SleepOvation Mattress Review – What’s With The “700 Tiny Mattresses Claim?”

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SleepOvation Mattress Review – The SleepOvation Mattress is more than just a mattress that gives you comfort and keeps you cool at night. Applying the “tiny mattress” technology, it is literally hundreds of individual mattresses put together inside the same cover to isolate motion, adapt to the pressure points in your body, and provide pain relief.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a back, side, or stomach sleeper, the mattress adjusts to various sleeping positions as much as it does to different body shapes, sizes, and weights.

People who struggle with back pain and always toss and turn at night trying to find a more comfortable position will benefit from the more than 700 individually pocketed coils that compress and decompress to accommodate the contours of your body and align your spine. This unique design of the SleepOvation mattress allows it to support every one of the 24 vertebra in your spine.

If this is what the mattress does to back pain, one can only imagine what it does to a healthy back. Actually, you don’t have to imagine that. This in-depth analysis of the SleepOvation Mattress will give you a clear idea of the main features that make it such an ideal choice for people who care about getting rejuvenating and pain-free sleep every night. In doing so, we’ll cover the following topics:

  • What Customers Think About the SleepOvation Mattress.
  • SleepOvation Overview.
  • SleepOvation Features.
  • Final Thoughts.
Chiropractor Approved
SleepOvation Mattress
9.2/10Our Score
  • Unique Individualized Comfort Layer, Like A Ton Of Tiny Mattresses In One
  • Cooling Air Channels
  • Internal Mattress Pad For Enhanced Comfort
  • Chiropractor Endorsed
  • Designed And Made In The USA
  • 100 Night In-Home Sleep Trial + 10 Year Warranty

SleepOvation Mattress Reviews From Real Customers

Since we like to think of ourselves as users first and foremost, we put the experiences of real customers in high regard. This real-life experience sheds more light on the durability of the mattress and whether it delivers on its promises. As we read through the comments and feedback that users left about the SleepOvation Mattress, one thing became clear: customers do love this mattress. Here’s what we gleaned.

  • There were 436 reviews as of this writing.
  • About 94 percent of users gave the mattress 4 or 5 out of 5 stars.
  • Not surprisingly, many of the users who lavished praise on the mattress were ones who had struggled with back pain while using their old mattresses. After trying out the mattress, the pain and stiffness were gone.
  • Some users took the time to show how pleased they were with the air channels and how the cover was easy to clean, vacuum, and wash.
  • The right balance between firmness and cushioning got many mentions from many couples who had varying firmness expectations out of the mattress.
  • One truck driver with 36 years of experience was satisfied with the support his knees, back, and shoulders got at night.
  • There were others who didn’t like the mattress. For the sake of fair and balanced coverage, we sum up their grievances.
    • For the most part, the users who were not satisfied with the mattress complained that it was too soft for them.
    • One user complained that the mattress took 3 weeks to arrive at their doorstep. This actually had to do with a backed-up delivery system and nothing to do with the quality of the mattress.

“I used to wake up to a stiff shoulder and neck every morning. Now that I have the mattress, as well as the matching pillows, not only can I sleep through the entire night without tossing and turning, but no more stiffness! I’d definitely recommend getting both the mattress and pillow. Also, my cat very much approves of the mattress as well.”

SleepOvation Mattress Overview

  • Price: $1,997 for a queen-size mattress with two free pillow pillows with every mattress order.
  • Ships for free inside the USA.
  • 100-night sleep trial with free returns and full refund if returned within that trial period.
  • A 10-year limited warranty covering material and performance defects.
  • Certified by CertiPUR-US and GREENGUARD Gold.
  • Knit cover with miniature cushion pads and engineered air channels to promote comfort and increased airflow. The cover is zipped, removable, and washable.
  • The 10.5-inch high hybrid mattress has the following foam layers:
    • Cushion Pocket: This single layer is made of high-density hybrid foam and measures about 3 inches thick. Rather than being a single sheet, it’s cut into small cubes and sits on top of the support layer as part of the “tiny mattress” technology.

The methodology behind the medium plush firm SleepOvation Mattress is to create small and independent mattresses that respond better to the weight of the body and provide balanced support to the rest of the body. This design also offers better motion isolation than many other mattresses in the market. If you press on a single point in the mattress, only that spot will be affected by the pressure. That translates into more efficient support for the curves of the human body.

Although the SleepOvation Mattress works well with adjustable bed frames, it is more suitable for solid bases and platforms. If you have a box spring, then you’ll need to cover it with a solid board to provide a firm base for the mattress. Since it comes in a box, it’s easy to install it. All you need to do is unbox it, position it on the bed frame, then unwrap it and expand the mattress.

Analysis Of The Materials Inside The SleepOvation Mattress


Since the SleepOvation Mattress doesn’t have many layers, the cover of the mattress pulls double duty as both a cover and an extra comfort layer. The knit cover is made from polyester and elastane that making it stretchable. When you roll over the mattress, the cover yields conveniently under the pressure.

Weaved into the fabric are air channels. These are engineered to improve the breathability and airflow of the cover. It also makes it easier for you to vacuum the cover to remove dust particles without the need to wash it. But if you want to wash it regularly to combat allergies, the zipped cover is easy to remove and wash. It saves you having to use an extra bed cover over the mattress or the need to wash the whole mattress.

To increase the comfort of the cover, miniature air pads dot the whole surface and give it that plush feeling of a comfy sweater. Along with the other two layers of the mattress, those air pads act as a comfort layer that dissipates heat, absorbs moisture, and cushions the body.

Comfort Layer

The SleepOvation Mattress achieves its highly desirable medium plush firmness through just two layers. The first is the 3-inch comfort layer, which comprises 700 cushioned pockets made of high-density hybrid foam. Each one of those pockets measures 2 ¼ by 2 ¼ inches and acts as a tiny single mattress of its own right. 

The square foams are then enclosed into pockets of soft fabric to maintain the integrity and structure of the mattress. But inside the fabric pockets, the foam squares move independently of each other. When you lie down on the mattress, only those cushioned pockets that come in contact with your body will respond to your weight. They do so in varying degrees, depending on the level of pressure they receive.

This unique design allows the mattress to follow the curves and pressure points of your body and distribute its weight to keep the spine aligned and relieve pain and backaches. 

Support/Base Layer

The second layer in the SleepOvation Mattress is the base layer. It’s an 8-inch layer that acts as a continuation of the same “tiny mattresses” design. Under each cushioned pocket made of foam is an 8-inch high pocketed coil spring made of carbon steel. Together, the two layers provide independent support and cushioning.

The whole mattress has 700 of these tiny mattresses in what is known as the individual suspension system. It allows the mattress to mold to your body and to follow the singular lines faithfully without putting too much resistance to the bones and joints or letting your body sink into the mattress and get stuck there.

SleepOvation Mattress Review Verdict

It’s always a pleasure to finally find the right mattress for you. You can spend years trying out different mattresses in vain. Then one day, this new mattress arrives at your doorstep and after spending one night on it, you know you have finally found the mattress that was made for you.

This sums up the experiences of many users who have purchased the SleepOvation Mattress. For those who suffer from back pain and stiff shoulders or neck, the medium plush firmness of the mattress is the answer to their sleep woes. The zipped knit cover is not only an added layer of comfort with its miniature air pads but also fights off allergies since it’s easy to wash and vacuum. As for the “tiny mattresses” technology, it’s a clear success story of innovation and design. They put it in their pillows, too!

It’s little wonder then that I recommend the SleepOvation Mattress to all those who struggle with back pain and those who like to wake up in the morning pain-free.


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