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Best Air System:

BedJet 3 Air System

  • The most advanced system from popular BedJet
  • Pumps air through your bed via narrow tubes inside the cooling pad
  • Louder than water systems, but easier on your pocket
  • Temperature range: 66 -104 F
  • Biorhythm techonolgy
  • Smart phone controlled
Best Overall:

Ooler Sleep Water System

  • Pumps cooling water through your bed via small channels inside the cooling pad
  • Quieter and more affordable than air systems
  • More precise temperature regulation than any other system
  •  Big temperature range: 55 – 115 F
  • Smart phone controlled
Best Passive Cooling:

Plushbeds Latex Topper

  • Made from natural latex: the most durable, cooling, and comfortable bedding material on the planet
  • Organic cotton cover to further enhance cooling
  •  5 Year warranty but you can expect this topper to last up to 20 years
  • Range of firmness options: soft – extra firm

Best Bed Cooling System – When regular beds and mattresses don’t seem to work for you and neither the aircon nor the fan can keep you cool at night, then a bed cooling system is right for you. But which one? And should you go for an air cooling system, a water cooling system, or a passive cooling system?

There are many options and each one has its own advantages and drawbacks. Read on to find out about the best bed cooling systems and which one we recommend and also get the following info:

  • Why a cooler bed means better sleep
  • Types of bed cooling systems – overview
    • Water cooling systems explainer
    • Air cooling systems explainer
    • Passive cooling systems explainer
  • Best bed cooling systems to buy
  • Final thoughts

Overview of the Top 5 Bed Cooling Systems

Nothing gives you a clearer idea of the key features of a bed cooling system than to compare it against other similar products. The following table compares the top 5 bed cooling systems and shows what they have to offer.

NameTypePriceCustomer RatingTemperature RangeControl
BedJet 3Air cooling system$870 for a queen size bed5 stars from 533 reviews66 to 104 degrees FahrenheitRemote control and smartphone
Pod ProWater cooling system$2,945 for a queen size mattressNot available55 to 110 degrees FahrenheitSmartphone
Ooler Sleep System – TOP PICKWater cooling system$1,1190 for a queen size bed for two4.2 stars from 817 reviews55 to 115 degrees FahrenheitSmartphone
Saatva Latex Topper Passive cooling$445 for queen size topperNot AvailableNot ApplicableNot Applicable
PlushBeds Latex TopperPassive cooling$356 for a 2” queen size topperNot AvailableNot ApplicableNot Applicable

From the above table, it becomes clear that the Ooler Sleep System offers many advantages over similar products in its category as well as over the other bed cooling system types. It has a dual control system for couples with different preferences and it has been endorsed by consumer reports for 2 years in a row. Still, for the sake of fair and balanced reviewing, we’ll cover below all the cooling system types in the market and the main advantages and drawbacks of each one.

Best Water Cooling Systems

As we mentioned, water cooling systems have some distinct features that make them a favorite of many people. They are quite reliable and because they don’t make white noise, they don’t interrupt your sleep or keep you from falling back to sleep. Out of the many water cooling systems in the market, the following two products stand out.

OOLER Sleep System

Ooler Sleep System

The Ooler Sleep system from Chilisleep is a premium bed water cooling system that contains two parts. The first is a control unit that handles everything from controlling the water temperature and pressure to ensuring the pad is at the desired temperature all the time. The second part is the hydronic pad with its vast intricate network of narrow channels where the EMF-free water flows to maintain the set temperature of the mattress.

To manage the Ooler Sleep system, you can use a smartphone app. It allows you to create different profiles, one for each sleeper and the different seasons of the year. You can use the app to get the precise temperature of the bed that you need. At any time, you can switch between users quickly. Moreover, more than one person can interact with the control unit at the same time. This allows couples with different mattress temperature needs to have a comfortable sleep without inconveniencing each other.

