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Hot Mattress Solutions: 6 Easy Ways To Escape The Heat

If you’re sleeping hot, it could be ruining your sleep. Luckily, there are things you can do to regulate your mattress temperature so help you sleep cooler. I’ve got 6 hot mattress solutions you can start trying tonight. You want a sophisticated system to precisely manage your bed temperature? Perhaps you need a cooling topper? Want to know the best cooling sheets? I’ve got all the things you can buy and all the things you can do to get you sleeping cooler tonight…. and what to do if all else fails.

1. Get Air Circulating Under Your Mattress

A lot of heat should naturally escape through the base of your mattress, so if you’ve got your mattress on the floor or a solid base or box spring, it could be trapping heat. This is also a hygiene issue, as mattresses are more prone to grow mould if air does not circulate properly – moisture gets trapped, creating perfect conditions it.

First and foremost here is don’t have your mattress on the floor – the mattress should be elevated about six inches off the floor for good air circulation. If you’re using a bed base or frame, ask yourself if air can flow around it. Wooden slat bases are going to allow for the most air circulation, moreso than a flat platform or even an adjustable base.

Note: if your mattress has a spring support core from either pocket coils or an innerspring unit, this is less of an issue as air will circulate freely around the springs and out of the base. However, if you’re using an all foam mattress on a solid base, you’ll need to change at least one of those two things to improve the feel of your bed.

2. Use Cooling Bedding

Are your sheets the problem? The best fabrics for wicking moisture away are natural fibers like cotton, bamboo, and linen. My personal favorite of the three has to be bamboo: it’s sustainably grown, is more durable than cotton, and may be even better at regulating your body temperature. Bamboo sheets also feel softer so they’re a win-win all round.

Go for lighter color sheets like whites, soft greys or pale blues, to enhance that cooling feel and look.

These amazing organic bamboo sheets are a good investment if sheets are part of your hot mattress solution:

Simply Organic Bamboo Sheet
Simply Organic Bamboo Sheet Set
  • 100% Organically Grown Bamboo
  • Soft & Luxurious
  • Cool & Breathable
  • Quality, Double Stitched Construction
  • 30 Night Sleep Trial So You Can Test Them At Home
  • Available In Beautiful Cooling Colors: White, Soft Greys, Tan

3. Get A Cooling Mattress Topper

This hot mattress solution is going to work especially well if you have a memory foam mattress, which are notorious for trapping heat if they don’t have any heat transfer technology within the mattress. Adding a cooling topper to your mattress places a super comfy, heat regulating layer directly on top of your mattress and can really help you sleep better.

What to look for in a cooling mattress topper:

  • If it’s memory foam, make sure it’s gel infused memory foam: the gel beads are there to draw away your body heat.
  • If you want a naturally breathable and temperature regulating mattress topper, then latex is going to be your best option. Yes, it can cost more than foam, but it’s the most durable mattress material out there (and it’s sustainably made and best at helping you keep cool)
Best Cooling Foam Topper:

Molecule AirTec Mattress Topper

Specifically Designed For Cooling With Advanced Technologies In Every Layer:

  • Advanced cooling fabric in the cover
  • Airflo comfort layer
  • Airtec air flow layer
  • Recoveryflo support layer
Best Cooling Latex Topper:

Avocado Green Latex Topper

Luxurious Blend Of Organic Cotton And Latex For Perfect Natural Cooling

  • Choose firm or soft
  • All temperature regulating materials
  • 2 Inch latex inner
  • Incredible 1 year sleep trial

4. My Favorite Hot Mattress Solution: This Cool Gadget

If you love a gadget and want one that thousands of people swear by to transform their sleep, BedJet could be just what you’re looking for. Unlike anything else in this article, BedJet is a compact machine that sits under your bed, with a hose attachment that blows air into your bedding.

You have total control over the temperature, intensity, and timing of the airflow, and even better, you can control it either with the easy to use remote or via an app on your smart phone. If you’re a couple who have different preferences, BedJet even has systems to allow individualized air flow on each side of the bed.

BedJet Climate Comfort Sleep System​
  • Quiet, air based system
  • Eliminates body heat and moisture
  • Works with any bed and mattress type
  • You control the temperature
  • Can also be used for warming in cooler weather

5. Ditch Your Waterproof Mattress Protector

This is a hot mattress solution you can go and try right now. While it’s important to use a mattress protector with any mattress (you don’t want to go voiding your mattress warranty if you get any stains, marks, or rips in your mattress), using a waterproof mattress protector can make you super hot while you sleep.

Basically, it’s pretty tricky to make waterproof fabrics that are also breathable, so if you’re using one, even with the right sheets and a cooling mattress pad you’re going to get hot. You’ll need to ditch that waterproof mattress protector for a cotton one and feel the difference.

6. Regulate Your Bedroom Temperature

According to doctors, the best temperature for sleeping is around 65F (18C). If your bedroom is too hot, your bed is naturally going to feel hot! This can particularly be a problem if you have an upstairs bedroom, as heat rises.

The best ways to cool your room down at night are:

  • Crack a window if it’s safe to do so, to allow cool air from outside to circulate through your room
  • Put a fan in your room to allow for better air circulation (HACK: put your fan by an open window and allow it to draw in cool air from outside). You could also invest in a ceiling fan
  • Got air con? Use it during the night. Keep the filters clean so it can run at maximum efficiency
  • Got a room that heats up during the day from lots of sun coming in? Try drawing the curtains in the afternoon to block some of that heat

If All Else Fails… Replace Your Old Hot Mattress With A Specialized Cooling Mattress

So you’ve tried everything and you just can’t get cool with your current mattress. Perhaps it’s time for a new mattress…. luckily there are some great options that allow you in-home sleep trials, so you can really test them out totally risk free and see if they work better for you.

Why Does My Mattress Make Me Hot?

It could be a number of things:
– Can air circulate around your mattress? If not, this could trap heat
– Does the mattress contain naturally cooling materials, or cooling technologies? If not, these mattresses can also trap heat
– Are you using the right sheets? Breathable fabrics like bamboo or linen are the best
– Are you using a waterproof mattress protector? These don’t breathe well, ditch it!
– Is your room too hot? Ideal room temperature for comfortable sleep is around 65F

How Do I Make My Mattress Cooler?

You’ve got several options here:
– Use the best quality breathable sheets, like these organic bamboo sheets.
– Add a topper made with the best technology in cooling materials.
– Use a specialized climate control system to totally customize the feel of your bed
– Make sure air can flow around your mattress

What Type Of Mattress Is Best For Hot Sleepers?

A hybrid mattress is a good choice because it allows air to circulate out through the coil support system. Look for a hybrid with naturally cooling latex in the comfort layer (like Avocado Green) or a memory foam hybrid with advanced cooling technologies (like the Brooklyn Aurora)

Why Am I Getting So Hot At Night?

This could be due to one or a combination of factors:
– Mattress is not cooling
– Your bedding is not breathable
– Air cannot circulate under your mattress
– Your room is too hot
– There is no ventilation in your bedroom


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