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Logan And Cove Mattress Review – This stand out mattress is truly unique in the cut-throat “bed in a box” market.

Logan and Cove Mattress is a premium quality mattress that was handcrafted and hand-finished to introduce a luxurious sleeping experience to the Canadian market. And when we say luxurious sleep, we don’t mean that you have to pay an extravagant price for that mattress. This proudly made in Canada mattress is quite affordable compared to other mattresses of its caliber. So what’s the secret behind this mattress?

For starters, it offers edge-to-edge support. It comes in two levels of firmness, Medium Plush, and Luxury Firm, to satisfy all tastes and sleeping positions. And it tops it off by staying cool and refreshing, molding to your body and adapting to the pressure points as your body settles down, and achieving satisfying levels of motion isolation.

That is the gist of what the Logan and Cove Mattress is all about. But, wait, there’s more. We need to put the mattress to the test, see what kind of support it provides, how good is the pressure relief, and whether it delivers on its promises of a luxurious sleeping experience that would make you sleep like a baby.

Handcafted Luxe Features
Logan And Cove Luxury Mattress
9.4/10Our Score
  • Prices From $749
  • Choice Of Medium Plush Or Top Selling Luxury Firm
  • Hand Finished Touches 
  • Premium Materials Like Tencel Cover, Gel Memory Foam, Zoned Support Coils
  • Unbeatable 120 Night In-Home Trial And 15 Year Warranty
  • Rated 4.7 Stars Out Of 5 By Almost 5,000 Satisfied Logan And Cove Customers

In this review, we examine the mattress and go poking around each corner and layer. In the process, we’ll cover the following topics in great detail:

  • Logan And Cove Overview.
  • Logan And Cove Features.
  • What Customers Think About Logan And Cove Mattress.
  • Alternatives to the Logan And Cove Mattress.
  • Final Thoughts.

Logan And Cove Mattress Overview

  • Price: $1,099 CAD for a queen-size mattress with two free pillow protectors with your mattress order.
  • Ships for free inside Canada. Shipping fees might apply for shipping to remote locations.
  • 120-night sleep trial with a full refund if returned within that trial period.
  • 15-year warranty.
  • Natural Eucalyptus Fabric cover that was designed and crafted by the company. It blends Tencel with spandex and polyester to create a breathable and ultra-soft cover.
  • The 14-inch high mattress has the following foam layers:
    • Silk Blend Pillow-Top Fill: The first layer under the cover that meets your body and welcomes it with its plush softness and comfort.
    • High-Density Cooling Gel Foam: A three-quarters-inch thick layer made of gel foam that absorbs the body heat and disperses it quickly to keep you cool and maintain the freshness of the surface of the mattress.
    • Cooling Gel Memory Foam: A one-inch thick layer that contours to your body shape and provides much-needed support under the extra soft two layers on top.
    • High-Density Bio-Foam: This one-inch thick of high-density bio-foam acts as a transition layer that gives the mattress the desired bounce one expects from a mattress built for luxury.
    • High-Density Bio-Foam: This is a two-inch layer of the same material as the previous layer. Together, they isolate the top comfort layers from the coils in the support layer and prevent that feeling of sinking deep or being stuck to the mattress.

When it comes to firmness, there’s no one size fits all. And that’s another feature that shows the attention to detail that Goodmorning.com, the company behind Logan and Cove Mattress gives in designing and crafting this plush mattress. The mattress comes in two levels of firmness that suit different people’s needs.

  • Medium Plush: This type scores 5.5 on the firmness scale. It strikes an ideal balance between support and cushioning. Similar to the mattresses you get at 5-star hotels, the Medium Plush mattress is a good choice for side sleepers who prefer the mattress to be softer with higher pressure point relief. I recommend it to people with average or light bodyweight.
  • Luxury Firm: A little firmer option scoring 7.5 on the firmness scale. This mattress is all about putting support over softness. It still has a nice soft layer of top pillow cushioning, but with more support for large body sizes. The mattress provides maximum edge support and is ideal for back and stomach sleepers. If you like European-style mattresses, this one’s for you.

Analysis Of The Materials Inside The Logan And Cove Mattress

Logan And Cove Mattress Review - Mattress Cross Section


When the mattress focuses on comforting your body with luxury and softness, then the cover has a major role to play. This is why the cover of the Logan and Cove Mattress is made of a proprietary material that delivers extra smoothness and comfort. The Natural Eucalyptus Fabric™ is the company’s own invention. It combines Tencel with spandex and polyester to create the right amount of softness, breathability, and cool comfort.