The temperature range of the Ooler Sleep is also one of its best features. It can cool the mattress down to 55 degrees F which works best on very hot nights. In cold climates, you don’t have to sleep in an ice cold bed. You can use the Ooler to raise the temperature of the surface of the mattress to up to 115 degrees F. Again, this dual system works well for couples where one person prefers to sleep hot while the other enjoys cooler mattresses.

I also liked the way the app tracks your sleep and can raise the temperature of the pad around the time you wake up so that you feel more rested and refreshed when you get up without the need for an alarm clock. It also has a 30-night free trial period and comes with a 2-year warranty.

Pod Pro Mattress

Pod Pro Mattress

The Pod Pro from EightSleep is more than just a water cooling pad that cools down the bed. It’s actually a whole 12-inch mattress with the hydro cooling system built right into it. This eliminates the need for a mattress but it also means that this cooling system is more expensive than the other products of this type.

The Pod Pro works well both as a cooling system as well as a heater. It supports a wide range of temperatures starting from 55 degrees F for hot weather and all the way up to 110 degrees F for when the nights turn cold and the bed takes time to become warm and comfy. It also has a dual control system that lets you control only one side of the bed while your partner controls theirs.

The smartphone app is packed with features that are built on top of the hi-tech sensors in the system. The intelligent mattress can monitor your heart rate, track your sleep patterns, and uses the patented technology GentleRise to ease you into a comfortable and gentle waking up in the morning. The app also has some preset temperatures and settings that you can switch between with a touch of a button. If you want to customize the settings, the app allows you to create different profiles each with its own settings.

Other features include a 100-night free trial and a 2-year warranty. But on the downside, it’s quite expensive and doesn’t work on different mattresses the way the Ooler Sleep does.

Best Air Cooling System

Although air cooling systems have some advantages such as the white noise they make while running, they still have some features that endear them to people who like to sleep cool. Even those who prefer to sleep hot or need to warm up the bed before getting into it, can find bed air cooling systems with a high-temperature range for all seasons and weather changes.

BedJet 3


BedJet 3 as the name indicates is an upgrade of a line of air cooling systems made by the BedJet company. The system works like many other products of this type, cooling the air before pumping it into the narrow tubes of the pad. It’s easy to install as you only need to place the pad on top of a mattress of the same size, plug the cubic hub in and you’re ready to go.

To control and manage the system you can either use a remote control unit or install an app on your smartphone. The app as expected has more features and allows you to customize the settings, create profiles, and adjust either side of the bed according to your needs. The temperature range is 66 – 110 degrees F. That range is a little narrower than what the Ooler Sleep system offers which can limit your options in case the nights are extremely hot.

On the upside, the BedJet 3 has a fast action quality and tends to cool down the top of the mattress quite efficiently and in a short time. If you invest in the Cloud Sheet which sells separately, you can enhance the cooling system and improve the quality of your sleep. The Cloud Sheet seamlessly integrates with the bedding and makes switching between profiles and adjusting the temperature an easy and smooth process.

BedJet 3 also has a dual control system that lets you control the temperature of both sides of the bed separately. It has a 60-night trial offer and comes with a 2-year limited warranty. But it has some flaws as well. The most notable of those is the high noise of the system especially when you set it to high speeds. Additionally, BedJet 3 has some premium features that you need to subscribe to enjoy the entire sleeping experience.

Passive Cooling Systems

Passive cooling systems are usually easy to install and will fit on just about any mattress you have regardless of the size, thickness, or comfort level. Another thing that’s going for these systems is the low cost. They’re the most affordable cooling system and since they’re portable and require low maintenance they work well for people who are on the go most of the time.

Saatva Mattress Topper

Saatva Latex Mattress Topper

The Saatva mattress topper comes in three varieties: latex, graphite, and wool. For the best cooling experience, you’ll need the natural latex topper. The pad is 1.5 inches thick and is made of natural latex which provides excellent breathability to improve ventilation and airflow of the top layers of the mattress. This can keep the bed from heating up and lets you enjoy a comfortable sleep in a cool bed.

