up to the claim of the “best sleep at the best price”? And does it deserve its spot up there among the best sellers? I’ve investigated to bring you all the need to know information.

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I’ll look at:

  • Amazon Memory Foam Mattress Features
  • Pros and Cons
  • Is this Mattress Right for You?
  • Is this Mattress High Quality?
  • Is this Mattress Easy to Use?
  • What Are The Best Alternatives?
  • What are the Experiences of those Already using this Mattress?
  • Is It Worth Buying?

Amazon Memory Foam Mattress Features

This mattress comes in three height options: 8, 10, or 12 inches.

The 8 and 10 inch are available in twin, full, Queen and King sizes. The 12 inch is available in all those sizes, and also California King.

Here’s a total breakdown of each mattress:

  • 8 Inch: 2 inches of memory foam + 2 inches of soft polyfoam + 4 inches of firm support foam
  • 10 Inch: 2.5 inches of memory foam + 2 inches of soft polyfoam + 5.5 inches of firm support foam
  • 12 Inch: 3 inches of memory foam + 2 inches of soft poly foam + two 3.5 inch layers of firm support foam (the base layer is therefore 7 inches deep)

This mattress is rated a 3-5 out of 10 on the mattress firmness scale, so it is on the softer end.

The mattress has a good design to help air flow around the mattress, preventing you from sleeping hot. Sleeping hot, or trapping heat throughout the night, is a common gripe of memory foam mattresses. The AmazonBasics mattress has two features to help airflow:

  1. The soft middle layer of polyfoam is “punched”, meaning it has lots of tiny holes to help draw heat away from your body
  2. The base layer/s have a convoluted, egg crate appearance to allow the heat that was drawn through from the middle layer to escape

Pros and Cons


  • Great price point
  • You can choose between three thickness options
  • Good design to avoid trapping heat


  • Only has a one year limited warranty
  • You should not remove the outer cover
  • Made in China

Is This Mattress Right For You?

Amazon Basics Mattress Clickable Image

This mattress, like any, is not a one size fits all. So to answer the question about whether this mattress can deliver the best sleep at the best price, the answer is YES if:

You are looking for a budget mattress. This is the most important point with this mattress. There are always going to be better mattresses for more money. I think you will be happy with your Amazon Memory Foam Mattress purchase if you also:

  • are a side sleeper: side sleepers tend to do better on softer mattresses because they have enough give to support the weight going through the shoulder. A lot of customers who were happy with their mattress were side sleepers and agree with me on this one.
  • are a light person. Lighter people also tend to prefer softer mattresses because a firm mattress does not contour their body enough.
  • are looking for a mattress for a guest room.
  • Are looking for a mattress for a child. Just like this mattress works well for lighter weight people, it would therefore be good for children too. I’d probably choose the 8 inch if I was to put it in a bunk bed though and consider how tall your child is when you choose your mattress depth!

I think this mattress is NOT for you if:

  • you weigh more than 200lb. You’ll probably find this mattress just doesn’t have quite enough support for you. You’ll need a firmer mattress. It doesn’t matter if you are two people using the mattress who each weigh up to 200lb, because your weight is distributed across the bed.
  • you are a stomach sleeper. Stomach sleepers tend to require a firmer mattress, as your hips put a lot of pressure through the mattress as you sleep. This requires a firm sleeping surface to keep your spine happy.
  • you want a mattress made in the USA with a long warranty. You get what you pay for in this case, you’ll need to look at more expensive mattresses to meet these needs.

Is This Mattress High Quality?

This mattress has only been on the market since September 2018, so it is hard to know how well it will stand up to the test of time as we do not yet have any reports from people who have owned it for long enough to give us an idea.

However, I’m going to go ahead and say that compared to many of the other mattresses I have reviewed here on bestmattressforyou.com, it is of lower quality. Why would I say that? The two main reasons are that the budget price point requires cheaper foams are used, and the incredibly short warranty of 1 year (most of its competitors have at least 10 years).

The design principles around the airflow through the mattress are sound though, and are a good feature for the price.

I would generally expect a standard memory foam mattresses to have at least 3 inches of memory foam in their comfort layer, and 7 inches of firm support foam, both of which you only find in the 12 inch model of the AmazonBasic. I guess the pricing also reflects this though.

You’re getting what you pay for here!

Is This Mattress Easy To Use?

