BedJet 3 Review: The Right Device for Comfortable Sleep

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BedJet 3 review: the spoiler alert is right there in the title: I like this product. The BedJet 3 Climate Comfort Sleep System is designed to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It’s an excellent investment for those who have trouble sleeping due to hot or cold feet or for couples with different bedtime preferences.

It’s also great if you really like the feel of your current mattress, but find you can’t quite get the temperature right (hot memory foam, I’m talking about you).

The BedJet’s Climate Comfort Sleep System is an innovative device that can change the temperature of your bed. In addition, it has a patent-pending design, which is unlike any other cooling system on the market. With a price point well below smart beds and an efficiency much higher than cooling mattress pads, I think the BedJet 3 is a cost effective solution that gets the job done.

In this BedJet 3 review, I’ll take you through:

  • An overview of its features
  • How it works
  • Pros and cons
  • Should you buy it?
  • Analysis of what customer reviews say (the good and the bad)
  • My summary and final thoughts
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BedJet 3
9.4/10My Score
  • Choose heating, cooling, or biorhythm (adjusts temperature through the night)
  • Easy to install air flow system
  • Dual unit perfect for couples with different temperature preferences
  • 60 Day satisfaction guarantee with free shipping

BedJet 3 Overview

Key Features

  • Only 6″ clearance is required to fit beneath beds
  • Easy to install: simply put the BedJet box unit under your bed, attach the hose and put the outlet on top of your mattress, make your bed, and use.
  • Temperature controlled between 66°F and 104°F so there’s something to suit everyone – including biorhythm settings to keep you at the optimal temperature all night
  • For all functions, there is a colour screen remote control
  • Air-based system that is silky quiet
  • Includes WiFi chip

How BedJet Works

BedJet Buyers Guide

You can choose between a Single Zone and a Dual Zone BedJet if you want to customize your temperature settings for single or coupled sleepers.  There are two BedJet units included in the Dual Zone Bundle, which is perfect for those who prefer a variety of temperature settings while they sleep: no more fights over the blankets or the aircon!

A hose is placed right on top of your mattress and is used to blow air into your bed. The BedJet 3 forms a cushioning of turbulent air between the bedsheets that lifts the top bedding. This tenting effect enables air to pass through the sleeping area that provides heating and cooling. You can also pair BedJet 3 with a cloud sheet for ultimate comfort and the best air distribution.

With the use of remote control or your smart device, you manage the airflow’s temperature, strength, and duration. Personally, I would like to use the remote control because it is sleek, simple to operate, and would prevent me from reaching for my phone while lying in bed (I don’t generally like phones in bed, I don’t think they’re good for sleep).

Every BedJet function is clearly indicated on the remote’s buttons, making it even more accessible to those of us who are less tech-savvy (again, me). For example, if you want the BedJet to chill you down, you can hit the “cool” button. Press the “heat” button, and hot air will be pumped directly into the bedding to warm you up.

Those who like to sleep in a dry environment can use the “dry” button to produce a gentle breeze. I found that it will be particularly effective for wicking away sweat during the night.

Pros and Cons of The BedJet 3 Climate Comfort Sleep System:

  • Instant Heating & Cooling Features
  • Lots Of Customization Options
  • Works Well For Different Temperature Preferences
  • Air Based, Not Water Based
  • 60 Day Trial Period With Free Shipping
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Similar Financial Investment As A New Mattress
  • Power Cord Is Short
  • Works Best With The Cloud Sheet Which Needs To Be Purchased As An Accessory

Should I Buy the BedJet3? Further Analysis:

The BedJet 3 IS an investment. It a dual unit for couples DOES cost about the same as many typical mattresses, so if you’re going to buy it instead of a new mattress we need to talk about if it’s worth it. As you probably guessed, I think it is because it’s going to work with any mattress, and the following features are what make it stand out:

Climate Control Technique:

BedJet invented the ultra-fast and air-based bed climate control technique and have refined their product over time (yes, this is version 3 of BedJet, hence the name BedJet 3, it’s the most advanced one yet).

Moreover, BedJet 3 also gives you the ultimate control over the sleeping environment. Installation of it onto your bed is an extremely simple thing that can be done in minutes (watch the short video futher down the post to see just how simple it really is).

Remote Control Prototype:

The super-fast and remote control prototype is the best upgrade of the BedJet 3 model over previous models. It has backlit keys and a full-colour screen. A separate remote control without a colour screen is in processing by BedJet owners who want to hold onto v2 machines.

Moreover, the functional remote control prototype also works with basic features to turn the BedJet off/on and control several functions. It is being considered that BedJet 3 will come with a device built-in with a fresh new UI/UX. So the Bluetooth app remote control BedJet 3 will be a great initiative in technology.

Air Comfort Sheet:

Do you want the best BedJet cooling experience? You can pair it with an air comfort cloud sheet. The cloud sheet is a 100% cotton temperature layer with an exclusively designed interior containing airflow cavities.

The cavities of the cloud sheet airflow are plugged with a BedJet 3 air nozzle to distribute cooling and warming air through the sheet. You just use it in place of your regular sheet, and has been made to feel like beautiful hotel linens.

BedJet 3 Review: Real Customer Comments

At the time of writing, the BedJet has an average review score of 4.7 out of 5, which tells you mot people are really happy with their BedJet. Hundreds of people have reviewed it, so there’s a range of opinions to sort through (I like how BedJet make it really easy to find all reviews, they don’t hide negative reviews like some brands do)

The Good Reviews:

  • BedJet does what it says on the box
  • It’s good at maintaining a consistent temperature through the night
  • Works very well for people who don’t have aircon or heating to control their room temperature
  • Great for couples who have different preferences
  • No more waking up sweating
  • Better than any water based systems they had previously tried: they much prefer the airflow design of BedJet

The BedJet is easy to set up and the temperature range and adjustment speed is phenomenal. It’s really quiet and the remote is super easy to use.

The Negative Reviews:

There are only a few of these, but we need to talk about them. I was really pleased to see as I read through that BedJet had taken the time to reply to every review and offer a hassle free return so even if BedJet doesn’t work out, it’s not a risk to purchase one.

  • One though it wasn’t warm enough, another thought it couldn’t cool enough
  • Some people found it hard to get airflow past their feet through to the rest of their bed
  • A couple of people found some practical issues stopped them from enjoying it: the power cord is quite short, and it’s not very compatible with under bed storage

Keep in mind that the overwhelming majority of people absolutely love BedJet, so there’s no reason to think you won’t too. And if, for any reason, you find yourself unhappy with it, you’ve got that 60 day guarantee with free return shipping to fall back on.

BedJet 3 Review Summary:

BedJet 3 is a great innovation and there’s nothing else quite like it on the market.

With its clever technology it’s a fraction of the cost of a smart bed and many times more efficient than any cooling mattress pad or topper could ever be.

Watch this short video to see the BedJet in motion, and just how easy it is to install.


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