But this cooling topper doesn’t just help you slow down the steady heating up of the bed, it can also adjust the firmness level of the mattress. If you have a mattress that’s too soft and your body tends to sink into it, the latex topper will insulate your body from the soft mattress beneath it and make your movement on the bed a lot smoother and less disturbing to your bed partner.

The Saatva topper is easy to install. It has plastic anchors that allow you to secure it to the corners of the mattress so that it remains firmly in place. You can use it with all types of mattresses, not just Saatva mattresses.

The topper comes with a whopping 180-nights trial period and since it has a one-year warranty, you can spend half of that period just trying out the topper with no obligations. On the downside, the topper has all the disadvantages of passive cooling systems. It can keep the mattress from heating up quickly, but it cannot regulate the temperature. If the mattress is already hot, there’s nothing the topper can do to make your sleep more comfortable.

PlushBeds Natural Latex Topper

PlushBeds Latex Mattress Topper

Made from natural Talalay latex, the PlushBeds Natural Latex Topper has an open-cell flow design that enhances the flow of the air which promotes better ventilation and slows down the heating of the mattress. Additionally, it is designed to provide better pressure point relief and provide comfort for aching back, shoulders, or hip joints.

The latex topper much like the Saatva topper also does a good job isolating the motion of the sleeper. That will allow two people to share the bed without disturbing each other. Talalay latex is a natural material that has some great qualities. It is antimicrobial, odor-free, and hypo-allergenic. It is also resistant to both dust and mildew which makes it ideal for people with allergies.

Why a Cooler Bed Means Better Sleep

It’s a medical fact that our body temperature drops slightly as we sleep, and that the ideal body temperature for falling asleep is around 65F (or about 18C). If the environment you’re trying to sleep in can’t help you regulate your temperature you’re in for a sweaty and uncomfortable night.

When your bed gets hot at night, sleep can be hard to attain. The temperature of the mattress increases by the minute and no sleeping position seems comfortable. Your go-to solution is to turn on the aircon or use a fan. But the fan doesn’t reduce the temperature of the bed and the aircon sucks the humidity out of the air which makes breathing uncomfortable.

A bed cooling system, on the other hand, tackles the problem by targeting the cause not the symptom. It cools down the mattress itself and keeps its temperature within the range you prefer. That way you can sleep deeper and stay asleep no matter how hot the weather outside is. The air around you is deliciously cool with natural humidity levels and the bed is comfy and dry.

This becomes even more crucial for people dealing with issues such as hot flushes, menopause, or night sweats. When they go to sleep their body temperature increases rather than reduces. This makes their sleep intermittent and less comfortable. But a cool mattress can transform the quality of their sleep overnight (so to speak).

And depending on the type of bed cooling system you choose, you can practically sleep on any mattress, in any climate, and share the bed with another person with totally different temperature needs. The cooling system allows you to adjust the mattress temperature just on your side of the bed while your partner sleeps in their own comfort zone: no more fights!

Types of Bed Cooling Systems

Bed cooling systems come in all shapes, sizes, and budgets. There are mainly three types to classify them. You have air cooling systems that are more complex, hi-tech, and expensive. Then there’s the passive cooling system which uses toppers to keep the mattress cool. Water bed cooling systems sit somewhere in the middle between those two types.

Besides the air and water cooling systems, bed and pillow fans offer a cost-effective way to circulate the air around your body during sleep which reduces heat and helps you cool down. But that’s the extent of the cooling action they perform. You don’t have much control over the temperature of the mattress and the fans don’t cool the air before blowing it under the sheets or into the pillows.

Both the water and air cooling systems are considered active systems that proactively change and control the temperature of the mattress and the air around the bed. The third type tries to maintain the cool temperature of the mattress as long as possible without actually reducing the heat.

