What Is The Best Cooling Mattress?

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What Is The Best Cooling Mattress? (Including One You Can Try At Home For A YEAR)

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What Is The Best Cooling Mattress? The one that’s going to stop you getting hot at night, and maintain that perfect body temperature for sleeping, obviously. But which ones actually do what they say? I’ve tracked down four of the best cooling mattresses across different mattress types and firmness levels to offer something for everyone searching for their perfect cooling mattress.

Want to know which one I’d buy for myself? Answer revealed at the end of the article.

What Materials Make A Great Cooling Mattress?

The following mattress materials work very well for neutralizing your temperature and helping you stay cool through the night. These are materials that are either naturally breathable or have been engineered to include cooling technologies inside them. When you combine cooling comfort layers with a ventilated core, you get an excellent cooling mattress.

  • Natural Or Organic Latex
  • Memory Foam That Has Been Infused With Cooling Gel Or Copper
  • Pocket Coil Support Core For Ventilation
  • If All Foam Core: Must Have Grooves Or Convolutions To Allow Air Flow

If you’d like to read more about what a cooling mattress is, click here.

Best Cooling Hybrid Mattress

As there is more than one type of hybrid mattress, I’ve chosen two mattresses here: one with a latex foam comfort layer and one with a memory foam comfort layer.

1. Best Latex Hybrid For Cooling: Avocado Green

What Is The Best Cooling Mattress - Avocado Information

Avocado Green is one of the best mattresses you can buy. Not only is it eco-friendly, high quality, and made from organic materials, it also has an extremely powerful combination of cooling materials inside it to keep you sleeping comfortably all night long.

The cover is a breathable organic cotton, and directly under this as the fire barrier is a layer of organic wool (which is naturally temperature regulating). The comfort layer is organic latex (the highest grade), which is well known for its breathability and heat dissipating properties. The zoned support core is a luxurious touch above and beyond the standard pocket coils you’d expect at this price.

Another great thing about buying an Avocado mattress is the one year sleep trial. That means you’ll get to test it in the comfort in your own home during all seasons to know if it truly works well for you.

In my opinion, this mattress sits at a medium-firm feel. This should be comfortable for a wide range of people, but if you’re a light person who sleeps on their side you may want to choose the pillow-top option or add the soft Avocado Green natural latex topper to your new mattress.

2. Best Memory Foam Hybrid For Cooling: Brooklyn Aurora

Brooklyn Aurora Mattress Information

Brooklyn Bedding are famed for their range of carefully designed mattresses for different specific requirements. The Brooklyn Aurora mattress is their answer for a mattress with superior cooling technology, and it’s sure jam packed with a lot of cooling features that make it one of the best memory foam containing mattresses out there.

Woven into the top of your Aurora is a cooling panel. This is a thin layer of fabric that actually feels cold to touch! This is a luxurious touch that you usually find on beds that cost 3-4 times this price (like Tempur), or it’s a feature you need to pay extra for. The foam layers inside the Aurora have been infused with copper and gel memory foam, which gives them a temperature neutralizing boost that’s really needed for memory foam. This all sits on top of a pocket coil support core for great ventilation.

The Brooklyn Aurora mattress is available in soft, medium, or firm. It’s rare to have so many options for the one mattress, and makes it a great choice for a wide range of people. The medium is the best selling model, as it’s the one that works best for most, or for couples who may have different firmness preferences.

Best Cooling Latex Mattress: PlushBeds Botanical Bliss 

Best Cooling Latex Mattress - PlushBeds

PlushBeds have been in the mattress business since long before buying mattresses online was a thing, and have perfected the art of creating beautiful all latex mattresses. They stand out from the market with their full organic latex mattresses: it can be hard to find organic latex unless you’re looking at a hybrid like the Avocado above.

Not only is organic latex known as being naturally breathable and temperature regulating, it is also extremely durable. A PlushBeds latex mattress will have you sleeping comfortably for many years to come.

Latex is a responsive and resilient material. That means that the feel of this mattress won’t be contouring or hugging like a memory foam, but it will give great pressure relief and support with a bit of bounce.

The PlushBeds Botanical Bliss latex mattress is made up of different layers of latex, which you control the firmness of. This means you can customize the feel of the mattress 100% to your own requirements. If you’re buying the mattress for two people you can even have different firmness levels on each side of the bed, making it the best choice for couples with different needs.

Best Cooling Memory Foam Mattress: Puffy Royal

Best Cooling All Foam Mattress - Puffy Royal

The Puffy Royal Mattress is the latest and most luxurious addition to the much loved Puffy mattress range. The Puffy Royal is jam-packed with a raft of features, including several cooling features that are critical to help you stay cool in an all cool mattress. The top foam layer is infused with gel beads, the third foam layer is a specially created climate comfort foam, and the fourth layer has those all important convolutions to allow air flow through the mattress.

This mattress used to be all foam, but in a clever move that’s great news for you, it now comes with a contour coil support core for air flow.

This is a true luxury mattress, with a total height of around 14 inches, premium cover, and zoning in the core.

In my opinion the Puffy Royal is about a medium firmness, perhaps a touch softer. This makes it an excellent choice for side sleepers, lighter sleepers, and anyone who wants a beautiful marshmallowy (“Puffy”) feel from their bed. I’ve tried a similar mattress to this in my home country of New Zealand and it was bliss.

Editor’s Choice

If I was going to buy one of these for myself, I’d choose the Brooklyn Aurora. Here’s why:

  • I’m naturally drawn to hybrid mattresses with pocket coils
  • I think it contains the most thoughtfully designed foams
  • The cool to touch panel is a truly luxurious cooling feature
  • I like the fact that it comes in three choices of firmness (I would pick medium: I’m an average weight side and back sleeper with an average weight husband who likes a firmer mattress than me, this would suit us both)
  • It is excellent value for money

Here’s a short video from Brooklyn Bedding showing you more detail of the Aurora Cooling Mattress:


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