Overall, I’d say yes. You just unpack it, put it where you want it to be, use your standard size sheets on it, and that’s it.  There’s just one little tricky thing to it which I’ll talk about.

The care tag on the mattress instructs you to leave the mattress for 72 hours to fully expand. Don’t let this stop you from using it sooner: there are countless reports from real users who reported it expanded quickly (some even reported within a couple of minutes) and many slept on it within 24 hours.

The one little tricky thing, and something that is important for you to know, is about the mattress cover. There are conflicting reports and great confusion about whether you can remove the outer cover to wash it. I 100% say DO NOT remove the outer cover! Why? Because the (federally required) fire retardant in this mattress is fiberglass, which is part of the internal cover: 35.3%, to be exact. This is better than using toxic chemicals as the fire retardant, but a total nightmare if you take the cover off and expose the fiberglass: it can get everywhere – as some unfortunate customers have experienced.

You therefore need to use a separate cover or protector to keep your mattress clean instead, particularly if your using it for a child who may spill on it or stain it. If you just want to use it on its own, I’ve got instructions on how to clean a memory foam mattress for you here. Again, don’t take the outer cover off! Just spot clean it!

What Are The Best Alternatives To The Amazon Memory Foam Mattress?

For a similar price point:

  • The Zinus Green Tea is one of the most popular mattresses on Amazon, and is a well established, popular brand. It has the same cooling technology as the Amazon memory foam mattress and has some extra cool innovations in it. You can read my full review of it here.
  • If you’re not 100% sold on an all foam mattress, you will want to check out my article about the best hybrid mattresses on Amazon for under $600.

Better suited to heavier people or stomach sleepers:

You probably need to choose a hybrid mattress with a firm feel, as this is going to give you the best support. Unfortunately these tend to run at a higher price point than the Amazon Memory Foam Mattress I’m reviewing here, but you’ll reap the priceless benefit of better sleep. Read about my top mattress picks especially for you here.

Another option for side sleepers:

I really like the Classic Brands Cool Gel memory foam range. These mattresses are at the budget end of the price scale, but contain more memory foam and base foam than the Amazon Basic, and come with a 10 year warranty. You can read my full review here.

What Are The Experiences Of People Already Using This Mattress?

Apart from the comments every memory foam mattress gets about off gassing from the foam expanding or it not feeling right for the individual user, i think these are the most important things people have to say from their experience of using the mattress so far.

The good:

  • most customers found this mattress to be very light and easy to set up
  • many customers are happy with the performance of the ventilation features, and found it did not sleep too hot for them
  • many customers feel it is good value for money
  • many side sleepers are satisfied with the pressure support this mattress gives them

The bad:

  • as expected, most reports from people weighing 200lb+ did not find this mattress comfortable, which matches with my expectation that this mattress is better for lighter people or children
  • some people who removed the outer cover found that some fiberglass fibers from the fire retardant layer came out. I said it earlier, I’ll say it again. Avoid this bad experience by keeping the cover on. The fiberglass is absolutely fine if it stays where it’s meant to!
  • some people found their mattress did not expand to the full height. This is a relatively common issue with foam mattresses that have been compressed in boxes for too long. With any online mattress in a box purchase, you’ll have no way of knowing this before you buy, unfortunately, unless you buy a mattress that is made to order such as the Layla or Avocado mattresses.  My advice is to open it up as soon as you can, and measure the height after 72 hours to check it’s reached the full height.

Read more of what people are saying about this mattress on Amazon by clicking here

Is It Worth Buying?

From all the information I’ve presented to you, the answer is a solid maybe! I think this mattress will be a great choice for some people, and not so good for others. To recap, I think this mattress will be a great fit for those after a low priced, soft memory foam mattress that still has some cool features. Side sleepers in particular should like it. On the other hand, I would NOT recommend this mattress to heavier people, stomach sleepers, or those looking for a firm mattress, as this one just does not have enough support for you.

Would I buy this mattress? I’d strongly consider it as a guest room option or a kid’s bed. The price point makes it attractive, but the short warranty makes me wonder about its durability. However, I do really like the cooling innovations and choice of foam depth. I might be more inclined to spend a little more on one of the alternative mattresses I mentioned above. Myself and my husband both sleep on our backs so this would not be the best fit for us personally: it might be a little soft for us.

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