The material also handles heat regulation with extreme efficiency. And although it’s as soft as silk, we couldn’t confirm that actual silk goes into making this trademarked fabric. But silk or not, the cover allows your body to glide on it and bask in that rich feeling of luxury one tends to get in very expensive hotel rooms.

Comfort Layer

The second component of the Logan and Cove Mattress responsible for that luxurious sleep experience is the 4 ¾ inches thick comfort layer. Here again, the company put a lot of thought into making this layer get the job done to an optimal degree. For that purpose, not only does the mattress comprise more comfort layers than other mattresses in this category, but the material is top-notch as well. The layers alternate between the soft and the firm in an exquisite combination.

  • Muleva™ Silk Fill Pillow Top: This thin layer is called pillow top because it has the texture and softness of a fluffy pillow. It’s the first layer under the cover and works together with the proprietary fabric to make the top of the mattress cool, smooth, and inviting.
  • Cooling Gel Foam: A ¾ inch thick layer of high-density gel foam that provides enough firmness to cut on the softness above it and give the comfort layer more substance. Additionally, it helps with temperature regulation as it disperses the heat coming from the top layer to keep the surface cool.
  • EcoLuxe Gel Memory Foam: A one-inch layer made of the brand’s proprietary cooling gel memory foam. It helps with the cooling as well as support.
  • Bio-Foam: This comes in two layers and is responsible for the bounce in the mattress. The first layer is a one-inch layer that sits on top of another 2-inch layer made of the same bio-foam material. It’s a transition layer with high responsiveness to pressure that will keep your body from sinking into the mattress.

Support/Base Layer

And last but least, we arrive at the support layer. It occupies about 9 inches of the total height of the mattress. Zonal pocketed coils keep your body supported from edge to edge and also do a wonderful job isolating the motion of the sleeper on top. To do that, the coils were individually aligned within small pockets. That way, if one coil compresses under pressure, the neighboring coils remain unaffected.

But that’s not all the support you get. There’s also a wall of high-density foam coating the four edges of the mattress to allow you to get the same support on every inch of the mattress.

I need to say I’m disappointed to see the springs are just sitting directly on the fabric of the base cover. I like coils to have a small foam bed (just 1 inch or so of a high density foam) to rest on, especially in luxury mattresses. However, this won’t affect the feel of the mattress. It’s more just about the durability of your mattress and the Logan And Cove DOES have a warranty 5 years longer than the norm (15 years vs 10) so I really am nit-picking here.

Logan And Cove Mattress Reviews From Real Customers

The customer base of the Logan and Cove Mattress was neither too shy nor too polite to express their feelings and talk about their experiences with the luxury mattress. The comments and reviews were candid, to the point, and quite helpful to someone trying to decide whether to buy this luxurious mattress. Here’s what we gleaned from these reviews.

  • The total number of reviews as of this writing was 4382.
  • Out of that number, about 94 percent gave the mattress 4 or 5 out of 5 stars.
  • Most satisfied users were happy with the quality of sleep they got and how the mattress provided the right amount of softness vs. firmness.
  • The quality of the materials, along with the absence of off-gassing, earned the mattress a lot of praise.
  • Some users were not quite happy with the mattress and we sum up their grievances as follows:
    • The mattress was too firm for some people. They regretted not ordering the less firm Medium Plush one instead.

“I did a lot of research before deciding to buy the Logan and Cove, but it all paid off because this mattress is fantastic! I’m a side sleeper and chose the plush because I have problems with my hips. Our first night on it was bliss. I slept through the night for the first time in years. I haven’t woken up with a sore back even once.”

Logan And Cove Mattress Review Verdict

When a mattress promises luxury sleep and delivers, one feels that first thing in the morning. After this swanky tour of the Logan and Cove mattress, I think it’s fair to say that luxury is quite affordable if you happen to live in Canada.

The mattress got it right in terms of softness, edge-to-edge support, and keeping one’s body cool all night. I liked that it offers two options of firmness to suit different types of sleepers and different body sizes.

If you prioritize the quality of your sleep, then I recommend the Logan and Cove Mattress for you.

Logan And Cove Luxury Mattress

From Just $799

Value For Money




Customer Satisfaction



  • Big Trial And Warranty
  • Choose Your Firmness Preference
  • Made In Canada With Hand Crafted Features


  • No Foam Base Supporting The Coils - The One Significant Letdown Of This Mattress


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