Water Cooling Systems

Best Bed Cooling System - Water Systems

A water cooling system, like our recommended choice, the Ooler Sleep from Chilisleep, takes a unique approach to cooling down the mattress. It pumps cold water in small channels in a pad to allow you to bring the temperature of the mattress down according to your comfort levels. The pad sits between your body and the mattress and you can control how cold the pad would be.

In general, water cooling systems don’t make much noise and they give you better temperature control. However, since the water takes longer to cool down, the surface of the mattress doesn’t achieve the desired temperature quickly. Depending on the system specifications, it might take anything from a couple of minutes to 15 minutes to get the bed cool enough to your liking.

Bed water cooling systems can have dual cooling systems which appeal to many people who are interested in fairly complex cooling systems that work directly on the mattress without impacting the whole room or the entire bed. These systems are ideal for people who have night sweats, especially when sharing the bed with someone who doesn’t want the same cooling temperature.

Another advantage to these systems is that it’s fairly easier to control the flow of the cooling water than it is with air cooling systems. Water flowing through the network of tubes in the pad can cover every inch of the mattress to keep the sleeper cool. Some products like Ooler Sleep can also heat as well as cool the mattress. That way they work in different climates and seasons seamlessly and efficiently.

Air Cooling System

Best Bed Cooling System - Air Systems

The air cooling system pumps cool air into the mattress to reduce the temperature of the bed and the sleepers. These systems work faster than their water cooling counterparts since the air cools down quicker than the water. As a result, you can achieve the desired mattress temperature in a short time and go to sleep immediately.

But on the downside, air cooling systems can be a little noisy. Arguably, they don’t make more white noise than a regular fan or an aircon unit. Still, that noise can take some getting used to, especially if you’re trying to fall back into sleep after your sleep gets interrupted for some reason.

Another disadvantage has to do with the level of control you have over the temperature of the mattress. Unlike water cooling systems with their exact temperature control, the air cooling system can give you an approximate temperature range at best. This has to do with the fact that the air temperature rises after it leaves the cooling pump. Much like the air cools faster than water, it also loses that cool temperature much faster. This can reduce the efficiency of the cooling system since transmitting the air through the tubes of the pad isn’t as easy as pumping cool water in the same channels.

But overall, bed air cooling systems are sophisticated systems that offer more features than the passive cooling toppers. Some systems offer both cooling and heating features and give you more control over which side of the bed you want to regulate its temperature.

Passive Cooling Systems

If both the water and air bed cooling systems are highly sophisticated systems that allow you to control them with either a remote control unit or a smartphone app, passive cooling systems are quite the opposite. These low-tech systems are nothing more than mattress toppers and cooling pads.

They have some advantages of their own as well. Their main advantage is their cost-effectiveness. People on a budget would appreciate these non-mechanical ways to keep the surface of the mattress cool and improve air ventilation.

You can also buy mattresses that are designed with keeping cool in mind, like the very popular GhostBed Luxe:

The Verdict

After this whirlwind tour of the best bed cooling systems, one thing is clear, bed cooling systems improve the quality of sleep and suit those who suffer from night sweats. They come in different varieties to suit every budget and mattress cooling needs. It’s now time to reveal the top bed cooling system which we highly recommend. 

The Ooler Sleep System from Chilisleep is by far the best bed cooling system not just because of its feature-rich qualities, but also because of its ease of use, portability, and its dual system. With its wide temperature range between 55 to 115 degrees F, it works well in hot as well as cold climates. It doesn’t make noise when running, and its smartphone app lets you create different profiles for the different sleeping partners. This explains why it has been endorsed by consumer reports two years in a row and has great reviews and high user satisfaction. For all of these reasons, we recommend the Ooler Sleep bed cooling system for more comfortable and rejuvenating night sleep.

Ooler Sleep Is Best


Customer Satisfaction


Temperature Adjustability


Ease Of Use



  • Dual Partner Controls
  • Endorsed By Consumer Reports
  • Widest Range Of Temperatures


  • Reasonably Big Investment Cost
  • Short Trial: 30 Days


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