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Fiberglass in mattresses – yes, it’s a thing. It’s not in every mattress, and it doesn’t always cause problems. It’s no wonder then, that so many people are left feeling confused and worried about fiberglass in mattresses, and whether to take any action.

In this Fiberglass In Mattress explainer, I’ll clear up all the confusion so you can buy your next mattress with confidence. Here’s what I’ll cover:

  • Why Do They Put Fiberglass In A Mattress?
  • Is Fiberglass OK In A Mattress?
  • Do Most Mattresses Have Fiberglass?
  • Which Mattress Does NOT Have Fiberglass?

Before we get into those questions, let me show you the lowest price fiberglass free mattress I could find:

Why Do They Put Fiberglass In Mattresses?

Fiberglass is used as a fire barrier. All mattresses sold in the USA are required by federal law to contain some kind of fire barrier. This is because the foams and fabrics used inside a mattress are very volatile materials, and you can imagine the catastrophe and destruction a mattress fire could cause if there was nothing inside of it to try and mitigate the risk.

Fiberglass is a cheap option for mattress brands to use in place of potentially harmful chemicals (which are also cheap). The fiberglass fire barrier will consist of very thin shards woven into some kind of sock (either as part of the cover or a secondary cover) that will melt in on itself if a fire happens, with the idea that it will help put out a fire before the whole mattress can become involved.

Is Fiberglass OK In A Mattress?

Fiberglass inside a mattress is okay if it stays in, but if it gets out it can wreak havoc on your house and your health. If fiberglass particles get free from your mattress, they can embed themselves throughout your bedding and furniture, and will be pretty much impossible to remove.

So, the short answer is: it depends on the risk you want to take. Do you want to buy that cheap mattress and cross your fingers you don’t have a problem, or do you want to spend a little more and feel assured there’s no fiberglass in your mattress?

Basically, as long as the fiberglass does not get out of the mattress, it will be fine.

If you buy a mattress in the knowlege it has fiberglass, you can minimize your risk by not removing the cover and using a mattress protector to maintain the integrity of the cover.

BUT: the fiberglass does often get out. How?

  • Fiberglass is often used in cheap mattresses, that have cheap covers. If the cover is not durable and rips or wears down, the fiberglass underneath could escape.
  • Human error. A tell-tale sign of fiberglass in a mattress is a non-removable cover. The problem is, people don’t necessarily pay attention to this, and will unwittingly remove a cover and expose the fiberglass.
    • This issue is exacerbated by some brands (I’m looking at you, Zinus) using a zip in the manufacturing process of their cover, which is not intended for the home consumer to touch. But it’s kind of tempting to open a zip if it’s there, right?

This short video shows you the risks AND benefits of fiberglass in a mattress. Watch to see exactly the sort of damage it can do, AND see how well it can actually stop fire.

Do Most Mattresses Have Fiberglass?

Most mattresses in general? No.

Most cheap memory foam mattresses? Yes. What’s cheap? Around $600 or under for a Queen/King size.

Remember, fiberglass is an inexpensive way to provide a non-chemical fire barrier, which is extremely important for highly flammable memory foam.

Here’s A List Of Some Common Brands That DO Have Fiberglass

This list is not every single mattress that contains fiberglass, but it’s some of the most common brands.

  • Zinus
  • Classic Brands
  • Vibe
  • Ashley Furniture
  • Amazon Basics
  • DreamCloud

Which Mattress Does Not Have Fiberglass?

Here’s a list of 6 great memory foam mattresses with NO fiberglass:



Amerisleep AS3

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Saatva Classic

Hybrid (foam + coils)

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Bear Original

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T&N Original

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Brentwood Oceano

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You can also pretty much guarantee that brands that sell natural or organic latex mattresses, like PlushBeds and Avocado, will NOT use fiberglass, and have organic cotton or wool as the fire barrier instead.


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